Choosing a Blog Niche Based on Profitability and the Future Niche Concept

Choosing a niche based on profitability some say that if you want to profit a lot, it makes a blog that contains high paying keywords. The statement is true, but there are actually more comprehensive  ways to see how much profit a niche has. we can see how much profit a niche blog can see from the target audience and the price of payment from a niche, so it will be less satisfying if we only target large keywords but it turns out that there are few visitors.   

Because I think that the big market must have paid a lot too.   A small example, television stations that have a high rating and a large audience must be paid more expensive than television stations that do not have a high rating and a large audience.   It also needs to be understood by you, when we make a profitable blog that is actually included in what business ?   Most bloggers don't understand this well, and what happens is they lose their focus and purpose to create a blog.    

I explained, just briefly. Overall we are doing business in the service sector.   And there are product services that we offer to both parties.   The reader is writing that satisfies them, Advertisers in the form of targeted blog visitors for them.

In the previous discussion we made a list of niche ideas based on expertise, hobbies and likes.   The example list that I created is simple like this:


  •     design
  •     photography
  •     Write


  •     Swim
  •     fishing
  •     Traveling


  •     Vespa motorbike
  •     Da Vinci
  •     The Simpsons cartoon

Well, try from each of these ideas we try to find the price and number of audiences, by checking it in the keyword planner from Google, if you have trouble trying to follow this link: Google Keyword planner   For those who have not registered, please register first.   From the list above, I found the most profitable niche for me, which is niche fishing with a search of up to 1 million searches every month, plus every popular keyword is always valued quite expensive, try to see the image below: 


But, for me, determining the niche in the two ways above is not final, considering a niche as if you are considering the type of business that we want to build.

Incorrectly taking steps will have a major impact on businesses that are being pioneered.

Well, then when I'm done with researching the number of searches and the price of each niche, I proceed to how to choose the next niche.

Choosing a Blog Niche Based on Future Niche Concepts

After we analyze the roots of ideas that can be developed from one niche and the number of audiences and the price, let's look at the future of those niches.

Starting from the needs of the audience, how to present articles on the blog, steps to develop a niche on the blog, to make the blog as a reference.

I try to describe more clearly the world of blogging that is rarely revealed, especially in financial matters.  Which turns out the main problem occurs in choosing a niche.

All niches can develop and produce, but if you speak of success, the indicators are efficiency and effectiveness.

There are bloggers who choose good niches but are still empty of visitors and income, why?
Because there is no steping to get it, especially because the articles provided are apparently not needed by the audience in the niche and the presentation is incorrect.

This means that he is not efficient at managing blogs in that niche. The concept that you must remember when creating a blog is: 

"quality content + SEO -> Marketing -> backlinks -> one search engine position -> many visitors -> benefits" 

 Don't get out of that concept, or jump from one stage to the next without sequencing, because I'm sure it will make your blog less developed.

So just an example, after creating quality content plus SEO, you will immediately expect a lot of visits, or you will immediately think you will earn money. 

I also said that it was impossible, everything needed a process, and quality content + SEO to get a lot of visitors and income needed time.

Well, instead of you stagnating in managing a blog, try to better manage it, starting from the first stage, which is measuring the audience's needs.

Let's learn a little about human needs.

I write down theoretically and field applications, so that you can more fully see the needs of your audience.

Look, basically, according to Maslow, humans have 5 levels of needs, namely:

  • Physiological needs (psychological needs)
  • Need for security (security needs)
  • Social needs (social needs)
  • Need for rewards (recognition needs)
  • Self-actualization needs

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