Niche Blog: 2 ways to set up titles that are suitable for beginners

2 Easy ways to determine themes contenst niche blog for beginner bloggers. Beginner bloggers usually experience many difficulties at the beginning of building a blog. One of thr most experienced difficulties is datermining a theme or niche blog.

2 Easy ways to determine the theme of the Niche Blog   

Why must determine the theme at the beginning of the mas? It's like this... blogging must have a purpose. to be directed and easy to manager later. If the purpose of the blog is used as a business or to register google adsense, then you must choose and determine the niche that has the potential with the most search volume.   It is okay for blogs to be mixed (hodgepodge blogs) but for now there is less prospect to list google adsense except news websites or large websites that already have a team and professional management.  

Niche Blog

1. Exploration of Google Trends      

Google trends (GT) is one of the google tools that is useful for finding topics or themes that are trend based on time and country.   By exploring Google trends, you don't mess around with niche issues anymore. Through this free tool, you can explore many categories that can be used as niche blogs.  

 Here's how to use it:

  •      Make sure your friend's position is already signed in on your Google account. If you haven't signed in, bro.
  •      Go to
  •      See the menu on the top left
  •      Choose Exploration
  •      There are several settings that you must do to get the right results
  •      Select the destination country Indonesia
  •      Choose 12 months
  •      Well, you just have to find the appropriate category

2. Most popular web content

Use the ATM Method (Observe Imitation and Modification) The second method is the easiest and most practiced. The simple language is duplicate. But remember, bro ... don't copy paste the contents of the web. If needed, you can ask permission first by contacting the admin contact on the web.    Example: you will create a blog about "cooking" and the following:

  •      Open
  •      Type the keyword "cuisine"
  •      See the top 10 web positions
  •      It's all about "food recipes" right?
  •      Open the top 3 webs (used as a reference)
  •      Observe and select the main categories and sub-categories
  •      Imitate and modify the category

One example of a popular web commonly used as a reference by bloggers is lots of themes or niches there that can be used as a reference for building a blog.


The best blog is only one niche. Example of 1 niche blog:

  •  Niche: Computers: Categories: Software, Hardaware, Applications, Networks, Installation, Windows etc.
  •  Niche Internet: Category: Blogger, email, download, upload, social media, etc.
  •  Niche Pakaian: Category: Muslim clothing, children's clothing, shirts, etc.

The initial struggle for novice bloggers is in the selection of niche. That's because I'm not used to it, bro. When you get used to it, there will be a good idea to determine your niche.
Don't be mistaken for blogger experts who never mess around with choosing a niche. It's the same, sob ... It's just a different level ...

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