13 Techniques for Promoting Blog Content to Get Visitor Explosions


Creating content is one of the most important parts of online marketing. In fact, I personally spent 2-3 days completing 1 article.

But there is something more important:

Promote content.

In order for your new content or new blog to get visitors, you have to spend 4x more than creating content.

This was revealed by Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers .

This means that if I make 1 article in 2 days, then the rest of the week is for promotion.

Why is that much?

Because when you press the 'publish' button, on the same day there are millions of other articles that are also published.

Your article is only a fish in a vast ocean.

If so, then how can a new blog - which is unknown - be able to get the attention of many people?

The answer: content promotion.

Be careful: Big mistake in content promotion

Promotion in the online world is synonymous with negativity.

If you are an internet lover like me, I certainly understand the point. People on the internet do not like the name promotion and advertising.

Especially spam.

Therefore if you don't want to be a hated person, follow these rules.


We do NOT promote blogs ... what we promote is content.

Understand what that means?

This means that every time you put a link in various places, bring it directly to the content you want to promote. Not to the homepage.

That way other people will not be confused.


Your content must be the best.

Not content that just copy paste, change words, rewrite it. Your content must have new ideas in it, and most importantly: must help others solve problems.

To create content like that, read this:

People often say "quality content", "content is king", but in fact most of the content creators do not care about the content itself.

Some create content in just minutes.

There are also new blog owners who chase 5-10 content a day.

Remember this:

You don't need to publish a lot of content a day.

Many large blogs only publish 1 article per month.

Because ultimately for websites that rely on content (such as blogs), the determining factor for success is the quality of the article ...

... not the number of articles.


Don't use automation tools ...

... at least until you already have your own audience.

Talk to the person you want to promote as a person, not a robot. Perform promotions manually.

Everything that is completely automated usually leads to spam.

No one likes spam.

After knowing these three things, now let's start to the first step.

1. Prepare 'feed' before the content is published

In fact, not all types of content will be popular.

Even though it has been promoted correctly.

So from that 'content promotion' mindset you have to hold it before the content is published ... even before it is made.

For that, pay attention to 2 things:

Selection of topics and their contents.

The topic of your content must be  urgent or urgent. Topics that make other people feel that they have to read right now.

Even better, a topic that can make them think "my friends should read this too!".

As for the contents, we recommend:

  1. Credible - there are data / facts from trusted sources
  2. Practical - can be done directly by the reader
  3. Emotional - provokes positive / negative emotions

All three of these things I always apply on the PanduanIM blog.

If you have read some content on this blog (including what you are reading), you will realize that I often use data such as graphics or percentages.

The goal is to look credible.


There is also content that is made so that the contents are practical ... (see the title)


And content whose content is contrary to what the reader has often learned. So that although many agree, many also disagree:

Controversial content

So in the end, when I promote these content ... visitors will immediately increase dramatically.


2. Create an  email list and send it whenever there is new content

By building an email list, your content promotion efforts are many times easier.


You get 1000 visitors from various places.

Without an email list it means that 1000 people will leave. So next time you promote content, you have to look for them again.

But if you're building an email list, it's like this:

There were 1000 people who came, some of whom became subscribers.

So next time when you publish content part of the subscriber you will immediately realize. This means that this time bringing visitors becomes easier.

This is repeated every day.

So by creating your own e-mail list it means you already have a source of traffic that is always ready to accept your new content.

It's better right?

Read this guide to start  learning list building .

3. Get followers and post content to social media

There is a fatal misunderstanding regarding the use of social media.

I am sure that if you have read articles about blog promotion, you must have read that you suggest posting to social media whenever there is new content.

This is wrong ... big mistake.

Here's what I mean:

As a beginner we usually only have 100-1000 followers on Twitter / Facebook.

What happens when we post there?

At most only 1-2 people who re-Tweet / Like ... right? After that? Finished. Nothing happened.

This means that you are posting to social media many times.

The principle is the same as the list building above, but the media is different. Earlier with email, now with social media.

You do this by installing buttons / links / widgets to facilitate visitors to your social account. Like this:

There are 2 things that you must pay attention to in using social media:

First, never buy followers / likes.

Second, don't just share links from your own website.

Follow these tips when posting on social media:

  1. Don't use the article title as the content of your tweet or status. Describe the content briefly, but interestingly.
  2. Use 3 different contexts if you schedule 3 updates.
  3. Principle 2: 1: 1 ratio, 2 times share other people's content, 1 time share your own content, 1 time update without a link.
  4. The use of images is proven to increase the number of clicks  on social media.

4. Mention other bloggers in the content, then tell them

His name is humans ... surely like to hear something positive about them from other people.

We can use this one human nature.

For example like this:

I made an article with the topic "lose weight", in this article I recommend other bloggers in the form of links in addition to good reading.

After that I told the blogger via email.

Then they will most likely return to recommending your article ...

... in the form of links too or share on social media.

One example of this article:

Until now the article has received more than 1400 shares.

After this article was published, I contacted the people mentioned in it ... then asked them to share.

Under normal conditions, if you just ask them to share directly, chances are they will refuse.

But in this case because we first mentioned them in the article, most of them wanted to help.

Therefore, in the content you try to always put a link to other bloggers.

5. Join a clean Facebook Group

Because many Indonesians are active in Facebook Groups, this community can be one of the best promotion places.

Before joining, remember these 2 things.

First, don't promote to groups that have nothing to do with the topic of your blog and content.

If your content is about diet, join the diet group.

If your content is about business, join a business group.

(Believe in not believing, there are also many promotions in groups that don't connect)

Secondly, don't promote to a group that contains most of the website's spam links. Your post will not be seen in the News Feed of its members.

Make sure the active group you select contains comments and likes ...

... not just spam.

There is also no spam.

The following are other promotional tips on Facebook so that you are not kicked from the group:

  1. Promotion ratio 4: 1, 4 times helping others, 1 promotion.
  2. Promote links that really help group members solve problems.
  3. Follow group rules. If you are not allowed to post a link, don't.
  4. No need to make a new post for promotion. Place comments too.
  5. Don't join only for promotion. The main thing you have to do here is to help other people answer questions politely.

Don't let your website be considered spam by the Facebook system.

If so, almost all posts that contain your website link will never be seen by others.

6. Join Google+ Communities

Similar to Facebook Groups. Although on Google+ it's more quiet but generally the community here is neater and enthusiastic.

The spam filter on Google+ is much stronger than Facebook.

So be careful, once labeled as a spam your website will never be able to appear forever. Because each post will enter the spam filter.

Tips are the same as number 5.

7. Join the forum site

Although the number of forums is not much and the content is mostly spam, promotion in forums can also invite traffic.

Blog promotion techniques in forums are similar to those in FB and G +.

Your main task after joining the community is not to immediately post a link ... So do not immediately comment containing the link let alone create a new thread.

Instead, do this:

Answer the questions asked by others.

The forum is the place for people who want to discuss and ask questions. Not infrequently you will find people asking about certain topics.

If your content can answer, notify.

If not ... don't.

8. Change the form and publish it in various places

If you have content in the form of articles, you can create videos, PDFs, or infographics with exactly the same content.

From 1 to 4 at a time.

Similarly, if you have video content, it can be used as an article too.

Do not stop there…

We will use websites that already have many readers. Then we send the contents of the other forms there.

Here are some popular sites that we can use:

  1. SlideShare - presentation slides
  2. YouTube , Vimeo , DailyMotion - video
  3. Kompasiana , Medium , OkayZone Rubric - article
  4. Visual.ly - infographics ( see other websites )
  5. iTunes , SoundCloud - podcast
  6. Scribd - ebook

On these websites there are already many people who are ready to eat your content.

So if in the content published on the websites there is a link to your website, then you will get a lot of traffic.

Delicious again:

Content on sites like YouTube, SlideShare, Kompasiana, etc. will be easier to get rankings on Google than new websites.

Therefore your content will also get traffic from search engines.

9. Monitor conversations and relevant new content

Suppose you have content about 'learning English'.

It turns out that on a community site there are some people who ask each other, how do you learn effective English?

This is an opportunity for content promotion ...

There are people who need reading, we just come and give the link.

But the problem is that the internet is wide. Then how can we find out if someone is talking about a particular topic?


There are several tools that we can use to monitor.

  1. Google Alerts
  2. Fresh Web Explorer
  3. Mentions

Although for other purposes, I have explained how to use Fresh Web Explorer here (number 1d) and using Mentions is explained here (number 13).

This time I will explain for Google Alerts.

Not difficult, just change the settings to the following image:

Google-Alerts Settings

Furthermore, whenever there is content / discussion that is on topic, you will be notified by email.

Actually, Mention is the most complete because it includes on Facebook and Twitter too. But the free version can only be for 250 notifications per month.

Alternative (for Twitter monitors) you can use Warble .

10. Write smart and useful comments on other blogs

I am a strict person when moderating blog comments.

On this blog only, less than 10% of incoming comments I publish. Not including those that automatically netted the Akismet spam filter.

Blog comments are useful:

  1. Get direct visitors (though not many)
  2. Become known by the owner of the blog (if the comments are extraordinary)

But it's ridiculous that many people spam ...

An example like this:

This comment is written manually ... not with software.

But  not the intention.

Don't waste your time writing comments like this. Not useful for anyone, including yourself.

Will not make your ranking on Google rise.

But there are comments that really intend to comment:


Not because it's long, but because he really wants to ask questions / discuss.

If you want to benefit from comments, it must be at least like that.

There are 1 more type ...

This is if you want to start a relationship with the owner of the blog.


Blog owners will definitely be happy when getting comments like this, compared to comments that are modest.

You will get a positive image.

After that, the way to establish a further relationship will be wide open for you.

(I use an example from this blog because it will take a very long time to look for examples from other blogs)

11. Guest blogging on popular blogs

Every time someone asks how to get traffic, I always say this:

Go to a place that has a lot of traffic.

Naturally ... for a new blog that is still quiet, even if you publish 100 articles per day - without stepping out - it will still be quiet.

Therefore community sites are one of the most effective solutions.

Not just community sites,

There is still one more powerful way to directly bring visitors.

Guest blogging on popular blogs.

That way the readers of the blog will immediately know you and go directly to your own website.

There is another bonus,

Through guest blogging because we also get backlinks, ranking in search engines will also increase dramatically.

Some time ago I sent this guest post on Mas Sugeng's blog .


The link that I installed towards this SEO learning article .

In just a matter of days the article goes straight to the first page for the keywords that I want.


For anyone who has a new blog, do guest blogging on popular sites. The result will not disappoint if done correctly.

Some tips for doing guest blogging:

  1. Do guest blogging only on websites where the owner is still active
  2. Make sure the reader on his blog is also actively commenting which is not just grateful (like the example above)
  3. Don't do guest blogging on the website, mostly guest blogs
  4. The blog topic must be the same as yours

He further read in the article about this link building .

11. Create so that readers can help promote

Content will never be popular if only you are a promotional person.

The reader must also be active.

So in fact your main challenge is not "how to promote", but "how so that readers also want to promote".

Here are the tips:

  1. Use 6 popularity trigger elements
  2. Use interesting images
  3. Create long articles (> 2500 words)
  4. Provide a share button
  5. Ask them to share

Let's discuss further.

There is a strong correlation between the length of the article and the number of shares.

Based on research conducted by BuzzSumo on 1 million articles, the longer the article the higher the average share:


So next time you make an article, don't be satisfied with the short one.

Try to make a long article.

Besides that you also have to pay attention to is the placement of the share button. Sounds trivial but is actually very influential.

There are 3 places for effective share buttons:

  • At the beginning of the content
  • At the end of the content
  • Next to the content (going down when scrolling)

The share button that goes down when scrolling usually gives the most number of clicks.

Some are placed in the middle of articles like this:


This form gives the highest number of shares (in GuideIM) . WordPress users can create something like this using a plugin called ClickToTweet.

Finally, ask your readers directly to share.


It has been proven that if we ask them to share, the amount will increase considerably compared to not at all.

That's why on one of the pages of the GuideIM I also asked to share:

The result is quite satisfying:

12. Build tribes and cross promotions with other website owners

Whatever is done together usually results in better results than alone.

So instead of working alone, what if we work with other bloggers?

They want to be popular ... we also want to.

Both parties benefited.

This technique will be more effective if you already have an audience. For example in the form of a follower or email list.

Steps to start like this:

  1. Find 2-5 bloggers on the same topic and the same "level"
  2. Write comments on the blog (like example 3 in technique no. 10 above)
  3. Wait until your comment is answered
  4. Send an email, invite for cooperation

The collaboration that you do can be in the form of installing backlinks in content, Tweet each other, email to subscribers, etc.

This is commonly referred to as Tribe .

But be careful, don't bother your own followers / subscribers.

For English language content, there is a platform that can be the link. Triberr .

13. Contact those who have already shared similar content


If someone has shared content on a topic, they will tend to be more receptive if we offer similar content.

First of all, look for content that is similar to your content.

Usually in the research process when making an article we have found many similar articles. Save the article links.

If it doesn't already exist, follow the steps below.

Open BuzzSumo .

Enter your content keywords.

BuzzSumo-view-sharers (1)

Click 'View Sharers' for more than 20 Twitter share shares.

These are the people who have shared this article.

The next step is to find the email address ...

Send an email like the following:

Hello mas [name],

Introduce .. me [yourname] from [nama_blog_anda].

I saw a few days ago mas [name] shared an article from [blog_name] (this one: [link_article]. It was really good for this article [short story].

Incidentally I am also making an article about [topics].

If mas [name] wants to read more about [topics], try to see the article that I made this mas. Here is the link [link_artikel_anda].

Please also input if you wish.



If there is no email, immediately mention via Twitter.

I personally have honestly never tried Indonesian content, but for English content the chances of success are quite high. More than 30%.

This technique is easy, and the benefits are great.

But there are big obstacles:


Even if you think about it again, actually the worst case scenario is that at best your email is not returned. That's right?

Now, do this ...

Science as good as anything will not be useful if not applied.

So this is your job:

  1. Make sure your content meets quality standards, and the topic is needed by others.

2. Find the right community site.

  1. Join in, share the knowledge you know with the community before starting to promote content.
  2. Make sure there is already a share button and an email registration form on your website.
  3. Leave a comment below if there are still not understood. Please continue reading this article if you want to learn more about how to increase blog visitors .

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