A niche blog that is suitable for beginners

Choosing a Niche blog for beginners suitable or not?. After reading here and there, I found an interesting article to review. Where to discuss where to suitable for beginner who have just jumped into the world of blog? ton answer this we need some analysis from various side, whether niche blogs are suitable for beginners who are really new in the world of blogging.

Niche Blog

Choosing a Niche blog for beginners suitable or not

I have not been able to provide the source of the link, because this blog is my own, I try to clean it from outbound links, there are some people who say that if the blog is being reviewed, do not put out links. I do not know whether this is true or not, which clearly I tried to try to follow the rules.

After all, if we want to use blogs as a long-term sharing media, it would be nice to follow the rules. Prioritizing honesty and creativity each.I strongly agree with the discussion of the article that I met, which states that niche blogging is not suitable for beginners. The answer is that it is clear that novice bloggers cannot easily win in competing with those who have been experienced.   

Keyword or keyword blogging has millions of rivals, especially if the blog that we manage speaks English, there will be more rivals. Well for that maybe it's good for beginners to choose a niche other than the niche blog. There are still many other interesting niches that can be raised and made specific themes. With the condition that the search volume and competition meet the criteria to be worked on.Indeed, if examined and analyzed by using a keyword planner, this niche has a lot of search volume every month.

Like keywords how to create a blog, how to SEO blogs and others that sometimes make us hooked to follow these keywords. For beginners who don't understand SEO it doesn't feel easy to occupy the top 10 position on Google search results.Seo itself is limited to what I know is the quality of the content and quality of natural links from other domains, page optimization and much more.    

For a beginner like me and you this is not an easy job, it requires hard work and consistency so that the blog is able to provide information that makes other people want to share our blog link.Return to the discussion of niche blogs. Actually there are lots of niches that can be discussed outside the topic of the blog, there are so many that can be made if we want to pay attention to the needs of internet users.

Just because we usually as beginners tend to follow those who are already established in the top position.Following is not wrong, but it needs to be noted first whether we are indeed able to provide more information than we already have? Moreover, they have dominated the search results in search engines. If you are able to be creative in providing information, marketing and optimization of blogs, then you can choose a niche blog.   

Those who discuss the blog usually raise the theme in accordance with the experience they have. So the reviews they write contain information that is really needed by novice bloggers like me.But after all, later, we can also share experiences after long time in the blog world, right? if you have reached this stage then we can discuss about the blog.

In other words, we can build blogs with the theme of blogging.I myself have not been able to clearly discuss the blog, whether it's SEO or others. Because of that, we are not experienced compared to them. Seeing the statistics of visitors still makes it difficult for you.Then Choose What Topics Are Like?It depends entirely on your ability or personal passion, where do you want to choose a niche based on a hobby or a mixture, it's up to and depends on your wishes. In this article just as an analysis material whether the niche blog is feasible or not to be done for beginners.It is not impossible we can discuss about the blog.    

But after in line with the increasing experience and knowledge in the world of blogs, you and I as a beginner will be able to know the ins and outs of the world of blogging while being able to share knowledge about the world of blogs. I think this is where we will be able to create niche blogs around blogging.Every individual certainly has a personal opinion on this matter, we cannot say who is right and who is wrong. It's better for us to return to our hobbies and abilities, when you are able to be more creative and provide more interesting information from others, then you deserve to raise the theme of the blog.

For beginners who are less consistent, they tend to make blogging like this blog. Although it's not easy to compete with niche blogs, where niche blogs tend to have loyal readers.I only prioritize ease in creating content. Where is it

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