How to clean tartar by using natural ingredients

How to clean tartar by using natural ingredients
The emergence of corals in teeth is considered a trivial thing for some people. Even most people tend to ignore it. Even if the tartar is left continuously it will be wider and if it is not immediately resolved, your teeth will become more porous.

And do you know the worst effects of trivial things like tartar? The worst thing that can be caused by tartar is the appearance of oral cancer. Terrible isn't it? Therefore it should be for you to know how to clean tartar to prevent the emergence of a kind of cancerous terrible disease.
Causes of tartar
Tartar is caused by decaying food debris that causes bacteria to arise. With the increasing number of bacteria that arise will cause some things that will be very disturbing to you, such as bad breath that is not fresh, the emergence of dental plaque or tartar, and if left over the bacteria that accumulate it will trigger cancer cells. Now in this article you will get information about how to clean tartar easily, quickly and use natural ingredients.

How to clean tartar with natural ingredients

How to clean tartar by using natural ingredients is recommended because natural ingredients do not contain chemicals so it is safe and you will avoid various negative effects that lurk. Another advantage if you clean dental plaque using natural or traditional ingredients is that it costs more economically than using the services of a nurse or doctor. So besides being cheap, cleaning your teeth using natural ingredients can be done whenever you want

If you don't know what natural ingredients you can use to clean the plaque then you can refer to the reviews below:

1. Strawberry
The fruit of the berry family is one of the fruits that is a favorite of many people. How to use strawberry as a natural ingredient for cleaning tartar is only consumed directly. The high content of vitamin C in strawberry fruit is able to clean tartar naturally. The more you consume this fruit, the tartar will decrease.

2. Cloves
This one natural ingredient is no doubt about how to clean tartar. The method is very easy, just by rubbing the clove into the part of the tooth that is rocky, then continue with gargling thoroughly. For maximum results, do it regularly.

3. kawak acid
Kawak acid is a natural ingredient that is not very familiar to our ears, but it has a high efficacy for dealing with teeth. The trick is to mash the Kawak tamarind seeds until smooth and then mix with a little water. And you use the liquid as a toothpaste to brush your teeth every day. With so guaranteed the coral in your teeth will decrease. Also read: How to Prevent the Most Effective Cavities

In using these three natural ingredients as a way to clean tartar, it must be done routinely if you want maximum results. And you should also be supported by good habits, such as brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day. And better after you eat, use water to rinse your mouth. By using water to rinse it will be able to clean leftovers left behind between your teeth which can cause plaque.

The three natural ingredients above are very easy for you to get in stores or in the nearest market. How to use it is also very easy right. So what are you waiting for, the faster you deal with tartar, the faster the coral in your teeth will be faster. Thus the article about how to clean tartar by using natural ingredients. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you.

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