5 Low Calorie Sugar That Is Right For People With Diabetes

Low-calorie sugar, maybe you have often heard these words in television commercials. Low-calorie sugar is usually reserved for diabetics. Diabetics may not consume large amounts of sugar because if the sugar in their body is excessive, it will endanger their health.

Blood vessels cannot drain blood smoothly throughout the body because blood is very thick. If this is left alone, the complications of the disease can occur in diabetics. For this reason, for diabetics who still want to consume sugar, there's nothing wrong with listening to information about some artificial sugars that are low in calories and certainly safe for diabetics.

Low Calorie Sugar for Diabetes

1. Low Sugar Calories: Sucralose
Sucralose is one of the low-calorie sugars made for diabetics. This artificial sugar is said to say it tastes very sweet, even sweetness many times with ordinary sweetness. Although this sucralose taste is sweeter than sugar, this artificial sugar does not endanger the health of diabetics because the calories tend to be low. A little calorie in this artificial sugar will not be able to increase blood sugar so it is said to be safe for consumption by diabetics. You can use this artificial sugar as a hot or cold food sweetener.

2. Low Calorie Sugar: Saccharin
Saccharin is a type of low-calorie sugar that is intended for diabetics. If diabetics still don't want to avoid sweet foods, there's nothing wrong with them choosing saccharin because this low-calorie artificial sugar has a sweetness 300 times more than the usual sugar you often consume. However, for those of you who are afraid of being fat or you are pregnant, you are not recommended to consume saccharin because artificial sugar can trigger weight gain. And for women who are pregnant, being overweight can endanger your health and can make your baby obese.

3. Low Calorie Sugar: Aspartame
There are more low-calorie sugars that are safe for consumption by diabetics. Yes, diabetics are not recommended to consume sweeteners. However, banned sweeteners are sweeteners that contain lots of calories. If the sweetener contains low calories or does not even contain calories, the sweetener can still be consumed by diabetics. One non-calorie sweetener is aspartame. But, not just anyone can consume it because this aspartame contains side effects for people who suffer from certain diseases.

4. Low Sugar Calories: Stevia
Stevia is one type of plant that you can use as a low-calorie sugar for diabetics. Even though diabetics often consume stevia, it won't be dangerous because stevia won't make your blood sugar rise rapidly. Unfortunately, stevia is sometimes mixed with other ingredients so that the mixture can usually raise blood sugar levels. So, you really need to be careful when you want to consume stevia as an artificial sweetener instead of sugar.

5. Low Calorie Sugar: Sugar Alcohol
Alcohol sugar is one of the low-calorie artificial sweeteners that you can choose as a substitute for sugar if you are a diabetic sufferer. This alcohol is made from fiber derived from vegetables and fruits so that it can be said to be a natural artificial sweetener that will not make your sugar levels rise dramatically. Once you know some kinds of low-calorie artificial sweeteners for diabetics, now is the time for you to determine which approximately low-calorie sugar is suitable for you to consume so that your body's health is maintained. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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