Keyword Research - Guide to Doing Keyword Research to Find the Best Keywords in SEO


How to keyword research? and how to find the best keywords in SEO, All website/blog owner will at one time realize how important keywords an research are.

Especially when they're tired of making lots of content, but the website is still quit.

Even thoug it is ranked 1st.

That is why keyword research is the stage that should be done at the beginning, when your website is newly built.

Not when they realize the website is wrong.

therefore, welcome to the keyword research guide.

There are a total of 6 chapters that will lead you to get to know the principle of real keyword research, then apply it to your website.

Why is keyword research so impotant?

I underline very, because it is veri important.

Try to remember again, what is your goal to learn SEO?

Getting visitor?

Increase sales?

or get income?

Usually the three of them. starting from getting visitors, then sales wil increase, and you will get is impossible.


There are 3 reasons.

Thus is where beginners make mistakes.

Not all keywords are the same.

There are keywords that are often research for, some are quiet.

If you don'st understand keyword research, chances are that you will target keywords that you never rsearched for at all.

that is what is often done.

they create content without caring about keyword, then feel proud that the website has entered page one.

but the visitors are still small.

there are no changes at all.

it's useless?

It's been hard to create content, but it turns out that nobody is interested.

And this is where the experts get trapped

Let's say Budi has a website that sells a product.

So that this website has many visitors, Budi targets keywords with a large search volume through the Google Keyword Planner.

Okay ... because Budi is an SEO expert, 2 weeks later ranks 1.
Visitors arrive ...
But apparently no one bought the product offered.

Why is that?

This is the cause:

Budi is eyeing the wrong keyword.

All you need to remember, the purpose of keyword research is not only to find keywords with the highest number of searches.

Not only bring visitors.

But to bring visitors right on target.

If you want them to buy the product you offer, then you have to target the keywords used by people who really want to buy.

More details we discuss in CHAPTER

1. Most severely, this is a mistake that has been taught from generation to generation

Talk about keyword research, usually the first thing to do is to open the Google Keyword Planner. Then enter the keyword.

This is not true.

Especially for new website owners.
This error is so severe that it continues to be carried out and taught from generation to generation. Messed up.

See the following case:

For example, Budi has a website that sells English language course services.

So Budi wants to get rank 1 for the keyword "English language course". This

keyword is used as the main target.

Until there is no problem.

Here's the problem:

As many people did, Budi immediately entered his main keyword into the Google Keyword Planner.

The results obtained are as shown below.

Down Keyword

What's next?

Budi wants to get rank 1 for all these keywords.

Therefore, Budi made 6 articles each using the keywords displayed in the image.

A week ... two weeks passed ...

It turns out that none of these articles got good ratings on Google. Even worse, Budi's website doesn't even exist in the first 10 pages.
It's the website that gets a penalty! 

What happened? Why did you get a penalty?

Look again at the keyword.

Everything is almost the same.

When Budi made an article that each targeted the keyword, the article on his website would be all the same. There are no variations.

As a result 2:

Visitors will assume your website is carelessly made, so it will leave immediately because it does not get good information.
Not only that.

Google and other search engines will consider your website "thin".
We know that Google does not like thin websites, meaning websites that have all the pages targeting the same keywords. So the contents are the same.

That's why Budi got a penalty.

Therefore, I emphasize before we start:

The Google Keyword Planner is NOT a tool for finding new keywords.
Next time there are people who suggest beginners to use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords, tell them the consequences.

Part 1 4 Search Intents You Need to Understand to Determine the Value of a Keyword

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