4 Easy Steps to Check Your Own Breast (BSE)

Self breast examination (BSE) is the easiest way to detect abnormalities in the shape, size, and texture of the breast. This examination can help assess the possibility of breast cancer and other diseases as early as possible.

In contrast to mammography techniques that involve the use of sophisticated equipment in hospitals, examining one's own breasts is somewhat simpler so that it can be done routinely at home. Then, when and how do you do your own breast examination?

When can breast self-examination be done?

Before and after menstruation is the best time to do your own breast examination. Not without reason, if you do it during menstruation, usually the size, shape, and condition of the breast is not normal because of the influence of hormones.

The shape and size of the breast will return to normal after the menstrual period is complete. Therefore, you are encouraged to do BSE when you are not menstruating.

How to check your own breast

Step 1

Make sure you have removed all the upper clothing, then stand in front of the mirror with the position of both hands beside the body. Now, you are ready to start examining your own breasts.

Step 2

Observe carefully and slowly about the following points:
  •     Changes in the shape, size, and position of both breasts are symmetrical or not
  •     There is a curve
  •     The condition of the nipple in or out
  •     Wrinkles in the breast
  •     There is an abnormal lump in the breast
Start by lifting one hand up on the part of the breast you want to examine, then the other hand is tasked to feel all parts of the breast and assess some important signs. Do this alternately on both breasts.

Step 3

In addition to standing upright, you can do your own breast examination while lying down or while bathing. Browse and gently examine all parts of the breast using the fingers (not the fingertips).

Place one hand above your head, then do an examination by massaging and giving a little pressure to the breast using the other hand.

Check the nipple by forming a circular motion, followed by tracing the upper part of the breast right near the collarbone, then in the area of ​​the sternum, to the near side when.

Step 4

Finally, gently squeeze the nipple to check if an abnormal fluid is coming out of the nipple.

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