Tips for Maintaining Body Endurance in the Rainy Season

Tips for Maintaining Body Endurance in the Rainy Season
In the rainy season many of us will be easily attacked by various diseases, this is because of the weakening of the body's resistance. Why in every rainy season our immune systems are getting weaker? There are several factors, including the wrong lifestyle and improper diet.

For that we need some additional nutrients and vitamins for the body so that your body's endurance is strong and healthy. Usually also caused by external factors, such as changing weather that makes it easier for bacteria or viruses to enter our bodies, one of them through the air we breathe.

So the tips for maintaining the body's resistance in the rainy season that will be distributed this time, are quite important especially in this rainy season, there are many diseases that are scattered like dengue fever, runny nose, flu, cough, fever and many more. For dengue fever, it must be treated immediately because it can be at risk of death. Immediately bring the patient to the nearest hospital to get first aid.

Tips for Maintaining Body Endurance in the Rainy Season
The tips are as follows:
  1. Get used to consume fruits that are rich in vitamin C, because vitamin C works to increase your body's endurance, so it is not susceptible to disease.
  2. Frequently consume warm drinks such as green tea, coffee, ginger and others. So that your body temperature stays warm and can face the cold in the rain.
  3. Reduce out of the house if there is no important need, if you are forced to leave the house, do not forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat to protect your body from rain.
  4. Don't stay up late, especially until morning. Besides the cold weather due to rain, the moisture you breathe is not good for your health.
  5. More routine exercise, it is recommended to do the morning, such as jogging, jogging, etc.
  6. Don't forget to drink water every morning and every day. At least 8 glasses a day, for this rainy season it is better not to consume cold drinks, even though there is water.
  7. Always clean your hands and feet especially when you leave the house, because there may be a lot of bacteria and germs that stick there.
  8. And finally, don't forget to maintain your lifestyle and diet, stay away from fast food, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and the like because it is not good for your health. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle? read this "How to Live the Right Healthy Lifestyle"

How? easy is not a tips to maintain his immune system?
In the rainy season now, we have to be more routine in taking care of our health, because if we have been affected by the disease, we ourselves will lose, cannot work, be efficient and cannot meet with friends because we are sick.

Keep the spirit to live the day, the rainy season do not be afraid, face with the tips above, hopefully all kinds of diseases will avoid you.

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