Waxing or shaving: which one is the most effective in removing hair on the body?

The growth of thick hair on the body is sometimes considered attractive by some people. But not for others who actually feel less confident. On this basis, many people are actively eliminating hair on the body by taking various powerful methods.

Waxing and shaving are two of the most commonly used. Actually, it's better to use the method of waxing or shaving, huh?

What is the difference between waxing and shaving?

Both can remove hair that looks annoying in the body, often making waxing and shaving just like that. In fact, good waxing and shaving have some fundamental differences in the process.

So, before deciding which is better than waxing or shaving, it's better to first examine the following:

Different techniques
The majority of people find it difficult to distinguish these two methods of removing hair. Easily, the tools used in waxing and shaving are different so that the techniques used are not the same.

Waxing involves the use of liquid wax applied to the skin, then covered with a towel or gauze on top.

This closed skin is then pressed and pressed for a while, until it is finally pulled in accordance with the direction of the growth of the fur.

While to shave, it can be done using a regular shaver or electric shaver.

Different speed of hair grows back
Before deciding to use the method of waxing or shaving, you should consider the duration of feather resistance after being removed. Because, different ways are used so different the speed of fur to grow back.

In waxing, the hair on the new body will grow after approximately 3-6 weeks later. Whereas when you shave your hair, it only takes 1-3 days until the fur finally grows back.

Different target area
Actually, whether it's waxing or shaving, it can be done anywhere on the body. With a note, it is still done carefully and carefully. Launching from the MD webpage, fur that grows on the face, legs, armpits, and around the female area can be removed by waxing.

Or other options, you can use the shaving method to trim fur in the area of ​​the legs, face, and arms. Shaving is generally not recommended to be done around the female area.

The reason is because shaving risks causing irritation due to friction directly from the shaver with the skin. This will certainly harm the skin in the female area which tends to be more sensitive.

Different side effects
The skin is at risk of experiencing redness accompanied by the appearance of small lumps if you choose to use the waxing technique. In fact, the infection can also appear around the hair follicles where the fur is located.

Likewise with shaving techniques that can cause an impact in the form of fur that grows into it afterwards, though not always.

So, is it better to choose waxing or shaving?
Basically, both methods for removing hair are safe as long as they are in accordance with the rules of use. For example in waxing, usually the criteria for the length of the fur that can be waxed is about 0.5 cm.

It's different from the rules for shaving, which requires you to wet the skin using soap or shaving foam to prevent irritation. In addition, you can consider the difference between waxing and shaving which includes its advantages and disadvantages.

Because from here, later you will find which technique to remove hair that best suits your condition. Take for example, the hair you want to remove is around the female part, of course you are more advised to use the waxing method than using a shaver.

Not infrequently, the costs involved in waxing are far more expensive than shaving. Yes, this is because shaving can usually be done alone at home just by shaving, shaving foam and glass.

As for waxing, ideally it should be done by an experienced beauty therapist. Even though waxing can be done at home, the costs you have to spend are not as cheap as regular shaving.

But, you dont have to worry. Whatever method of hair removal you choose, either using waxing or shaving, the risk of a rash or irritation can be prevented and treated, how come. You do this by using a skin care cream product that is equipped with Centella Asiatica content in it.

This is a natural herbal plant whose benefits no longer need to be doubted to soothe irritated skin, while accelerating skin regeneration. As a result, even healthy and well-maintained skin can be easily obtained.

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