Gymnastics Are Good For Pregnant Women

 Gymnastics Are Good For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, women must maintain their health as well as possible so that the development of the fetus is good. Every pregnant woman must pay attention to the food and drink that will be consumed. Eat foods and drinks that can make the mother and fetus healthy. During pregnancy, women will experience physical and mental changes, so they can exercise to maintain health and fitness and to prepare for labor.

One sport for pregnant women that can be done is gymnastics. But the exercise done is not like an energetic aerobics. Gymnastics for pregnant women is a therapy through special movements of pregnant women to prepare for a smooth and emotional delivery.

Is it safe for pregnant women to do gymnastics?

Before deciding to do special exercises for pregnant women, mothers should consult an obstetrician to find out whether the pregnancy condition is risky or not. Gymnastics for pregnant women is safe for pregnancy that is not at risk. The gesture of pregnant women is not so energetic that even the exercise does not produce much sweat but is effective in relaxing the muscles and promoting blood circulation in the body so that the body will feel more relaxed.

How do you do exercise for pregnant women?
Pregnant women can do this exercise at home but for the initial stage must be accompanied by experts. Things that can be done are as follows:
  1. Prepare a mattress or one that can be used as a base for doing gymnastics.
  2. Sit on the pedestal with the position of the besila, then your back is raised and your hands are placed on your feet like you are meditating.
  3. Start regulating breathing by pulling and exhaling slowly through your nose and do this movement for 5 minutes.
  4. Straighten your legs forward, leaning back then your hands will become the backstool. Gymnastics movements that are good for pregnant women, one of them by lifting both feet up then lowering down after that you can move it towards the right and left side with the position of the foot still straight and do it repeatedly within a few minutes.
  5. The next movement is to change position by crawling with the head, back and buttocks in parallel. Perform gymnastics by lowering the head until you can see the stomach and hold it in motion within a few minutes and return to the position before and repeat this movement slowly.
  6. Gymnastics for pregnant women is very relaxed and easy to do and the next movement is to change the position by laying the body tilted to the left or right and place a pillow under the stomach and head. Straighten your hands forward and your legs in a straight position then move the hand and foot movements by bending them toward the stomach simultaneously and hold them in a few minutes and return to their original positions
Gymnastics for pregnant women is very beneficial for mothers who want a smooth delivery. Hopefully these tips for pregnant women can be useful huh ... Hopefully the baby is born safely and the mother is also safe.

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