Are You at Risk for Diabetes? Try Checking Here!


One type of diabetes that is rare and dangerous is labile diabetes aka brittle diabetes. This type of diabetes is marked by the rise and fall of blood sugar drastically and quickly, as if on a roller coaster ride. There are many things that can unwittingly trigger brittle diabetes. Knowing the various trigger factors for labile diabetes can help you avoid or control the development of this disease.

Various risk factors for labile diabetes

In many cases, labile diabetes or also called fragile diabetes is more susceptible to people with type 1 diabetes. Some doctors classify labile diabetes as one of the complications of diabetes, but other doctors consider this a derivative of type 1 diabetes. Even so , that does not mean that all type 1 diabetes sufferers will definitely experience this condition.

Besides having a history of type 1 diabetes, some things that can increase a person's risk of developing diabetes are:

  • Women in their 20s or 30s who have diabetes / are at risk of diabetes
  • Having hormone disorders
  • Having eating disorders
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Often experience stress or even depression
  • Have a history of digestive disorders, including gastoparesis or Celiac disease
  • Have a history of hypothyroidism, aka thyroid hormone too low

Fragile diabetes can increase your risk of being hospitalized because of the possibility of diabetic coma.

How to prevent labile diabetes

Even though this condition is not too general, you still have to take precautions as early as possible. Especially if you have trigger factors as mentioned above. Some things you can do to prevent labile diabetes are:

1. Keep your weight healthy
Every person who has diabetes and who is at high risk of developing labile diabetes must keep his weight healthy. The most effective way is to maintain a regular eating pattern with a menu that is guaranteed healthy and diligent in exercising every day.

No need for heavy exercise with high intensity. You just need to do light exercise with moderate intensity for at least 30 minutes every day. The key is to make yourself active every day.

Don't forget to pay attention to proper nutrition. Make sure if the food you consume contains balanced nutrition which includes carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and good fats. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid unhealthy foods, such as foods high in sugar, fatty, and too salty.

2. Avoid stress
Stress is one reason your blood sugar is not well controlled. Unfortunately, this condition is rarely recognized by diabetics. So, if you have a history of diabetes, try to avoid everything that can cause stress.

Instead, do various things that can make you feel happy and happy. For example, writing, reading books, watching movies, sports, listening to music, and so on. You can also avoid stress by doing meditation. Don't hesitate to meet a psychologist if you feel you can't manage stress alone.

3. Check blood sugar every day
If you have been declared to have diabetes 1, make sure you are always on time to get additional insulin injections. Also, make sure you also regularly check blood sugar every day.

Both of these must be done consistently so that blood sugar levels remain stable within normal limits.

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