5 Tips To Deal With Psoriasis That Relapse Due To Cold Weather

Psoriasis is a chronic skin inflammation that can recur at any time, sometimes appearing to disappear. Usually, psoriasis can easily relapse if you are stressed or eat certain foods. Besides these two things, cold weather conditions can also affect your condition. So, how do you deal with psoriasis in the winter? Here's the review.

How to deal with psoriasis in the winter

When the weather is cold, there is a decrease in humidity and the temperature becomes colder. This condition makes your skin drier and the symptoms of psoriasis get worse.

Don't panic, here are some ways to deal with psoriasis that you can do in the winter.

1. Don't scratch it

Many people think that scratching itchy skin is the most effective way to deal with psoriasis. Even though the opposite happened.

Scratching the area of ​​the skin affected by psoriasis will actually trigger an infection of the skin. Even for some people, this one habit can cause new psoriasis lesions.

Even though the itching is unbearable, do not occasionally scratch the skin. Stay calm and adjust your breathing to relieve symptoms.

2. Use moisturizer

Because cold weather makes the skin dry, always prepare a moisturizing lotion. This lotion can help lock the skin's moisture and prevent psoriasis from recurring.

For best results, apply moisturizing lotion after bathing, washing hands, and each skin feels dry. The more often you use it, the more psoriasis symptoms can be controlled.

3. Install the humidifier

Have you used moisturizer, but the symptoms of psoriasis still relapse? Try using a humidifier in the room. This humidifier will make the air around you more moist and prevent dry skin.

4. Avoid clothing made of wool
During winter, you might be looking for a sweater made of thick wool to warm the body. But for those of you who have psoriasis, you should avoid this type of clothing.

Wool fiber can actually trigger itching on the skin and worsen psoriasis. But if you really have to wear a wool sweater, use cotton-based clothes first before using a sweater. This will protect your skin from itching due to psoriasis while making your body warm.

5. Warm your body

Not only makes the skin itchy, the touch of cold air can also make all the joints of the body become sick. To overcome this, make sure your body stays warm, both inside and outside the home.

Before going outside, make sure you always wear a scarf, hat, and soft gloves. Again, choose the type of clothing made from cotton rather than wool to protect the skin from friction which can lead to relapsing psoriasis.

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