5 Sure Tips for Staying Healthy and Productive When You Must Work at Home

5 Sure Tips for Staying Healthy and Productive When You Must Work at Home
In modern times like now, work does not only have to sit quietly in the office. Yes, you can work anywhere, whether it's in a cafe, a place to eat, or even at home. The working hours are certainly more flexible because only you can manage it yourself. But so relaxed, working at home often makes you lazy to move aka mager and eventually even unproductive. So, how can we stay energetic and productive while working at home? Psstt ... Take a look at the following secret.

Tips for staying productive and healthy while working at home

Not much different from working in an office, you are also susceptible to various diseases while working at home. If you usually get more sunlight when you go to the office, now you get sick and weak because of lack of sun exposure.

In addition, most sitting can also cause back pain, stiff neck, and even invite obesity. These conditions can hinder work and reduce productivity.

But there's no need to worry. There are a number of things you can do to stay healthy, upbeat, and productive while working at home. This is the secret.

1. Arrange the work desk as comfortable as possible
working at home is more flexible because you can work anywhere. Whether in the bedroom, living room or special workspace.

However, you should provide a room or corner specifically for the place where you work. Because, having a comfortable work space can increase productivity, you know.

That's why, you are not recommended to work while lying on your stomach or on a bed because it can interfere with focus. This can also make your back hurt and trigger injury.

So, make sure the work desk is neatly organized and makes you comfortable. Sit with your head and back upright, position your arms straight with the keyboard, and look straight at the computer screen. A position like this can keep your posture normal and avoid injury.

2. Eat regularly
You may often eat late because of the deadline being pursued by your boss in the office. But when deciding to work at home, of course your meal time can be more organized, right?

Come on, start your day with food and drinks that can make you focus all day. For example, with breakfast sandwiches, eat bananas, or you can drink tea or coffee in the morning.

Reporting from Livestrong, a study in 2005 found that caffeine consumption can increase brain activity involved in the process of planning, attention, monitoring, and concentration. That's why, not a few people who choose to drink coffee in order to be more focused, in addition to getting rid of sleepiness.

You may, too, work while snacking. Requirements, choose healthy and high-fiber snacks, such as beans, cut fruit, yogurt, or caramelized popcorn.

3. Take light exercise

For those of you who feel you can't exercise because you are busy in the office, now of course there is no reason for you not to exercise. Yes, you can still take time to exercise at home between jobs.

Regardless of whether you are working in the office or at home, you must keep moving actively so that the body is not easily tired and injured while working. There are many types of light exercise that you can do at home, such as push ups, squats, or just walking around the entire house.

It doesn't take long, just do this exercise for 10 minutes or when you feel like you are working and need refreshment. Your body and mind are guaranteed to be more relaxed and focused when returning to work.

4. Avoid things that interfere with focus

Opening social media or watching TV for a while in the middle of work can be done to release fatigue. But do not let it continue, it could be your work neglected. I was so excited, you were even preoccupied with playing social media and finally unproductive.

To be more productive, avoid things that can interfere with your focus. For example by turning off the TV, turning on silent mode on the cellphone, or storing the cellphone in the bag. This is done so that there is no temptation to open the HP every time a notification is entered.

5. Set aside time to take a walk outside the home

sitting too long at work can be bad for your health. Starting from the body aches, back pain, stiff neck, the risk of obesity, and trigger stress.

There have been many studies that prove that stress can interfere with health, both physically and emotionally. Not only triggers depression, prolonged stress can also worsen back pain and digestive problems.

Therefore, take the time to breathe fresh air outside the home. For example going to the park, shopping for groceries in supermarkets, and so on. The more relaxed your mind is, the body becomes more healthy and fit. After returning home, you can continue to work more focused and productive.

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