Healthy foods Don't be afraid of eating seafood, do these 4 ways to avoid poisoning


Healthy food from the sea or seafood is famous for its delicious taste. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of seafood may contain toxic substances due to contaminated sea water.

This of course makes you and your family at risk of poisoning. It's all wrong, it's impossible to miss the chance to eat seafood, but also don't want poisoning afterwards. So, is there a way to stay safe without worrying about seafood poisoning after eating it? Take a look at the tips here, let's!  

seafood healthy food so as not to poison this way  

Various types of fish, shellfish, squid, crabs, and shrimp are some types of seafood that are often found in the market. Besides being able to cause allergies in some people, seafood can also cause anyone to experience poisoning.  

Especially if the seafood is not fresh. The content of mercury, contaminated with bacteria or viruses, and already in stale conditions, are also some of the causes of seafood poisoning that usually occur.  

Well, so you are calm when eating your favorite seafood dishes, you should first understand the following important rules:  

1. Pay attention to the condition of seafood before buying  

The first step to avoid seafood poisoning is to look carefully at the physical condition of the seafood. When you want to buy it, make sure you don't just consider a cheap price.  

Also observe the physical characteristics that appear in seafood, such as eye conditions, scales, gills, meat, and other body parts of fish. Or if you plan to buy other types of seafood, for example shellfish, crabs, shrimp, or squid, pay attention to all the physical parts.  

Make sure there is no foul, sour, or other strange smell that indicates that the seafood is not fresh. This also applies to packaged seafood products.   Check the expiration date and other information printed on the product label, and avoid buying seafood packaging that looks damaged, dented, or bulging. Because the product is likely to have been contaminated by bacteria.  

2. Store seafood in the right place  

The risk of seafood poisoning is not only from seafood that is no longer high quality, but can also be caused because the seafood is placed in the wrong place.   Often it is not realized that putting seafood at room temperature for a long time, or melting seafood in an open room without soaking it in water can make seafood contaminated with bacteria and viruses.  

In fact, bacteria that are in raw seafood can easily move to other foods in the vicinity. So, try to store seafood in the refrigerator or freezer until it is ready to be processed.  

3. Wash the seafood before cooking  

Washing may not be able to completely eliminate viruses, bacteria, or dirt that is attached to the body of the fish. But at least, you can check again and reduce the dirt that appears on the physical fish so that later it is ready to be cooked.   For example removing fish scales that are still attached, gills of fish that might be missed to be removed, squid ink that is still attached to the body, and so forth.  

4. Cook the seafood until it's perfectly cooked  

Be careful, the hobby of eating raw seafood, such as sushi and sashimi, risks making you seafood poisoning. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent seafood poisoning is to process it until it is fully cooked.   That way, bacteria and viruses usually die immediately after being cooked properly. However, make sure you wash your hands with soap and running water first before processing seafood, huh!

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