Want to get back to work after chemotherapy? Come on, imitate these 4 tips


It is not an easy thing to go through all the chemotherapy processes. Even after that, you are still required to adapt again to the daily routine that had previously been stopped due to cancer treatment. One of them is actively working again after chemotherapy is finished. Don't worry, a number of the following ways can help prepare yourself back to the office.

Tips to be comfortable to return to work after chemotherapy is complete

After long struggling with a series of chemotherapy processes, now is the time to refocus your attention on office work that might be left behind. In addition to arousing new enthusiasm, returning to work after chemotherapy is complete also reminds that there are still many things that you must fight for in life.

Whether it's as an authoritative boss, exemplary employee, or a reliable colleague. Being surrounded by loved ones can be a priceless entertainment and encouragement.

Can't wait to get back to work? The following ways can help you adjust to the world of work:

1. Prepare mentally and physically

Having the activity back to normal, including working after chemotherapy is complete, it may not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Instead, prepare a good physical and mental to not be too "shocked" when facing a pile of work that you haven't touched for a long time.

Before you start returning, you can feed your body and mind by doing things that can motivate yourself. For example by reading books that grow inspiration, watching movies, writing stories in diaries or personal sites, and other interesting things.

Do not forget, set aside a little time for naps and exercise to maximize the body's energy stores. Trying to do a new activity or hobby can also be an attractive choice to prepare mentally and physically before the first day of work.

2. Notifying coworkers

Everyone's reaction can be different when they know someone who has just recovered from illness and a series of medications, then continues to work again. Some welcomed him enthusiastically, but there were also those who looked at one eye, even just underestimating the person's abilities.

How grateful you are when you are surrounded by coworkers who fully support your choice to return to work. However, if what you experience is just the opposite, be wiser when telling your coworkers about your plan to return to office.

As much as possible, do not be discouraged because after all you definitely still have the closest people who can always be relied on in the office.

3. Create achievement targets

After chemotherapy is complete, now is the time to open a new life sheet, including in terms of work. Don't let the previous cancer treatment experience as a barrier for you to develop. This is the right opportunity for you to focus back on things that were previously delayed.

You can prepare a dedicated notebook to record all plans in the work. Starting from things that seem trivial or often forgotten, come to the big thing. Continue to arrange various achievement targets to motivate yourself so you can be more enthusiastic in your work.

According to Arash Asher, MD, a director of cancer rehabilitation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, United States, that actual past experience can be a source of great enthusiasm for your physical and mental development.

The key, don't see it as a limitation. Rather, it is considered a valuable experience that can trigger good things in the future.

4. Recognize the extent of your abilities

The physical and mental conditions before, during, and after chemotherapy are completed will certainly be different. Take for example, you might be able to work late at night. But now, your body may need more time to rest.

Instead of threatening the health of the body by working out of ability, you should adjust your body's ability to the work done. If you have begun to feel tired, stop all work immediately then continue to rest.

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