Going On Chemotherapy, Whether It's Still Working Or Not, Yes? Here's the Consideration


Since being diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy treatment may be one of the routines that you must always do. Yes, if you want to recover quickly, you should not miss a chemotherapy schedule even though you have a busy daily routine. Well, this is probably what often appears in the minds of cancer patients, including you, so you should keep working or not, yes, during chemotherapy?

Can you still work during chemotherapy treatment?
The tight schedule of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments that you have to go through, may be a separate consideration to determine whether you want to continue working or not. The choice to continue working or stopping during chemotherapy treatment is a personal decision that is not always the same for everyone.

Some chemotherapy patients worry that they cannot manage their time to the full, they are exhausted, so they worry that their health will worsen if they continue to work while undergoing chemotherapy. While others think otherwise.

In addition to providing monthly income, working during chemotherapy treatment can help expand the friendship network, while at the same time arousing enthusiasm to get rid of cancer immediately. Broadly speaking, it's actually okay to keep working while undergoing chemotherapy.

With a note, you must understand very well how good your health condition is. Do not get to, the busy work, the accumulation of deadlines, and the tight schedule of meetings, actually inhibits the recovery of your cancer.

Considerations that must be considered if you want to keep working while chemotherapy
The choice to continue work while undergoing chemotherapy is not easy. So, make sure you think about it carefully by considering a number of important things, such as:

The cancer stage you have
The type of cancer treatment that you are taking that you get
Possible side effects of chemotherapy
Your overall health condition
Your type of work
In addition, you should discuss it first with the doctor who handles you. Your doctor will usually consider your health condition and adjust it to the work you are doing. Is the job relatively light, relaxed, or heavy which can actually disrupt your routine treatment schedule.

In addition to work, health conditions that have not improved usually will make the doctor inevitably have to limit your daily activities. All of these things can be used as important points to decide whether you want to continue working, or just focus on the chemotherapy treatment you are currently taking.

In short, if indeed your body's condition makes it possible to keep working in the midst of the dense cancer care that must be undertaken, certainly not a problem. But if the opposite, you should focus on treatment first until your condition is fully recovered.

Tips for working safely and comfortably during chemotherapy
Are you sure you want to keep working in the middle of your routine treatment schedule? Here are a variety of tips to make it easier to manage health and work at one time:

Convey the conditions you are experiencing with your boss and coworkers in the office.
Set a daily schedule as neat as possible, including activities, work, and treatment.
Schedule chemotherapy after finishing work, or on weekends to give your time to rest.
If possible, take one or several days to work at home.
Make a list of jobs in detail and neat, making it easier for coworkers when taking over your work when you're not in the office.
Sometimes, not everyone is able to continue working on the sidelines of a chemotherapy treatment schedule. So, don't hesitate to reconsider your decision and choose one of them, if in the middle of the two processes together you feel quite overwhelmed.

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