Don't Panic If Accidentally Swallowed Intact Candy, This Is What You Must Do

Eating sweets is usually a powerful move for drowsiness, or just a distraction to kill boredom. Moreover, candy is now available in a variety of flavor choices that can be tailored to your tastes and needs. However, what if you accidentally swallowed hard hard candy that is still intact? Is there a way to handle it?

Is it even if it is ingested by hard candy that is still intact?

Being absorbed in sucking or chewing hard candy, suddenly the candy is actually swallowed whole so that it gets stuck in your throat. Or even, it might not get stuck, but you feel there's something strange because it's swallowed by hard candy that is still quite large.

Actually, ingesting a food involves a fairly complex set of processes. Starting from chewing until smooth, move food from the mouth to the back of the throat with the help of the tongue, until the food enters the esophagus until it ends in the stomach.

When food accidentally goes straight into the throat without being chewed first, for example swallowed hard candy, of course there seems to be something strange because it is different from the process should be. It's just that, this condition is nothing to worry about as long as it does not inhibit breathing, or to experience chest pain.

In short, the hard candy will keep moving towards the digestive system even though it is still intact. The digestive system will process hard candy along with other foods, until it comes out of the body as feces.

What should be done after that?

Almost all cases of ingested hard candy can not be worried because it will be naturally digested in digestion. However, if this condition makes you uncomfortable, the following ways can help restore it:

1. Drink plenty of water

Saliva will usually act as a natural lubricant to move the hard candy that is stuck, or smooth the journey to the stomach. In addition, you can speed up this process by drinking several glasses of water.

In addition to helping to relieve the throat that may feel uncomfortable, the candy will go faster to the stomach until it comes out through the stool. Especially if the hard candy is dry, then drinking lots of water will help the candy to move more easily.

2. Eat soft foods

Even though I feel uncomfortable because I just swallowed hard candy, but eating soft foods can help the movement of sweets a little to the digestive system. For example bananas, porridge, bread, brownies, and others.

To make it easier, you can dip a piece of bread into a glass of warm milk to make it softer. Make sure you chew and swallow it slowly.

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