5 Solutions When People with Dementia Refuse to Take Medication

Taking medicine is one of the daily routines that must be done by people with dementia. The drug helps manage the condition so that it doesn't get worse. However, many people with dementia refuse to take medication. The reasons are varied, starting from being bored because they have to be taken every day, drugs that are difficult to swallow, to nausea that often arises after taking medication. However, as the person who cared for him you should not despair. The following are various things that can be done when people with dementia refuse to take medication.

Dementia patients refuse to take medication? This is what needs to be done

1. Find the best time
Everyone usually has a more stable mood at certain times. Well, as the person who cared for him you must know very well when the best time. This is the time you can give the medicine you need to take.

If necessary, consult a doctor and pharmacist to adjust the time to take medication with his mood. Then, schedule new treatments as part of their daily routine.

2. Do it casually without hurrying

Coercion and the urge to take medicine immediately can trigger anger so that dementia patients refuse to take medication. For that, try to make the atmosphere of taking medicine more enjoyable. You can set relaxing music that can help improve mood.

Then, no need to hunt for it. Let your loved one take medicine in his own way. If he doesn't want to be helped, then you don't need to force him to help. However, you can provide guidance and continue to be by his side to provide assistance when needed.

3. Look for alternative frequencies, ways to drink, and the amount of medication

If over time your loved one refuses to take medication, try asking the reason. If the problem is bored and tired of drinking it, you can consult a doctor and pharmacist. Ask if there are other alternative medicines that are equivalent and can be drunk not as often as the previous medication.

In addition, if your loved one refuses to take medication because of the difficulty of swallowing a pill, ask the doctor is there a liquid form. Also ask whether you may destroy drugs in the form of pills or tablets to make them easier to drink.

Then you can also consult a doctor and ask if there are drugs that can be reduced or no longer needed. This is so that the medication consumed is not too much so that it can make people with dementia frustrated when they take medicine.

4. Make a simple explanation

Dementia people sometimes refuse to take medication because they do not understand or forget what the drug is consumed. Now, your job is to provide a simple explanation in a short and clear manner.

Avoid using words like, "Do you remember ...?" When trying to give an explanation. This can frustrate them because they can't remember it and even make you accused of making it up.

Just say, "This medicine is used to reduce headaches. Mother likes headaches, right? So this medicine must be taken, huh. "

5. Stay calm

If your loved one constantly rejects the medication you are giving, try not to get angry or even force it hard. This can actually make him more afraid and reject harder.

As the person who treats it, you must have extra patience. Especially if he is a parent. You must remember that when you were a child parents also gave unlimited patience in caring for their children.

Try to explain slowly the consequences that can occur if the drug is not taken. Then, tell him that you asked him to take medicine because you love him and want him to stay healthy.

So, don't despair. Try applying the tips above so that your loved ones stay healthy and have a better quality of life.

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