Tips and How to Take Care of the Right Ear

 Tips and How to Take Care of the Right Ear
The ear is one of the five human senses that require intensive care. Why? Because ears are one of the organs of the human body that can be said to be quite important, because through the ears we can hear something, you cannot imagine if you cannot hear because your ears are not functioning properly.

You also have to be grateful because it is not born waiting waiting, which is deafness to hearing. So treat your ears as well as possible, because the physical appearance of the ears protrudes into the inside of the human body so it requires caution when treating it. Instead of your ears functioning properly, careless treatment will actually hurt the inner ear. Following this the author will try to review about how to care for good ears. Stay tuned, huh! Also read: How to Overcome Ear Ringing Naturally

How to Take Care of the Right Ear

1. Don't scrape the ears

Cleansing the ears may be said to be an exciting activity especially by digging through the sensory parts of this listener. But did you know that picking your ears when cleaning will actually increase the risk of your ears getting hurt. Injuries to the ear such as tearing the eardrum will be bad for you because it reduces your hearing ability. Normally, the eardrum tends to be slightly shiny.

2. Clean the Outside Only
A little strange huh hear the points how to care for this one ear? But apparently the reader, the ear has a natural ability to push the dirt into the outer ear. So it is highly recommended to clean the outer ear only, the earlobe and outer ear cavity only. This makes a lot of sense because cleaning the dirt to the inside will make the earwax go in again.

3. Routine Check Up with Expert or Personal Care
How to treat the ear that is highly recommended by the author is to visit your ENT doctor frequently. This one specialist doctor certainly has a variety of tools that are more effective and safe to help care for your ears. So you don't need to worry anymore if the treatment you are doing has a negative impact on your hearing.

For those of you who don't want complicated treatment with an ENT doctor, you can still take care of your ears properly. Tips for caring for your personal ears can be done by washing your ears when you take a shower. Clean the ears using water then dry them with a soft-textured towel so as not to hurt your skin. In addition, you can also use cotton that has been moistened with baby oil, then clean all the outside of your ear including the outer ear cavity. This treatment should be done at least once a week.

4. Treatment is not excessive

The point of how to treat these ears is that you don't need to make sure your ears are really clean. Why? Because the ears produce special instruments that are effective for filtering out various impurities that enter the ear and to lubricate the eardrum. In addition, these serumen ears will protect you from the possibility of insects entering the ears as well as dust that is very familiar with your life. So the recommended way of ear care is to clean the ears as needed, just clean the outer cavity, also the ears.

You certainly don't want your appearance to be maximal because your ears are dirty especially for readers who often interact with many people in their activities. But it should be noted that your sense of hearing functions well but is clean and healthy, the above tips you need to consider. Also, to improve and maintain the performance of your ears, try to reduce the use of headsets and the like because no matter how good the quality of the technology affects the performance of your eardrum a little more or less. Well, hopefully the article about how to treat these ears helps you, reader. Be healthy, be happy! Also read: Herbal buzzing ear treatment

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