Foot Odor Reduces Your Self-Confidence? Prevent with these 5 Smart Tips, Come on!

Foot Odor Reduces Your Self-Confidence? Prevent with these 5 Smart Tips, Come on!

Either because the feet are often closed, too often using the same shoes, being stressed, or even having certain health problems, it could be the beginning of the cause of unpleasant aroma of feet. This condition will certainly make people around you feel uncomfortable and disturbed. Of course not this embarrassing incident happened to you, right? Calm down first. Actually you can, how come, apply a series of ways to prevent foot odor, so that you remain comfortable using any type of shoes without worrying about the distinctive aroma of the feet.

Various ways to prevent unpleasant odor

Already dressed up and stylish as much as possible today, but the unpleasant smell from the feet actually reduce your confidence? Don't wait until this happens first and then resolve it. It would be nice, apply the following ways to prevent foot odor:

1. Regularly wash shoes and socks

Did you know that if you wear shoes and socks too often and for too long, you can become the mastermind behind the smell of feet? In fact, you will be considered dirty because you are reluctant to replace or wash shoes and socks that are used every day.

From now on, take time at least once every 1-2 weeks to wash shoes and socks that have been used for that period. To be cleaner and germ-free, you can add a little disinfectant to the washing water.

After that, make sure the shoes and socks are completely dry before reuse.

2. Avoid using the same shoes or socks for a long time

As previously mentioned, the use of shoes and socks the same for a long time can cause a pungent odor from the feet. This is because the shoes and socks have stored enough sweat and bacteria in them.

So, while routinely washing it during certain intervals, make sure you also change shoes and socks regularly. However, what if the number of shoes and socks you have is limited to being used interchangeably? The sign, you do have to wash it first before using it again.

3. Use foot powder

Before wearing shoes, try to sprinkle foot powder first as a way to prevent unpleasant odor. Apart from being able to keep your feet dry, sprinkling powder on your feet can help give you a fragrant aroma on your feet. In order for tricks to prevent your foot odor more optimally, you should also sprinkle foot powder after removing your shoes.

4. Paki foot odor prevention cream

Like deodorants for the armpits, foot odor prevention creams are usually also equipped with antiperspirant ingredients. The goal is to prevent excessive sweating of the feet that makes it moist, so that the risk of triggering the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor.

You should give a pause a few moments after applying this foot cream, before continuing to wear shoes. Instead of being useful as a way to prevent foot odor, moist conditions from foot creams are feared can actually cause unpleasant smells from the feet.

5. Do not store shoes in a closed place

Putting shoes in a closed place, especially an airtight one, can make it moist so it becomes an easy target for bacteria and fungi to breed. So, try storing shoes in a place that allows air exchange to take place well.

You can leave your shoes outdoors and get free air for a few moments, before storing them again.

6. Routine foot washing

Wash your feet before and after wearing shoes, and when taking a bath can help prevent the appearance of a distinctive odor from the feet. If you want to make sure your feet are really clean, try taking time to wash your feet with soap and water between shoes.

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