101 profitable small-scale home business opportunities


Now there are various new business opportunities emerging and spawning many new entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Not only large scale entrepreneurs but also small and medium entrepreneurs, even small and medium enterprises are currently experiencing very rapid growth. The emergence of various business opportunities with small capital makes people try to build their own businesses.

Quite a number of small and medium entrepreneurs don't just open stores that are physical, but virtual stores on the internet that can reach more people. Even some online entrepreneurs that I know have very fantastic income.

There are several prospective entrepreneurs who decide to step down when they encounter problems when starting a business, even though the promising business opportunity is already in sight. The classic problem that we often hear is the lack of initial capital to start their business.

The solution is to choose a business opportunity with small capital that has proven to be profitable.

Choosing Business Opportunities with Small Capital

If we talk about small capital business, it means that we still have enough capital to start the business. Even though the number is limited, we still have to spend money. Besides that we also have to have non-material capital such as knowledge of the business that will be carried out (this can be learned), willingness capital & hard work.

Profitable Small Business Capital Business Opportunities from Home

Is the lack of capital an obstacle for you to start the desired business? Of course not! Take advantage of various profitable small businesses that can be run even with minimal capital because there are actually a lot of small capital business opportunities around us.

The following are some examples of business opportunities with small capital that are often run by small and medium entrepreneurs:

A. Offline Business Opportunity from Home

There are lots of business opportunities with little capital that can be done from home. We can do all the processes of running a business properly without having to rent a place. Even so, we must consider the markets around us, will there be people who need the products we sell there? The following are some small capital efforts that can be done at home offline:

1. Opening a sewing service business

Many people who want to sew their clothes with certain models and sizes, especially those who have a body that is rather fat or too thin.

Well, they are definitely always looking for clothes tailor services that can make clothes that fit their body shape. This one business opportunity is perfect for people who have an interest in the world of fashion, of course you must have the ability to sew and design clothes.

In addition to making new clothes, sewing services are often also needed by those who want to shrink clothes that are too big, or just put certain attributes on their clothes. As we know, a lot of people buy clothes (clothes / pants) whose models are being hit, but when they are bought it turns out the size is too big. Well, to shrink the clothes, the customer will certainly look for tailor services that can shrink the clothes.

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2. Running a Culinary Business

If you have a unique food recipe or can make snacks that are popular with many people, then you must consider business opportunities in the culinary field.

This promising business opportunity is perfect for those who like the culinary world. Not a few people who succeed in running the food business, even the business is growing and opening branches elsewhere.

The story of successful people in this business can be read on the topic of culinary business.

Please also note that culinary business is one business model that will never experience setbacks. Why? Because food or food is a basic human need. Even though we have now found many types of culinary businesses, there will still be other types of culinary businesses that appear with different looks and packaging.

This business model can also be run with relatively small capital. And if you don't have expertise in the culinary world but really want to have a food business, then you might consider buying a food franchise business with little capital, such as a snack food franchise. One of the snack franchise businesses that you can consider is the fried franchise business because there are many enthusiasts.

3. Business Selling Electric Credit

Starting a business selling pulses now is actually quite easy and inexpensive, with only an initial capital of $5 - $20, we can start running this business, it can be done anywhere and anyone.

If you are someone who is active in a network, an organization where there are enough members, or college students, then the business opportunity to sell credit can be very profitable, because we can sell it to friends who are on the network, organization, and campus.

However, to run the electric pulse business requires seriousness and a good marketing strategy because currently the competition for selling pulses is quite tight. And to get started, then you have to register to be an electric pulse selling agent in several electrical pulse distributors, such as: Pulsa-Online.com, Venuspulsa.com, Istanareload.com, Centerpulsa.com, and others.

There are a number of precise tips that can be done so that you can successfully run the electric pulse business, including:

a. Register as a credit agent for trusted credit distributors
b. Don't profit too much
c. Don't give people the chance to pay credit
d. Promotion by paying attention to ethics, whether through social media or other media
e. Maintain good service to all customers

4. Business Opportunities to Open Private Courses / Courses

Selling expertise by teaching others our expertise turns out to be one of the promising business opportunities. If we have abilities in certain fields, for example; playing guitar skills, website creation skills, design, English, computers, etc., we can provide private lessons or courses at home or can be done elsewhere depending on conditions.

Uniquely, now running a private tutoring business or this course can be done online via the internet. In Indonesia, there are currently quite a number of business startups that provide convenience for private tutoring / online courses. One of the many startups is SekolahPintar.com.

So, Sekolahpintar.com is a media link between teachers and students who want to study online. The subject matter is in the form of videos that can be directly watched by students. In addition, students and teachers can interact with questions and answers if there is material to be discussed in more detail.

Well, for those of you who have special knowledge or expertise of course this is a promising business opportunity, even it can be run with very minimal capital. All you need to do is create lesson material that is in accordance with your area of ​​expertise, register as a speaker / teacher at Sekolahpintar.com, and upload the subject matter.

What is certain is that we must contact the Sekolahpintar.com, because all the subject matter for sale there must be with their permission. If you are interested, you can try to become an online private teacher in Smart Schools.

5. Open Stalls or Food Stores

Indeed, the business opportunity to open food stalls (nine basic commodities) (nine basic commodities) is very potential because it will always be sought by the public. However, there are quite a lot of businesses running it, so we should see the level of competition, location, and capital owned.

We also need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of running this business model because not everyone is suitable in running a basic food stall business. This profitable business opportunity requires serious attention, thoroughness, and requires the existence of a business owner continuously, so that you can't help but have to intervene yourself so that the basic food stall can run well.

6. Business Opportunities for Design Services, Photo Editing and Printing

This one business opportunity is perfect for those who have the skills and creativity in processing images and designs. Of course we must have the ability to use one of the photo editing software, such as: CorelDraw, Photoshop, and other software.

To open a business in the field of design services, digital printing or digital printing, you do not have to have big capital. You can even start doing business without material capital by selling these services using services from several sites such as; Ciptaloka.com, Sribu.com, Sribulancer.com, blazbluz.com, Projects.co.id, and others.

For example, on Ciptaloka.com, you can sell t-shirt print services with special designs that you have created. So, people can order t-shirts with certain designs through you, then after the customer pays the order, you can order the T-shirt with your design through Ciptaloka. In this way, of course, it will greatly help those who do not have the capital to build a printing company but want to do business immediately.

7. Business Opportunities to Open Laundry Services

If we pay attention to the laundry business, there are more and more various services, some even offer to pick up clothes that will be laundry. And the laundry business will usually be very in demand if located near the campus, boarding houses.

If you feel that this business suits you, then you should immediately do it because this business will always be sought by many people.

There is some information that we must pay attention to if we want to succeed in the laundry business;

a. Pay attention to the target market. Before opening a laundry service business we must first know who the target market will often use the laundry services offered. Usually people who often use laundry services are students, office workers who are still single. But it does not rule out the possibility of customers coming from different segments, for example housewives.

b. Capital is an important factor that must be considered. Not only material capital but also knowledge about laundry business, management capabilities, and business networks.

c. Laundry business locations are also a determining factor for success in this business. Try to open a laundry business in a fairly crowded location, for example around offices, housing, dormitories, or boarding houses.

d. Choosing and fostering employees also cannot be underestimated. If you will entrust the operations of a laundry business to employees, make sure that these employees have sufficient knowledge.

e. The last is the process of marketing and promotion. In addition to using offline media for promotions (eg banners, brochures, pamphlets), consider also doing promotions via the internet (for example, promotions on Facebook).

B. Business Opportunities for Online Business from Home

Online business is perfect when combined with the offline business that we have. For example we have a shop that sells beautiful furniture, now we can sell our furniture online, and of course the market will be wider because your business can be reached by more people via the internet.

However, if we don't have an offline business, we can still build a business online. The following are some online business opportunities that can be done from home with small capital:

1. Affiliate Business (Affiliate Marketing)

This is a business model that is very much run by internet marketers both abroad and domestically. To run an affiliate business, we don't have to have a product, but we can sell other people's products through the internet, whether through blogs, social media, email marketing, and others.

We get a commission of a percentage of the total price of goods sold. Products sold are also various, there are products in the form of physical, in the form of digital, and also in the form of membership.

The uniqueness of this affiliate business is that we do not have to bother taking care of matters relating to product manufacturing, product packaging, and product delivery. We only need to promote special links that are obtained from vendors (product owners). If the link is clicked on by someone and the person makes a purchase from our affiliate link, then we will get a commission.

For local affiliate programs that I recommend are;

A. Physical Products

a. Lazada.com
b. Bhineka.com
c. Blibli.com

B. Digital Products

a. Ratakan.com Marketplace
b. Idaff.com Affiliate Marketplace

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2. Business With Making Online Stores (Online Shop)

Having an online store now is very easy. The online shop business can be run by people who have an offline store and want to increase sales by selling online. And this business can also be done by people who do not have a product, that is by joining a supplier or manufacturer that offers a dropship system or reseller.

To start an online shop business, of course, you must have an online store. Actually it's not difficult to make an online store, the tutorial can be found on the internet. After he continued, he was looking for product manufacturers or collaborative partners who provide reseller or dropship services. After being accepted as a partner, we can start posting products at online stores and promote these online stores.

There are a number of manufacturers that I recommend collaboration with;


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3. Online Business by Building a Blog / Website Portal

Building a blog / website can be one of the most promising long-term business models. The increasing number of internet and smartphone users is an indicator that the future of blog / website media will be more and more traffic, of course in accordance with the niche blog / website that was built. This is what we can make a business opportunity with small capital.

Take a look at the website pages whose links are often scattered on Facebook and Google (for example Merdeka.com, Kompas.com, Alodokter.com, Viralnova.com, Cerpen.co.id, etc.) on the website page that we can see Google Adsense ads. Most blogs and website portals monetize their websites with PPC (pay per click) programs, especially Google Adsense.

This PPC program is perfect for those who have a website or blog with high visitor traffic. One of the ad network business models is by following PPC (pay per click) programs such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Kliksaya, Kumpulbloger, and others. In addition to PPC advertising, another advertising business model is self-advertisement, namely by offering advertising space on your blog at a predetermined price.

Income from a blog / website that installs PPC ads and independent ads cannot be underestimated. Lots of bloggers and website owners who gain money from advertisements on their blogs, ranging from tens of millions of rupiah, hundreds of millions of rupiah, to billions of rupiah. One blogger who has a fantastic income from his blog is Linda Ikeji. This Nigerian blogger is estimated to get billions of rupiah per month from his blog.

4. Business Opportunities to Be a Freelance Writer

Nowadays there are quite a lot of freelancers who are pursuing freelance writers, whether they are writing English articles or writing Indonesian articles. English articles are usually more expensive than Indonesian articles. There are several places that can be explored to get jobs from people who are looking for article authors, for example: Fiverr.com, Ads.id, Projects.co.id, Sribulancer.com, and many more.

Why do many people work as freelance writers? It still relates to the online business model in point 3, which is an online business by building a blog / website portal. Usually blogs / websites that have started many visitors will require article writers to update content. The more content that is built, the greater the chance to get traffic. That is why freelance writers are often sought after by blog / website owners.

However, you have to be selective to register as a freelance writer because it is not uncommon for blog / website owners to only pay the author with a very low rate. This low rate makes the writers not eager to create good content. Determine the rate you want from the start, adjust the difficulty level of the topic of the content and the quality of your writing.

5. Selling Web Developer Services

There are many services that can be sold online. One of them is the service of creating a professional website / blog or often called a web developer. This one business opportunity in my opinion is very potential because not many people can make a professional website for their business.

Of course, to become a web developer requires qualified skills to be able to create a professional blog / website. Actually to make a website not too difficult, we can use the WordPress platform with themes that fit the niche website. However, if you want to become a real web developer, then you need to learn the basics of making a good website. The place to learn to make a website that I recommend is BabaStudio.

6. Online MLM Business

This is a Multi Level Marketing business that is run online. Unlike conventional MLM businesses which usually take up time and energy for meeting activities, prospective member follow-up, and purchasing goods, all the processes can be done online.

However, it should be noted that not all MLM businesses have a good system, make sure the online MLM business that you follow has good and profitable products and systems. This one business opportunity can always create new millionaires and billionaires, of course they are people who want to work hard.


Actually there are still many business opportunities with small capital that we can do from home. But of course this article will be very long if you write down all the lists. One thing we need to remember is that even if a business or business is run with small capital, it does not mean that the profits will be small too.

The proof is my acquaintance, he does not have his own product, with a small capital he runs a dropship business, but the income he earns is extraordinary, even greater than the salary of a bank manager. Vision and mission, enthusiasm and hard work carried out continuously will certainly provide maximum results, even exceeding your expectations.

Hopefully this article inspires.

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