Do These 4 Things To Avoid Heart Attacks

Do These 4 Things To Avoid Heart Attacks
There are many things in this life that cause sudden death. One of the most common causes of death is a heart attack. Heart attacks can be caused by various things. One of them is as expressed by a professor from the University of Minnesota below.

A study says that too much fat in the stomach can increase the risk of death from a heart attack.

In the study it was said that deaths from sudden heart attacks are the result of electrical damage that causes the heart to stop beating. This is what causes blood circulation to the heart to fail. And say that half of the total deaths are due to excess abdominal fat.

The study involved around 14,941 men and women, they were on average around 54 years old when the study began. This research alone lasted almost 13 years. The subjects underwent detailed health checks 5 times during the study. When the study took place, there were around 253 deaths caused by sudden heart attacks.

From the results of research that found that those who died suddenly turned out to have several factors that can trigger heart attacks including high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and others. Apart from that all one of the factors that also have for those who die from heart attacks is fat on their hips which has a greater ratio than others. The ratio of deaths caused by these factors is doubled. Sudden death from a heart attack also looks higher in those who smoke. Also read: Tips for Maintaining a Good and Healthy Heart

Dr. Selcuk Adabag, a University of Minnesota medical professor, said "we are not sure what caused it", "however, the excess fat in the stomach turned out to be very bad even worse than general obesity".

And back Dr. Selcuk Adabag reminded that, for those who have a distended stomach, or excess fat in the abdomen. they must immediately start making a program to reduce the fat significantly. significantly reducing the fat can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Read: Natural Ways to Reduce Distended Stomach

How to prevent a heart attack
There are several things you can do to reduce belly fat to avoid heart attacks, including:

1. Sports
Exercise regularly, be it sit ups or other sports that can help reduce fat in the stomach. Automatically if the fat in the stomach decreases, it also decreases the risk of a heart attack on you. This is highly recommended.

2. Healthy Diet
If you don't have a lot of time to exercise, then start to program a healthy diet. Read: The Secret to Success Behind a Healthy Diet Program

3. Fruit and Vegetables
Try to eat healthy foods that are rich in fiber and have little fat content. fruits and vegetables are foods that are highly recommended to prevent heart attacks.

4. Water
Besides eating fruits and vegetables. consuming sufficient amounts of water will help remove toxins in the body, and facilitate blood circulation. not only that, consuming 6-8 glasses of water per day can keep the heart healthy and induce a person from sudden death from a heart attack. Read: Easy Ways to Get Rid of Toxins in the Body

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