Ways to Overcome Obesity in Children Starting Adult

Maybe having a fat child is a matter of pride for some people. A fat kid will look cute and adorable. If the child's weight is still in a reasonable stage, it doesn't matter. But if it has exceeded the normal limit, it includes obesity. Obesity is a term used for the condition of a person whose weight exceeds normal.

Obesity itself is considered a disease, if someone is obese it will be very difficult to move, work, or other activities that use muscle. This is due to obesity, and the amount of fat in a person's body.

Obese or overweight children will usually continue until he is an adult, if not treated early. The risk of getting a disease will also be greater, many diseases occur due to being overweight. Then how to overcome obesity in children when they want to grow up. Here are some tips you can do to overcome obesity in your child.

More consumption of fruits and vegetables
To help reduce obesity, you can support your child to consume more vegetables and fruits every day. For children, at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables can be consumed every day. By consuming fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can reduce the risk of obesity. Fruits can be used as a substitute for snacks for your child. You can make fruit salad, if your child does not want to eat the whole fruit. Don't give fruit in the form of juice. Better in pieces. When chewing, the child will lose a few calories on his body. Also read: 7 Kinds of Fruit Containing Vitamin C

Increase Physical Activity

The most effective activity to deal with obesity is to increase physical activity. No need to do heavy exercise. You can invite your child to play with you. If your child is a boy, he can be invited to play ball with his father or jog on the yard. Therefore it is very important to let children play outside. In addition to stimulating the motor, it can also burn fat for those who are overweight. Do not lock your child in the house, because the space is too narrow. That can cause your child to be obese. You can also take you on vacation to certain places. Like traveling on a mountain or beach. Also read: How to shrink stomach with exercise

Give an overview of the risk of obesity
Your child has entered a more mature age, will certainly be better able to understand if you explain it well. No need to scare. But do a small discussion about the risk of obesity in health. Maybe your child does not know in detail about the relationship between being overweight / obese and the risk of disease. Many diseases occur due to being overweight. If you explain it well, your child will certainly understand and know the right way to lose weight. Also read: How to Lose Weight for those of you who have excess weight

Support from All Family Members

Childhood obesity cannot be overcome, if there is no support from other family members. Family support is very important. Like by often inviting sports, reducing eating sweet foods and so on. 

Children will usually imitate the habits of adults. If you have done a good way to lose weight. Maybe your child will also imitate what you do. Reduce buying snacks that can make a fat body. It's better to buy healthy and non-fat snacks. Teach to know the dangers of obesity early, so that your child will also be more careful in maintaining his weight.

For children who are already obese, they should be more routine to check with their doctor. This is wary of the possibility of experiencing illness due to obesity or obesity. Also limit children to watching television or playing in front of a laptop. Only 2 hours per day. Encourage your child to play out and play other things for physical activity. Every morning, provide healthy and nutritious food for your child. This will help reduce your child's weight / obesity.

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