Here it is the cause of body odor and how to get rid of it !!

Here it is the cause of body odor and how to get rid of it !!
Body odor is one of the many complaints that many people experience, maybe the reader is one of them. Naturally, unpleasant body odor makes your confidence collapse completely. In addition, maybe for those of you who have a partner may be able to have problems because of the smell of the body. Especially for those of you whose activities are mostly spent interacting with many people, surely it will make the other person you're not comfortable with right? Well, aware of this complaint, the author tries to share ideas on how to deal with unpleasant body odor?

Causes of body odor
Body odor itself is actually caused by several factors, namely propionic acid which is produced naturally by the body, isovaleric acid which is produced by bacteria or germs that can multiply well in moist, overly stressed areas of the skin that cause body hormones to produce sweat several times more than usually, and the occurrence of hormonal changes, for example, from childhood into adolescence.

In general, facing the cause of the body issuing an unpleasant aroma, people will seek practical and effective help, namely deodorant or perfume. But you need to know that the performance of the two processed factories will not last long.

Tips For Removing Bad Body Odor
Well, readers, than you are busy with choosing which products can last a day holding a fantastic body odor, you better start paying attention to what you have to do so that your body's odor can disappear or at least decrease? Check out some of the tips below:

1. Regularly Cleaning the Body
Hayo, who are the readers who rarely bathe? Irregular showering affects your body odor. Try to clean your body regularly at least 2 times a day. With regular body clean-up activities, you can also avoid germs and bacteria that cause body odor to become unpleasant. In addition, bathing at least twice a day can also be one of the benchmarks of your body's health. Clean can get, lost body odor can be, saucy can also get. For Muslim readers, ablution often can be a powerful solution to eliminate unpleasant body odor. Also read: Tips to Maintain Body Health To Stay Fit

2. Clothing
Clothing is also one of the factors that affect your body odor to become unpleasant. Clothing that is worn for too long will be a place to concentrate your body's sweat, and start from there emitting an unpleasant smell. Try to change your clothes frequently, especially for those of you who have excessive sweat production. And also, it's good to choose clothes that can absorb sweat well.

3. Ensure your Armpit Conditions
Well, as has been reviewed slightly above, the main cause of unpleasant body odor is the armpit which produces too high sweat. In the use of deodorant, make sure the content in it does not make your armpit mold if used too long and does not cause irritation to your armpits. Also read: Effective Tips! How to get rid of armpits naturally and permanently

In addition, a very important thing for you to know is that your armpit must be clean so as not to allow bacteria to process your sweat to evaporate into an unpleasant odor. The trick is to diligently clean your armpit's hair either by pulling it or shaving it. Perform this treatment when your armpit hair starts to make you uncomfortable. Also read: How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally

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