Be Sure To Clean Makeup When You Sleep

Be Sure To Clean Makeup When You Sleep
For a woman, beauty is one of the needs that must be fulfilled. Therefore, in addition to attractive appearance women also complete it by using makeup. Make up can help a woman look fresher, more beautiful and not dull. Even almost every day a woman uses makeup.

Be Sure To Clean Makeup When You Sleep

However, sometimes women will be lazy to clean up make up even more so tiring day activities. So that it leaves a make up mark when sleeping at night. Apparently, just washing your face is not enough to clean the rest of your makeup on your face. Did you know that makeup on your face will make you experience various skin problems?

"Regeneration of skin cells occurs eight times faster at night. When bedtime arrives, the body will activate the most effective detoxification processes," said Amandine Isnard, Eve Lom's beauty product development division.

Not only that, Isnard also revealed that when a woman does not clean her skin at night, the regeneration of skin cells and detoxification cannot occur. As a result, the skin cannot regenerate facial skin cells properly. In addition, he also said that cleaning facial skin at night will help a person sleep better.

"When you sleep, your skin regenerates. If you still have remnants of facial makeup that stick to your skin, the serum and special skin care for the night you have will not work effectively," said Petra Strand who is the founder and creator of Pixy makeup products by Petra.

Meanwhile, according to a founder Joanna Vergas Salon and Skincare Collection named Joanna Vergas, said that someone should not do facial cleansing. Joanna Vergas also recommends that someone who wants to clean their face using soft facial cleansing foam, especially if it contains Vitamin C. This is because Vitamin C is very good for skin health because Vitamin C can help skin elasticity and also protect the skin from premature aging. Also read: What are the benefits of vitamin C for the face?

"The best way to remove makeup is to take extra time to clean the part of the lashes that were previously covered with mascara. So, you give enough time for the cleaner to break down the waterproof formula contained in mascara or when the makeup is difficult to clean.

Cleaning your face is very important to do, but make sure that the cleaning method and cosmetics used to clean your chosen face are right. By cleaning the culture regularly, your skin will become healthier and free from various problems. even though it's trivial, don't let it not be done because it will have a very bad impact on skin health. Also read: Your Beautiful Skin Care Tips in Cold Weather!

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