3 Keys That Must Be Engraved In Memory If You Want Fast Weight Loss

Already diligent in exercising and regulating your diet, but a diet that doesn't go shows promising results? Maybe there is less than your business. Yes, it turns out the power of the mind more or less does have an important contribution to the success of the diet program that you are living. So, if you want to diet successfully and run smoothly, you should recognize the important tricks first, huh!

What are the key thoughts of a successful diet?

Before starting a weight loss diet, equip yourself and mind first with a few things like ...

1. The fewer types of food on a plate, the fewer portions of your meal

Besides being advised to limit the amount of food every day while on a diet, you are also not advised to take various types of food into a dinner plate. Not without reason, because in fact the more variety of foods that are on the plate, the more likely you are to eat lots of food.

Explained by Dr. David Katz, as a researcher in the field of food at Yale University, United States, that the presence of a variety of flavors in one meal can stimulate the hypothalamus of the brain to produce neuropeptide Y. This compound is responsible for increasing your appetite.

So, from now on try to limit any food choices that are enough for one meal.

2. Imagine being eating a coveted food

A study from Carneige Mellon University revealed that thinking constantly when cravings for certain foods turned out to have good benefits.

This is because the mind will subconsciously make you eat a small amount, when faced with food that you are really dreaming of.

Interestingly, it turns out that the influence of your mind imagining eating this food will indirectly limit your desire to consume it in large quantities. This is what then makes you successful on a successful diet.

3. Remember the previous meal portion

Believe it or not, most people eat in large portions and even more than they think, according to Dr. Brian Wansink from Cornell University in New York. As a result, you can just eat constantly because you think that the portion of the previous meal is still small. Even though it's the opposite.

The key, try returning the mind to the last time you ate, then remember and calculate what foods have entered the body.

Because according to the theory that a diet is successful, recalling foods that have been eaten before can help resist the desire not to eat large quantities.

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