Protect Your Children from Various Virus Attacks with the following Easy Way!

Protect Your Children from Various Virus Attacks with the following Easy Way!

Lately, many viruses have begun to spread everywhere, for example the "ebola virus" which has taken a lot of casualties. The virus has killed thousands in West Africa and has begun to spread to America.

The ebola virus itself is a deadly virus and can be transmitted through blood, vomiting, feces, and body fluids from people with Ebola to other humans. Viruses can also be found in urine and semen.

According to several news sources, this virus has also spread to Indonesia, but it has not been found for sure who has contracted the virus. And young children are very vulnerable to this virus. Therefore, here we will have a little information on how to protect or at least prevent your child from attacking various viruses.

Here are some ways that might be considered old-fashioned but are very effective to help prevent various types of viruses.
  1. Wash hands as often as possible, for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating and after the shower.
  2. Don't share food and drinks from the same container.
  3. Try not rubbing your eyes with dirty hands. Try rinsing directly with clean water and soap.
  4. Do not let your child insert various kinds of objects into his mouth, because maybe the object contains a virus.
  5. Teach your child to cough or sneeze to the side and try to touch his shoulder, because preventing the virus from spreading to others.
  6. Give healthy food and intake of additional nutrients such as vitamins because it can help increase immunity from attacks of various diseases and viruses of course.
  7. Teach children to start exercising early because it can increase their endurance.
  8. Do not let your child snack in any place, especially unhealthy foods such as dirty, containing borax and so on.
  9. Don't give your child fizzy drinks and fast food because it's not good for your child's health.
  10. And teach your child to live a healthy lifestyle that is good and right

Those are some that may be considered ancient but are still very effective in preventing your child from contracting various types of viruses. Keep your attention, don't let your child get a virus, especially until the virus is deadly because you will regret later. Also read: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy During Holidays

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