1 Step in Developing a Niche


Step in Developing a Niche, Try to think after you find the right language style to write articles with the development of your blog later, when you have implemented that niche on your blog.    Is the article that you are presenting later only in the form of articles based on keyword search, or have a guiding concept, which presents a discussion in several articles?What model articles do you want to present later?

1 Step in Developing a Niche

For example, when I create a blog with niche fishing, let me make a framework for the development of my blog by starting with presenting sea fishing guides.The guide contains:

  • First article: essential items for sea fishing.
  • Second article: Reel type, sticks, bait bait that is right for the sea.
  • Third article: safety tips for sea fishing.
  • The fourth article: looking for the right spot for fishing in the sea.
  • Fifth article: adjust the pull of fishing rods in the sea.
  • Sixth article: the best technique for fishing in the ocean.

In just one discussion there are 6 articles to be presented, especially if up to 50 discussion? How many articles will be there later?

Every discussion we can take from the root of the mind map that we have written before.If only we knew a niche well, the bigger our blog would be in the future.In the example above I describe building a blog with a guiding concept, but if you want to create a blog by searching for keywords first, I think it's fine.

Finally, go to the referral blog stage with the niche to choose from.I want to start with a reality with this world.

Not only on blogging, everyone has their own way to achieve success, maybe other people can succeed in a niche because he is right in that niche.

Apparently you don't, otherwise, by trying so many ways, you still can't be as successful as that person.

There are many factors outside that I mentioned above when talking about the accuracy of a niche.Finding the right niche for your blog is only you who knows and decides.

I wrote the methods above to minimize the possibility of failure, in terms of popularity, finance, and blog management.

Enter the second question that is most often asked:What niche is right for my blog?Your blog is right if you can fulfill the implicit indicators that I conveyed from the methods above, namely:

  •     Passion (excited without having to stop)
  •     Benefits of the blog later
  •     And the continuity of the blog, can it be continued continuously (unlike a seasonal niche)

If you have fulfilled the indicator then you are right to build a blog with that niche.Problems that are still not resolved in this discussion are ...

How to choose a niche that I have list and analyze in the way above?We can consolidate the best niche by using the accumulation method.First you make an assessment of each indicator:example

    Passion in the most important niche
    Profit on important niche blogs

The development of blogs is not very importantAfter you see it turns out there is one niche that has the highest value, for example, when I made the list above, it turns out that niche design is the passion that I master the most, with a standard price but with the best development, because there must be design techniques that continues to grow.

So I prefer niche design rather than fishing, because it turns out my passion is not too strong in the fishing niche, plus the average income of each keyword is not so big.

You can make judgments using qualitative methods as above, which are judged based on the assessment of opinions, very important, important, not too important, not important, and very insignificant.

And you can also make judgments using quantitative methods, judged by numbers, for example:

    Passion (5 points)
    Profit (4 points)

Development (1 point)Each factor in the value from numbers 1-10, after you give a value to each factor, multiplied by the value you set, for example:

    Passion 9 (5 points) = 45
    Profit 7 (4 points) = 28

Progress 10 (1 point) = 10Total 83You try to value all the niches that you list with the same standard points, so you find the greatest value among those niches.

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