3 Benefits of White Egg Masks for Faces that Are Easily Made at Home


Planning to take care of facial skin, but don't want to use chemicals? If so, just try making your own face mask, the ingredients are easily found at home. From a variety of natural ingredients that can be used, the egg white is kept alive and holds many benefits, you know. Curious to know what are the benefits of egg white masks for the face? Check out the following review!

Various benefits of egg white masks for facial beauty

Besides being able to be processed and eaten as a delicious and nutritious dish, the nutrients contained in egg whites are also considered good for treating facial skin. For example, formulated as a natural mask. Indeed, there are not many studies that reveal the benefits of egg white as skin care, but there is no harm in trying. Now, staying up and down, there are several benefits of a good egg white mask for the skin:

1. Tighten the skin

If you are looking for a face mask that might help make your skin tighter, egg whites can be the answer. Not only that, routine use of egg white mask is also expected to help disguise fine lines on the face, as well as lifting dead skin cells.

2. Absorb excess oil

For those of you with oily skin types, one of the many things that are usually considered when choosing a mask is that can reduce oil levels on the face.

The benefits of egg white masks are expected to help shrink the pores on the face that produce excess oil. What's more, these good properties are accompanied by a firming effect on the skin of the face.

3. Eliminate white head acne

Whitehead is acne that comes from dead skin cells, oil, and pore clogging bacteria. As a result, usually blackheads will appear white which makes the face look less clean. Reportedly, routine wearing an egg white mask is believed to help eliminate whitehead acne, as well as nourish facial skin.

How do you use an egg white mask?
Wearing egg whites as a face mask isn't actually difficult. The following steps should be done:
  • Break the egg right in the middle, so the egg is divided into 2 parts. Make sure you do this step above a bowl.
  • Make sure the yellow and white are still inside the eggshell, then slowly tilt the yolk to the right and left.
  • The egg white will fall automatically into a bowl, and try to avoid falling egg yolks.
  • Wash hands thoroughly when you feel sticky from being exposed to eggs.

Egg white is actually ready to be used directly on the face. However, you can add other natural ingredients according to the type of facial skin. Take for example, lemon for oily skin, honey for dry skin, or lemon and honey as well as for combination skin.

After that, shake the egg whites and additives until they are well blended. Apply a thin layer to the face using a mask brush or attach it to a piece of cotton. Then leave for 10-15 minutes until the mask feels dry. Finally, rinse with clean water.

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