How to Overcome Nasal Congestion

How to Overcome Nasal Congestion

When we have a cold, then besides we will feel a dizzy head, we will also feel the name of a blocked nose. Nasal congestion is a respiratory disorder, which is inflammation that can block one of the nostrils or both. When we experience nasal congestion, our breathing will be disrupted because mucus cannot move in the nasal cavity. This can cause inconvenience to our activities, especially at nightfall which can make it difficult for us to sleep.

At present, there are many nasal congestion drugs on the market. However, it is better before using drugs that contain lots of chemicals, we can try natural medicines that are not only easily available, but also will not cause side effects later.

Nasal Congestion Drugs That Are Proven Effective

As for some nasal congestion you can see below:

Steam will be very helpful when we experience a stuffy nose. It's easy, just pour warm water into the bowl. Then, bring your face into the bowl. Breathe hot steam produced from the warm water.

Eucalyptus oil / inhaler
Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil onto a handkerchief or tissue and breathe the steam regularly. The properties of substances contained in eucalyptus oil can relieve inflammation of the nose. Or you can also drip eucalyptus oil into warm water, and then can breathe the steam. The inhaler can also be used, simply by inhaling the inhaler and the menthol properties on this inhaler will work as a medication for nasal congestion.

Right Sleep Position
Maybe all this time we have assumed that sleeping horizontally can help relieve nasal congestion. But actually it's wrong. We recommend that you use a pillow as a backrest to support the back of the body and in an upright position. In this position, it can allow mucus in the nose to move freely from the parts that are inflamed and overcome the blockage so that it is not more severe.

During this time, we only know the benefits of steaming on hair, especially its use after creambath. Apparently, steaming also has the benefit of overcoming a blocked nose. The trick, prepare a small towel then a basin containing warm water. Dip the towel into the basin, then squeeze a little. Then, wrap a towel over your head, covering the hair. This steaming process can not only make healthy hair, but can also overcome inflammation in the nose and facilitate respiratory flow. It should be emphasized that the water used is not too hot, because it will damage the hair and can hurt the scalp.

Spicy food
Have you ever experienced sweat that has runny and become a "cold" instantly when eating spicy food? Yes, it turns out spicy food can be used as a medicine for stuffy nose. This spicy taste can make mucus runny and easy to remove. But for those of you who have ulcer disease, it is not recommended to try this because it can interfere with your stomach due to spicy food.

If this nasal congestion has not been successful and your condition is getting worse, then you should be able to consult yourself to the nearest doctor. Good luck and get well soon.

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