4 Important Benefits of Niacinamide and Its Side Effects for Facial Skin


Before buying beauty products, one of the things you have to do is read the ingredients. Yes, this is where you can know whether the skin care really suits your needs or not. One of the most sought-after ingredients for young women is niacinamide (niacinamida) or niacin. What are the benefits of niacinamide and are there any side effects?

Benefits of niacinamide for facial skin

Niacinamide aka niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. This type of vitamin B3 is also more commonly known as niacin.

Niacinamide or niacin is now very easy to find in various types of skin care. Because, there are many benefits of niacinamide which is considered effective in beautifying the skin, including:

1. Moisturize the skin

Reported from Healthline, the most obvious benefit of niacinamide is its effect in moisturizing and smoothing the skin. When applied to the skin, beauty products containing niacinamide can help reduce inflammation in the skin.

2. Overcoming acne

The benefits of niacinamide can also be achieved by those of you who have acne problems. Because the type of vitamin B3 is effective in dealing with zits, eczema and rosacea. Rosacea is a common skin disease that causes the face and nose to become reddish.

3. Disguise black spots

A study shows that the content of 5 percent niacinamide can help brighten the skin, you know. This is because niacinamide stimulates the production of skin collagen so that the black spots of acne scars are disguised.

But remember, the results aren't instant, huh. The benefits of niacinamide will usually be seen after you routinely use the product for at least 4 weeks.

4. Prevent melanoma skin cancer
Niacinamide in the form of supplements is proven to accelerate repair of skin DNA damaged by UV exposure. For this reason, health experts have proven that niacinamide is effective in preventing melanoma skin cancer.

Be careful of the side effects of niacinamide

Now you don't need to hesitate with the myriad of benefits of niacinamide for facial skin health. Even so, there are some side effects of niacinamide that you still need to pay attention to.

Basically, beauty products that contain niacinamide are safe to use. But for those of you who have sensitive or allergic skin, be careful with allergic reactions that might occur.

Before applying it to your face, try doing an allergy test first. The trick, apply a little niacinamide product to your arms and wait 24 hours.

If the skin starts to feel itchy, swollen, or reddish, stop using it immediately. If you feel safe, you may continue using it.

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