How to Prevent the Most Effective Cavities

How to Prevent the Most Effective Cavities
Dental problems are very numerous, one of them is cavities. Cavities occur because of the presence of bacteria in the past. These cavities will cause excessive tooth pain as well. The problem of cavities does not only occur in children, many adults also experience it.

When you experience cavities, your bad breath will also get worse. This is because the growth of bacteria in the mouth is getting faster. Therefore it must be addressed immediately, so that there are no problems with cavities. Here are some ways to prevent cavities that are easy and very effective.

How To Prevent The Most Effective Cavities

Brush your teeth regularly
Brush your teeth or brush your teeth regularly is a way to prevent cavities that are very effective. Brush regularly on a daily basis. Minimal toothbrush twice a day, namely in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed. Brush the teeth the right way. many people have brushed their teeth regularly but still have cavities. This is because of the wrong toothbrush. Brushing your teeth at night before going to bed, is also very important. At night even though the mouth does not eat etc., but the bacteria in the mouth will still work well.

Avoid Sugar-Containing Foods
The next way to prevent cavities is to avoid or reduce foods and drinks that contain high sugar. Maybe you already know the content in sugar in making cavities. Therefore if children eat lots of sweets or sweet foods, it is easier to have hollow teeth. Sugar or caramel is very easy to damage the protective layer on the teeth, so the teeth will be easy to copy and make bacteria grow faster. In the mouth there are always bacteria, but we can still prevent growth.

Check with a dentist once every 6 months
Checking your doctor regularly every 6 months is a way to prevent cavities that are very effective. The Indonesian dentist association also strongly recommends that you always check your teeth every 6 months. But this is still rarely done by people in Indonesia. This will be an early detection when there are teeth with holes. So you can be more aware of it. By knowing early, it will prevent more severe tooth damage. So it is advisable to always check your teeth every 6 months. This also applies to the teeth of your children.

Gargling with mouthwash
Many people cannot do the proper mouthwash. Proper and correct gargling can be a way to prevent cavities. Get used to always rinse with mouthwash. Mouthwash contains several substances that can help prevent and kill bacteria in the mouth. This bacterium causes cavities. Choose the right mouthwash, don't choose a mouthwash that contains too much alcohol. Alcohol will make your mouth heat like burning. Using mouthwash will also make your bad breath fresher.
Those are some ways that can be done to prevent cavities. This does not only apply to you, it can also be applied to all members of your family. for toddlers, reduce drinking using bottles. Teach your child to drink using a glass. This will make your child's teeth not easily perforated. Dental health is very important. Having healthy teeth will make you more confident. Have healthy teeth, clean white and avoid bad breath. So many articles on how to prevent cavities. Hopefully provide useful information for you.

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