How to get rid of mouth odor naturally

How to get rid of mouth odor naturally

The mouth is one of the organs that has an important role for humans as a means of communication with other people. However, what will happen if our mouths actually create an unpleasant impression on the other person because they have an unpleasant aroma? The cause of bad breath is usually due to lack of maintaining dental hygiene, food factors, canker sores, smoking even due to cavities.

So how do you get rid of bad breath if you have experienced bad breath? Below this will be discussed several natural ways to get rid of bad breath, of course using natural ingredients and easily found.

10 Natural Ways to Eliminate Mouth Smell

After knowing the cause of bad breath, we will now discuss how to eliminate bad breath naturally. Some tips include:

1. Always Maintain Oral Hygiene
In order to avoid bad breath, we should maintain oral hygiene by brushing our teeth at least 2x a day. You can also use using oral cleansing liquid to get rid of your bad breath.

2. Don't eat foods that smell sharp
For those of you who like pungent foods like petai or jengkol, then you should start from now on you have to reduce these foods so that bad breath can be avoided.

3. Stop Smoking
Cigarette is one of the causes of bad breath. For this reason, from now on you have to stop smoking, in addition to making your lungs healthier, this can also make you avoid bad breath. Replace the cigarette with gum if necessary, because it can help eliminate bad breath temporarily.

4. Consumption of fruits
If thrush is the cause of your bad breath, then you can eat fruits to relieve canker sores that are the cause of your bad breath. Fruits are a source of vitamins that can cure canker sores.

5. Avoiding cavities
As I said earlier, one of the causes of bad breath is from cavities. If you have hollow teeth, you should immediately go to the dentist to patch the hole or pull out the tooth with the hole.

6. Eat rice
Raw rice has been trusted by the ancients as a way to eliminate bad breath. After eating jengkol and so on, they will immediately eat raw rice.

7. Coffee
Coffee is one way to get rid of bad breath naturally. The method is easy, just take about 1 tbsp (enough), then chew the coffee powder. After feeling sufficient, rinse with water.

8. Chewing Gum
It turns out that besides it tastes good, this gum has other benefits, namely eliminating bad breath. Why can gum remove bad breath? That's because saliva produced when chewing gum can kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

9. Gargling
If you feel the situation and conditions do not allow you to brush your teeth, then you can rinse your mouth - rinse it with clean water mixed with salt to get rid of your bad breath.

10. SKM (Sweetened Condensed Milk)
And finally, how to get rid of bad breath naturally by drinking sweetened condensed milk. Yes, besides containing high calcium, it turns out milk can also eliminate your bad breath. The trick, make a glass of warm milk like you usually make, then drink it.

Those are some ways to get rid of bad breath naturally. Remember to always maintain oral health so that the people closest to you are more comfortable to chat with. Have a nice day.

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