5 Easy Tips for Healthy and White Teeth

5 Easy Tips for Healthy and White Teeth

Dental care must always be done so that the teeth remain healthy and white and avoid various kinds of diseases such as toothache, cavities, tartar and so on. Healthy teeth are clean teeth without any holes or black spots on our teeth. But not only that, healthy teeth will also emit positive energy so that the owner becomes more attractive and looks confident.

Many people who crave their teeth are pure white. But you need to note that human teeth in general are not teeth that have pure white color. Normal human teeth are indeed rather brass yellowish because of the anatomical arrangement of teeth called dentil.

Here are some tips to make your teeth look white and healthy:

1. Gargling
After eating, sometimes we forget or are lazy after eating to rinse or even brush their teeth. Even though you have eaten or brushed your teeth after eating, it can automatically remove food residues that are harmful to your teeth. Also read: Here are the 8 Natural Perforated Tooth Pain Medications

2. Avoid alcohol
As we know God is a drink that not only damages your body, you can also damage it. Because in alcohol there are many harmful substances now that can make bad breath and other health problems including your teeth. Alcohol has the property of damaging teeth if consumed continuously. So you must avoid alcohol if you want clean, healthy white teeth.

3. Stop smoking
Smoking is a very common habit and is considered a habit that cannot be abandoned. As we all know, smoking can cause many diseases such as shortness of breath, cancer of the oral cavity, and throat cavity. And it turns out smoking can also cause your teeth to yellow. If you want healthy and clean white teeth, it is appropriate that you stop smoking Also read: Traditional and Natural Toothache Medication

4. Diligently brush your teeth
Brushing your teeth is one way to maintain dental hygiene from the leftovers that we have consumed. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is very important in making our teeth clean and white because we will clean the teeth that stick to the teeth when we eat. Be diligent about brushing your teeth after breakfast and before bed so that your teeth are protected from germs that damage teeth.

5. Diligent to the dentist
One way if you already have yellow teeth is to go to the dentist. Because the doctor will provide proper care to our teeth, we need to know that different people have different treatments for their teeth. So, doctors will solve our problems in the right way and according to the type of teeth we have. Also read: The Most Effective Toothache Medication with Garlic

Well .. Some of these tips you can do at home to keep your teeth looking white and healthy with white teeth and healthy you will be a person who is confident and attractive. Because the face is one part of the body that is often, even most often noticed by others. Good luck and take care of your teeth regularly for maximum results.

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