Know the Lung Symptoms of the Lung That Often Occur

Know the Lung Symptoms of the Lung That Often Occur
Symptoms of wet lungs, of course you must know because of wet lung disease or in medical terms known as "Pneumonia" fall into the category of dangerous diseases. According to doctors, wet lung disease is caused by infection in the lungs. The cause of the wet lungs is Pneumonia bacteria.

These infections are usually caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses, but most of these diseases are caused by bacteria. If the pneumonia bacteria have attacked, the circulation of oxygen in your lungs will no longer run normally. Well, so that you can prevent or treat this wet lung disease early, it would be nice to know the characteristics and symptoms of this disease first.

Symptoms of Wet Lungs / Pneumonia

1. Coughing

Some people sometimes underestimate cough disease because coughing is considered to be a simple seasonal disease or disease. Maybe, it is true if you cough because you eat lots of fried foods or because of the effects of getting rain. However, if the cough you are suffering from never heals even though you have already treated it, you can question your cough because it could be that your coughing is a symptom of a wet lung. Usually, patients with wet lungs will experience a dry cough first and then cough up phlegm. Also read: Natural Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough

2. Cold Sweat on the palms and feet
The symptoms of this wet lung are the symptoms of the most recognizable disease. However, why people affected by wet lungs often experience this. The cold sweat does not come out due to the effects of the weather that is too hot, but the sweat arises because oxygen does not flow perfectly in the body. As a result, as a form of protesting the body, even cold sweat is released by the body. Preferably, if you have experienced cold sweat constantly, you can immediately checkup with your doctor to be quickly handled.

3. Mild headache
Even though pneumonia or wet lung is a disease that attacks your vital organs, it often affects other organs. This is evident because most people affected by wet lungs often get mild headaches. Headaches which are symptoms of wet lungs due to supplay of oxygen to the brain that is not smooth or even can be said to be lacking. So, when a headache attacks you, it doesn't mean that your brain is disrupted, it might show you that you have wet lung disease. Also read: How to treat headaches

4. Tired Fast
Tired is the effect you receive when you are busy with your activities. What you need of course is to rest so that the fatigue that hit will soon disappear. However, what happens if you don't feel doing a lot of activity but getting tired continues to hit you continuously. Tiredness like that must be questioned because fatigue without cause could be a symptom of wet lung. Tired caused by pneumonia caused by supplay of oxygen throughout the body does not run smoothly so that the body gets tired and less powerful.

5. Decreased appetite and weight loss
Symptoms of pneumonia on this one are often not realized by the sufferer. Appetite decreases and body weight drops dramatically due to an infection in your lungs. If this happens to you, it would be nice if you immediately see yourself to a doctor. Usually, these traits indicate that the wet lungs that you have suffered are in a fairly severe state. So, you better treat it immediately so that the disease does not make your life fly. Hopefully the information about the symptoms of wet lung above is useful for the readers. Also read: How to fatten the body with a healthy and natural

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