Natural Healthy Way Weight Loss 4-7 kg in a week

Natural Healthy Way Weight Loss 4-7 kg in a week

Healthy Friends, Who is overweight will certainly do many things to restore the body to its original ideal and normal shape. Want it to be men, teenagers. They are willing to do various things to lose weight, starting with drinking or eating weight-loss foods, doing some well-known diets, exercising, strict diets without rice which are done desperately. There are also with

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

1. First Day Menu.

At the beginning of this first day, we recommend you to eat fresh fruit foods that contain lots of water. The prohibition is not to eat bananas. Drink lots of water because water will not add weight, instead it is detoxification.

2. Second Day Menu.

For the results you want, try your diet tightened by eating colorful vegetables. How to process vegetables:

  • · Can be made raw lettuce
  • · Steamed, boiled or whatever
  • · Can be interspersed with boiled potatoes (don't fry or anything else)
  • · Balance with drinking water at least 8 glasses per day
3. Third Day Menu.

On the third day dieters can mix vegetables and fruit. You can eat more than 3 servings in one day. However, don't eat potatoes or bananas. Don't forget to drink more water if you want to succeed.

4. Fourth Day Menu.

Indeed, for 4 days we will learn not to consume rice. This menu is pretty good if you are a banana lover. One day you can only eat foods made from milk and bananas only. Like banana milk, steamed banana with a glass of milk. You can create it according to your important taste from milk and banana ingredients. But remember not to fry, add cheese or butter. Drink plenty of water.

5. Fifth Day Menu.

On day 5 in this diet program you can eat 5 spoons of white rice. For nutrition, you can add 8 pieces of raw tomatoes or can also be boiled. Eating rice can be done in 2 servings in 1 day but remember not at night. Don't forget to drink as much water as possible and if you can add a drink.

6. Sixth Day Menu.

The breakfast is better with protein foods, but remember not too many portions. During the day you can eat rice as much as 5 tablespoons plus side dishes and vegetables, remember not too much. Add a portion of drinking water.

7. Seventh Day Menu.

This last day you can eat 5 spoonfuls of rice interspersed with fresh vegetables and fruits which contain lots of water as well as various colors. Don't forget to drink water.
Notes and tips that must be considered:

  • · In a day the most important thing is to drink water at least 8 glasses per day, the side effects will often urinate but this is healthy.
  • · Drinking fruit juice or vegetable juice will help the weight loss process, but don't add sugar, milk or honey.

Easy is not a Natural Way to Lose Weight 4-7 kg in a Week? Wait or even round off your determination, commitment and try it from now on.

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