3 Rules for Saving Food on a Refrigerator To Last Long


Some foods need to be stored in the refrigerator so that their freshness is maintained and they are more durable. However, do not carelessly when storing food into the refrigerator. Keeping food in the fridge has a rule, you know! Find out how to store food in a good refrigerator right here.

How to store food in the right refrigerator

In addition to maintaining freshness and taste, how to store food in the refrigerator that is good and correct will also keep the nutrients contained in it.

Conversely, if you store food in the refrigerator carelessly, it is not impossible that the food can actually be stale quickly and have a negative impact on health.

Here are some rules that must be considered so that your food can be more durable when stored in the refrigerator.

1. Pay attention to the temperature of the refrigerator

It is important to pay attention to the temperature of the refrigerator before you store the food in it. Make sure your refrigerator is at 5º Celsius or lower to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in food.

You can use a refrigerator thermometer to determine the right temperature. Check the temperature regularly at least once a week in the morning. To keep the temperature of the refrigerator stable, make sure the refrigerator door is always tightly closed. Don't also let your refrigerator door open too long.

Do not store too much food in the container because this habit can inhibit the circulation of air in it. As a result, food just doesn't get fresh or even gets stale. If the refrigerator is full, lower the temperature to keep the temperature inside to cool.

In addition, do not immediately put hot food in the refrigerator because this can increase the temperature of the refrigerator. You have to wait until the food / drink is cold.

2. Save food according to its type

The fridge has several shelves. Each shelf is ideally arranged based on the type of food. So, do not mix one type of food with other foods.

For example, keep ready-to-eat foods such as cheese, yogurt, cooked meat, and leftovers in the top and middle shelves. While vegetables / fruits at the bottom.

Foods such as raw meat, fish, and poultry must be stored in a closed container (airtight) in the freezer section. In addition, avoid storing eggs behind the refrigerator door because it can actually make it rotten quickly. Yes, the refrigerator door is usually opened and closed all day.

Well, this condition makes the egg experience temperature changes when you open and close it. Therefore, to keep eggs fresh and durable, you need to put them inside the refrigerator where the temperature is much more stable.

3. Clean the refrigerator regularly

Clean your refrigerator regularly, especially on the handles, shelves, and storage compartments. But before cleaning, you must remove all food / drinks in the refrigerator.

Wash all surfaces thoroughly with a special cleaning liquid, then rinse thoroughly. After that, make sure you dry the surface of the refrigerator thoroughly with a clean cloth. Never use cleaning products that can damage the refrigerator.

At least once a week, check all the food in your refrigerator. Make sure that there is no food and drink in the refrigerator that expires or is not suitable to be consumed again.

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