7 Effective Ways to Increase Appetite

7 Effective Ways to Increase Appetite

Same thing with having problems with excessive appetite, when you lack appetite it is not good for your body's health because it will affect your body. For how to increase appetite, you can use a natural method that is safe than you consume drugs that harm your body.

Usually, the lack of appetite itself is caused by several things such as experiencing inflammation, being feverish, suffering from malaria, being in a bad mood, in the slang language of today's children is "troubled" and many others.

For those of you who have problems with lack of appetite, so that your body weight drops dramatically, then you can follow a number of ways to increase appetite below.

1. By consuming various herbs to increase appetite
Herbs or herbal ingredients to increase appetite, of course, much safer compared to other drugs. For example, you can consume herbs made from ginger, nikir leaves, papaya leaves, brotowali and so on.

2. Exercise regularly
Exercise can increase a person's appetite, where increasing heart rate when exercising is certainly burning fat and being converted into calories in the body will take place. Furthermore, of course hunger will reappear. Also read: How to shrink stomach with exercise

3. Don't drink before eating
Consuming fluids before meals will cause a feeling of satiety, so your appetite will disappear. So, you really need to avoid this.

4. Laughing
It may seem strange, and has nothing to do. But apparently, laughter can improve mood and can increase one's appetite. You can make your body relax with a way of laughing so that you can increase your appetite as you wish. Also read: For a great time for health

5. Take supplements with vitamin B content
The content of vitamin B is believed to be able to improve one's mood effectively, and make appetite more increased. So, if you experience problems with lack of appetite then you can take vitamin B.

6. Take zinc
Someone who lacks zinc in his body can make hunger just disappear, in other words do not have appetite. Well, to increase appetite again then consume foods containing zinc.

7. Eat small amounts often
To make your appetite come back again, you can consume a small amount of food not too much, but it is done as regularly as possible, thus making your stomach feel hungry.

That's 7 ways to increase appetite which can be a source of information when you want to have more ideal body weight. Follow 7 steps to increase appetite above, so you will get the results you want.

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