What is Inbound Marketing? 4 things you must know

Inbound marketing became known in 2006 and is increasingly popular in the digital era.


The form of traditional marketing or outbound marketing is increasingly ineffective and is considered to disturb consumers. Advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, e-mail, and other media is often undesirable so that more and more consumers ignore this marketing model.

4 things you must know What is Inbound Marketing?

Seeing this problem, inbound marketing is the most effective solution. What is inbound marketing?

Differences in Outbound and Inbound

Traditional outbound marketing or marketing has a huge weakness. A marketer "disrupts" the activities of prospective customers with advertisements, emails, and even telephones without regard to their convenience.
Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing techniques are carried out by reaching outbound outbound customers. Some popular media include advertising, mail, e-mail and telephone.

There are 3 major weaknesses in outbound marketing:

First, we blindly target everyone even those who are not ready to become consumers.

Secondly, not a few people feel disturbed by the process so that it can have a bad effect.

Third, using the marketing media requires a huge amount of money.
Inbound marketing

This 'entry marketing' technique is 180 degrees opposite to the traditional one.

Instead of reaching out, inbound techniques actually provoke potential customers to "enter" happily.

Let's see the meaning:

Inbound marketing is a modern marketing strategy where we strive so that prospective customers are interested in looking for us. This is done by providing content that is able to attract attention and encourage them to become customers.

Inbound marketing focuses on providing quality content that is beneficial to prospective customers.

By providing content, prospective customers will be interested in the benefits. This process occurs naturally without interfering with activity. In the end these people have a very high possibility of becoming permanent consumers.

Inbound marketing is in line with technology in the digital era because it can be done by utilizing tools and techniques such as Blogs, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and others.

Not to mention seeing the habits of today's consumers who use the internet and search engines to get information. This is why inbound marketing is becoming very popular.

Compared to traditional marketing, this technique is more effective, measurable, and cost effective.
Inbound Marketing Methodology

The key to inbound marketing lies in its methodology. According to HubSpot, there are four stages in inbound marketing to change strangers not only to be customers but promoters.

hubspot inbound marketing methodology

1. Attract

People who don't know us today are called strangers, they don't know who we are and what we do or offer.

In traditional marketing, attractions are done with advertisements. But in inbound marketing we can attract potential customers without disturbing them by utilizing the following media:

  •     Blog
  •     Social media
  •     SEO & SEM

By providing the right content on the blog then using social media and SEO techniques to market the content, people will be interested in entering our website and becoming visitors.

This first stage is very important, even the most vital. Therefore, it is important for all types of businesses who want to use inbound techniques to create content that is useful for others

.2. Convert

Just getting a visitor hasn't provided any benefits. Now because we have gotten the attention of prospective clients, it's time to turn them into clients. You do this by getting their contact information, email address.

To convert visitors by getting their e-mail, this is what must be provided:

  •     Landing page
  •     Call to action
  •     Form (registration form)

In marketing in the digital age, prospective client emails are very, very valuable. By getting their e-mail, this is the first step to building relationships and trust.

3. Close

After getting the contact, all you can do now is make a sale. You have got contacts from people who are really interested in you, from the contacts you get you can increasingly convince them.

This is the way and media that can be used to make sales:

  1. E-mail. For prospective clients who are not ready to use your service, send several emails to further enhance their confidence. This email must still provide benefits.
  2. Marketing Automation. The email process can be done automatically with the help of tools such as email marketing autoresponders.

4. Delight

When someone has become your client, it does not mean the process is complete. Those who are happy and satisfied with your service may be able to provide useful input or even promote your services to others.


This is a marketing technique in the modern era that does not disturb the comfort of others, but instead provides benefits.

The essence of inbound marketing is to make yourself easy and interesting to find by others. With this technique, you can turn a website into an extraordinary marketing engine.

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