How to make popular content with 6 elements that trigger popularity


How to create popular content?? Is a content so popular just by accident???


Agood content marketer understands what they have to do in the manufacturing process so that each of their content becomes popular.

Content in any form, including images, video or writing.

Creating Popular Content By Utilizing 6 Popularity Triggering Elements

thats is by adding 6 trigger elements of popularity that I will teach you today.

Therefore, after reading this guide you will understand how to make popular content for you website.

What is the trigger for content popularity??

Jonah Berger in his book contagious : Whay Things Catch On discuss 6 basic principles that make thing popular.


These six principles are like triggers that will make other people want to talk about and share your content with others.

well, this article is based on the STEPPS framework in the contigious book.

plus a guide to how can create content that has every trigger for popularity.

by including these six elements, your content will potentially.

  1. Get lots of share readers
  2. get lots of backlinks from other website

This is why these 6 popularity trigger elements are very useful for you creators.   Not only is the popularity of social media, but your content will also get a good ranking in search engines.   The Following are the six elements and how to create content taht has each element.  

# 1 pride    

What exactly is the main reason someone shares a content?   Because they want to get pride.   This pride can be in the form of 2 things:

  1.     Like, share, retweet, amaze comments, etc. from their friends or followers
  2.     Positive images related to the content of shared content

Examples like this.   Suppose that A is a high school kid who has started doing business, one day he read an article about "successful people who have been doing business since high school" on the internet.  

Then the A will share this article so that his friends will be amazed by A.   Makes sense right?   People will share content that makes themselves feel positive     The following are topics / topics that can make someone proud after sharing your content. Something that most people have not yet realized   The key to the first element is to make content whose content is unknown to many people.   By creating content like this, many people will share it with their friends.   This is because they want to be considered as the first to know about new things.  

New methods to simplify work or solve problems  

Humans love content that solves their problems.   But if you create content about solving problems that have been resolved too often, then the content  will not be popular.   It doesn't need to be 100% new.   You can also create content that combines more than one different method. Or by the same method but with a few extra steps.   Show that with your method, the results obtained will be more perfect.  

Comparison between 2 or more things  

For example, a comparison between 'white rice' and 'brown rice'.   If your article concludes that brown rice is superior to white rice, people who regularly eat brown rice will tell your friends about their articles.  

Discussion of certain individuals or organizations  

Negative and positive, we as humans will be interested if something we follow is discussed exclusively.   Suppose you discuss about organization C.   C organization members will be interested in your content and share this content with others within the organization and outside the organization.  

Positive discussion about something

Discussing positively about certain things will make people who are enthusiastic about that spread your content.   More about this in element number 4.  

# 2 Easy to remember  

Easy to remember   Humans will only recommend the content they remember.   Interestingly, we will repeatedly recommend your content every time the topic is discussed if your content is easy to remember.   So memorable content will remain popular in the long run.   So how to make content that is easy to remember?  

Use new terms / names

How do I search for AB length?   Use the Pitagoras formula.   Why do we remember the name "Pitagoras formula" to find the longest side in a triangle?   Because this formula has a name / term.   It sounds trivial but this is true. Something that has a special term is easier to remember than one that doesn't.   The use of the term also makes it easier for them to explain to others.   If you make a method and name the method, then other people will more easily remember your content as a solution to their problems.   So by creating new terms, people will tend to remember your content every time the topic is raised.  

Use images to explain  

"A picture is worth a thousand words".   Images will make it easier for humans to digest content.   Not only that, images will also make them remember your content.   Therefore, include at least one image that is unique to your content. And for the content in the form of tutorials, include images for each stage.  

Easy to read writing format  

Consider the following picture:


This is an image produced from a tracking device for eye movements when reading.   We will not read articles in a word-by-word manner.   The further down, the fewer words we read.   If the paragraphs in your article contain many words, the reader will not understand what they contain. Something like this isn't easy to read.  

Explain in detail step by step  

What happens if the food recipe article does not list the steps in detail?   We will have difficulty applying.   Just like the 2 points above, our main goal is to make content that is easily understood.   The easier it is to digest, the easier it will be to remember.  

# 3 The topic is popular


People will often share content on popular topics.   In the period leading up to the election, almost all the articles that appeared on our Twitter timeline contained elections.   So you can steal the popularity of a topic to make your content popular too.   There are also topics that are always popular without knowing time.  

The term is evergreen content.  

For example in the SEO industry, the topic of link building is always sought after by people who are just learning about SEO. Therefore this topic is always crowded with devotees.   In all industries there are always topics that are always popular. To create popular content, make sure the topics raised are also popular   Here are some indications of a popular topic:

  1.     Always a popular discussion in a circle
  2.     There are new events, events or events
  3.    A big problem is that there are no guidelines for resolving it

To be able to meet topics like this, there are several ways:

  • Always keep abreast of news about your main topic
  • Join community sites where the topic is appropriate, see the problems experienced by community members
  • Learn about keyword research to find out the number of searches for a topic

# 4 Generating feelings    

We as humans will disseminate content whose contents generate emotions or feelings.   This is because we show that we care about the content.   Let's look at Wikipedia.   Wikipedia has content that is very informative. But has the article on Wikipedia been the talk of many people?   Never.   This is because the content on Wikipedia is only in the form of information that does not arouse the feelings of its readers.

popular emotion

The picture above is an analysis of BuzzSumo related to the content with emotions that are most often popular.   As a result, there are 4 emotions that appear most often:

  •     Amazed (Awe)
  •     Chuckle (Laughter)
  •     Entertainment (Amusement)
  •     Happy (joy)

Making content that invites laughter is difficult if you don't have the talent to be funny (just like me).
But fortunately the highest percentage is feeling awe (awe).
Content that arouses feelings of awe gets a higher number of shares
Creating content that triggers awe is easier than making funny content.
This is the way.

Very complete / long article  

Our goal to spend time reading is to increase knowledge. Even better if in 1 article we can get a lot of knowledge at once.   The more complete our discussion in one article, the more amazed the readers.   This has been proven through research conducted by BuzzSumo.


From the analysis they did, articles that had more than 3000 words were also shared the most.   The more contents, the more shared.  

This is why you should always try to make content that is heavy and long. The longer visitors read, the more "tied" they are to the content.  

Personal or other success stories  

The reader's feelings will arise if the content that is read also implies the author's feelings.   Content in the form of success stories combines more than one emotion, namely feeling of awe and happiness.  

Results of analysis of a topic  

If you look at the 2 diagrams above, both are the results of an analysis of BuzzSumo on 1 million popular articles.   No one does not feel amazed to see their efforts to analyze so many articles.   Analysis cannot be done by just anyone because it requires a higher effort than ordinary content. But this also makes your content very valuable.  

# 5 Storytelling    

Rather than just a series of information, content that contains stories will make the reader care.   Care = share.   Storytelling here does not mean making stories or short stories.   You can add story elements to any content. Tutorial and informational.  

The easiest way is to write articles from the perspective of the first person. As if you were giving a presentation in public.   By giving "me" and "you", your content will be more personal and readers will be more concerned.   Here are some forms of content in the form of stories.  

Case study  

Instead of creating content about "how to lose weight in a week", try changing his perspective to "how do I lose 5kg in a week".   Case studies are one of the most popular forms of content.   The reason is because case studies have been proven by the authors themselves.   So whatever you write in the case study content, the reader will believe and care.  

Interview from experts  

If you don't have your own story to share, take advantage of stories from other experienced people.   When he died, a book about Steve Jobs became immediately popular. Even though the author isn't Steve himself.   This shows how stories from other people can also make your content popular.  

Using trusted references  

Note some of the content in the GuideIM site, including this article, I use references from trusted sites.   I am nobody. If I rant on this without any real evidence, there will be people who think my writing is nonsense.   That's why I always use references.   And indeed proven, the more references that are used the more popular the content is.   References make people confident in the content of our content.  

# 6 Can be practiced  

Practicable   If you visit the university sites in Indonesia, they have a digital library which contains research journals from their students.   There are thousands of journals that appear every 6 months and all contain very valuable information.   But why is a student journal never popular?   Because it can't be practiced.   Our research cannot be applied directly. So that as if valuable knowledge is of no benefit to ordinary people.   Instead the article contains "recipe for making meatballs" can be popular, because we can directly use it as a guide.   So if you create content, create content that is ready for practice.   Here's how.  

Choose a topic that can be immediately implemented  

Not all topics can be applied directly by the reader.   For example "how to get 1 billion money". This amount is too large, you will not be able to make step by step in 1 content.   So that the content is only an information.   But there is a way to change information topics to be ready to use.   One of the articles on this website I focus on is only those that can be used right now.  

Article SEO Techniques

The result?   This article immediately became one of the most popular even though it is still relatively new.  

Give the steps in detail  

The key to the article that is ready to use lies in the steps.   The clearer you explain each step, the better. Don't miss the slightest details.   Often in making articles steps we feel a part is too easy so it doesn't need to be included.   We think so because of course we ourselves have mastered the topic. Even though in reality other people may not understand.  

Use images for each stage  

Do not include images, do not be lazy to use images.   Most readers will find it difficult if your content contains only writing. Especially in the content in the form of steps.   When readers are confused, they will immediately leave your article.  

Factors inhibiting the popularity of content  

Until now, you already know 6 elements that you must include to make popular content.   But that's not enough.   There are factors that cause your content not to be popular even though it has included the six elements.  

The contents are crappy, ordinary, boring  

Our main enemy is to make content that is mediocre.   But unfortunately content creators don't realize that the content is not special. Naturally indeed, because as humans we already love blindly with our own making.   What are the "ordinary" features?   Compare with other content that has the same topic. If the contents are not MUCH better, then you fail.   Try now you search on Google with the keyword "how to get rid of foot odor".   90% of articles on pages 1-3 are the same and too ordinary.   You have to make something new, something that no one else knows, something that will amaze everyone (elements no. 1 & 4)   If not, then you fail.   Learn some of these guidelines:

  •     How to write good articles
  •     Create content titles
  •     Use the KTP method to create quality content

Not promoted
There are 3 core content marketing:

  •     Content planning
  •     Content creation
  •     Content promotion

Without the first and second we will not be able to create quality content.   But without promotion, however good your content won't be popular.   We are nobody.   Then no one will read our content unless you have become a famous artist or person.   Promoting content means we build our own reputation while promoting what we have created.   Many say the most important thing is making content, even though content marketers actually spend more time promoting content.   Therefore, you must know how the right content promotion techniques.

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