3 Guidelines for choosing the best niche blog for beginners

Guid to choosing the best niche blog for beginners, This time we will focus on how to choose a niche or term in general is the focus a blog. How to choose a nice blog?   You can choose a blog niche by looking at 3 side:  

  • Skills, Hobbies, and Passions (passion)
  • Audiennce Benerfits & needs
  • Niche concept

Choosing a Niche Based on Expertise, Hobbies, and Likes  

Most people make a blog not based on their expertise, hobbies, and passions, as a result the blog is made up of gadgets, it can be said that there is no uniqueness offered on the blog, unless it has continued to the stage of niche blog differentiation, or one niche has been discussed and start a new niche.   One of the causes of failed bloggers was also because they did not create a blog based on their expertise, hobbies and passions.  

Guid to choosing the best niche blog for beginne3 Guidelines for choosing the best niche blog for beginnersrs

Until finally they made a gadgets blog until the copy-paste, even though there are many advertisers now that don't accept copy-paste blogs, because they are considered not to benefit their clients.   So later it would be a shame if the business we did could not be profitable, even though I am sure most people make blogs because they want to earn money from their blogs.   Later, we will discuss more about the profitability of a niche, but before that discussion, let's continue to explore passion factors first.   

How can I identify my passion?  Try to see yourself ...   do you have expertise in a field or have more knowledge in a field?    Or try to see if there is a hobby that never bores you?   Or something that you really like?   Like many Korean films that are liked by women.  

For example, I have a hobby that never bores me, which is fishing, every weekend I will fish in the sea, lake, pond or pond with my friends.   From that I made a blog about fishing tips and tricks, starting from choosing fishing rods, choosing sticks, choosing the right fishing reel to fishing, to fishing techniques that are usually used for fishing somewhere.  

when it's a hobby and never bored to do it we will have a lot of discussion.   different when we only follow people's blogs.   There is nothing unique and in-depth discussion, which in the end when we just follow along can result in stuck or stagnant.    I suggest that it be neater to list your hobbies, skills, and likes.   Write everything on one large paper or application write on your device and try a list of what you first thought of until the last one you remember from the 3 above.

  • Expertise
  • Hobby
  • Passions

After you make so many lists, try to describe each of them in the mind map.


Mind map, helps you to expand your views on an idea, so that the smallest things will be discussed by you.

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