21 Side Businesses with Small Capital big profit


If you think about it again, there is an interesting fact from office employees that they might have a small salary, but in fact many of them have big free time. Unfortunately, most of them do not use the leisure time optimally and turn it into money. Actually, from that free time there are many opportunities to run a side business that can be used as additional income or maybe it can be a long-term financial plan.

However, not a few people who make their work time as an excuse can not run the side business. Even though the working hours must be fulfilled in one day, actually it can still be set aside a little to take care of the side business, yet we are not prohibited from doing side business activities by the company, right?

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Why Should Open a Side Business?

Interesting side business to go through. In general, there should be no failure in this business because it is only limited to a side business or additional income. The following are the main reasons why you should try a side business. Some knowledge that also needs to be known so that more people are going through this side business.

a. Starting from good ideas and unique abilities

Most large companies that are already very well known in the world today start from a side business that is a fruit of good ideas, as well as the ability and skills in carrying out these ideas. The level of competition is lower and the chances of success are even greater if your idea is unique and rarely has anyone else. You just have to design a strategy to execute the idea into reality.

b. Market Opportunities Are Still Open Wide

Never be confused to open a side business. If you are a creative person, then everything can be used as a business material for a side business. Make sure the business to be opened, whether it's goods or services, is indeed someone who is willing to buy.

So that the business can be exactly in accordance with the planning, also consider the amount of competition that you will face later. Do a small survey of public opinion, or it can be started from the closest people, to your product idea.

c. Need additional money

The facts found in office employees as described above, namely mediocre salary but have plenty of free time, make a side business a new trend that continues to grow. Having a side business can add to the coffers of fortune to help make ends meet. In addition to making ends meet, this additional money can also be used for future savings for you and your family.

d. Pension Preparation

For private workers, consideration for having a retirement plan is indeed necessary. By having a side business, the plan will be more easily fulfilled because it will really help you when you get older. You can make a side business as a connector for life or just fill in old age activities. Because, daily activities after retirement are needed to maintain your mental health.

e. Self-actualization

When a career is stuck and has a deadlock in carrying out work in the office, or you feel that work in the office today is not in accordance with the passion you have, then a side business might teach you many things that you will not get by becoming an office employee. This process is called self-actualization, but keep in mind that sometimes this lesson comes from failure. However, don't be afraid to fail because true failure is the beginning of success.

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Why Do Many Side-businesses Fail?

Although only limited to a side business, business is still a business. Even small-scale businesses have a risk of failure that is almost as large as a business that has been run for years. What caused the small-scale side business to fail? To answer this question, we have prepared several points that mention things that are often a mistake in running a side business.

a. Incorrectly Determining Priorities

A side business does have an understanding not a priority or a main job. But if businesses still maintain their full-time jobs while developing a small business as a sideline, it's best to be careful. Many failures occur in this side business due to the ambition of wanting to succeed quickly, so that the portion in doing a side business can be as big or maybe bigger than the main job.

They sometimes force themselves to take many orders in their side business, and become forgetful that they are still in the position of employees. This results in loss of focus and is not optimal in the process or keteteran, so many complaints from customers arise. It would be nice if the business owner is not too fixated on developing a side business, or in other words adjust the level of business with your ability at that time.

b. Incorrect Determining Needs

When starting a side business, business owners often unknowingly lull on things that are not so important. They are often wrong in determining the proper needs of having a big business. For example creating business logos, making business cards, buying expensive software for bookkeeping, and so forth. Indeed, all these things are important for a business, but small businesses that have just run relatively do not need such things. It would be nice if the newly opened side business should focus on promotion, the supply of raw materials or materials, permits and so on plus make a solid business concept.

c. Wrong Mindset

Many business failures are caused by a mindset or a wrong mindset. An example of a wrong mindset is the assumption that "whatever is sold there will be someone who buys it." This incorrect mindset can also take the form of underestimating marketing aspects and good product development so that it tends to be reckless in terms of spending money on business aspects that are less important at the beginning of a career and which results in a newly opened business failing.

d. Non-Mature Business Planning

No matter how small the business is run, it still requires a plan. Business plans can include simple plans without the need for details such as planning short-term and long-term goals, such as the vision and mission of your business, a list of potential networking contacts and the like. This is important to help business owners when developing a business. Good planning at the beginning will make it easier for the entrepreneur to develop his business later because he does not have to rearrange the business plan that has already gone far so it wastes time, money and energy.

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e. Can't Build a Network

Business strength is on the network. No matter how much effort you have, it is compulsory to continue to add and maintain an existing network. The network can be customers, friends, relatives and so on. The way to form and foster networks is with many business relationships. Often visit events or meetings to add new acquaintances that can be your new network of businesses. Many business people may be hesitant, embarrassed, or lazy to open a networking path on the grounds that the business has just developed without it. This is of course wrong. Sooner or later if the business owner is lazy to build a network, his business will be unable to compete with other businesses.

21 Side Business Ideas with Small Capital

A side business is indeed a business that is included on a small scale. But from that small scale, which was only just a fad or just for extra income, if it was undertaken seriously it could turn out to be a business on a world scale. Who would have thought a business that started from this simple idea could bring in a lot of money. If you are still constrained by the confusion about the choice of what business will be undertaken, here we have summarized 21 side businesses with small capital that you should try.

A. Providing Services

1. Laundry Kilo

In the era of practicality like today, there are still many people who think pragmatically. "Instead of spending time washing clothes, just do laundry." Therefore, the idea of ​​opening a laundry kilo business became very popular. Business players in this field have also begun to mushroom, especially in areas close to campus and work areas. The number of players who jumped in made competition tight so that the rates also competed.

Is that easy to open a kilo laundry service business? Actually yes, but to be successful in this business, you must be smart to find a gap to start. The main thing you need to consider is market share. Places where there are many private students and employees (or civil servants) are the most appropriate locations to open this business.

How much capital is needed? You can start running this business with just IDR 7.5 million in capital. The money is half to buy an automatic one-tube washing machine, and a drying machine. The other half is to buy supporting devices (such as scales, plastics and irons) and salaries of an employee.

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2. Wash Motorbikes and / or Cars

This business seems like it's never lonely. People are willing to queue for hours to get a turn. The price, quality and energy spent on washing the motorbike and the car makes many vehicle owners prefer professional cleaning services rather than washing themselves.

The capital issued is also relatively affordable to open this business. For beginners, it's best to start with a motorcycle washing business first. The need for equipment that must be owned is also quite simple. You only need to provide a water pump, compressor, washcloth, motorbike soap, and motorcycle tire polish equipment. All these items can be obtained with funds of at least IDR 2 million for simple motorbike cleaning services, or a maximum of up to around IDR 10 million if you want to make a more professional motorbike cleaning service. Expenditures are usually made to rent a place of Rp2 million, to buy equipment Rp.5 million, and for operational costs including employee salaries of Rp.3 million.

3. Graphic Design

This side business is suitable for employees who work in graphic design companies. Between the main jobs, you can offer services to partners you know or through several marketplaces. The most sought after design services are business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths and interiors. Some markteplace providers of graphic design buying and selling services are sribu.com and projects.co.id, 99designs.com, elance.com, and upwork.com (formerly called odesk.com). This business does not require significant capital, only enough internet connection and skills that you must always improve to maintain the quality of your services. Creative and timely products are the key to the success of this business.

4. Private Les

Private teaching services for school subjects are so far offered by students who want to increase their savings or for tuition. In addition to school lessons, foreign languages ​​or music are also fields that are highly sought after by their teaching staff. Initially you can go from house to house to students. But later if you are already known and have many students, you can also open your own tutoring place at home so that you are not the one to go around but the students will come to your house.

The capital needed for private lessons is relatively small. If you go around to the students, it means that the capital needed is only transportation costs. If you open tutoring at home, it means capital for writing equipment and study rooms, which if calculated roughly, at least requires capital of around Rp1 million, and you can already run this business at home. You can specify tutoring rates based on the market cost of tutoring in your location.

5. Sewing clothes

For those of you who have skills in sewing clothes, you can use them to be a side business idea. A side business that serves clothing sewing services at first sounds less attractive. Keep in mind again that the concept of a side business is to make your free time more useful and can make money. So, there is no need to rush to open your own sewing kiosk.

For the initial stage, you should use existing ones with minimal capital. You can buy a used sewing machine at a nearby store or can order from the internet. The minimum funds needed to buy a sewing machine, obras machine, and other equipment are approximately two million. Next find customers from the people around you. Limit sewing orders according to the ability and time you have. Then, if it is already known and the order starts to increase, you can pay for the workforce that has the standard stitch results according to you.

6. Translation

Do you have a foreign language? Take advantage of these skills by offering translation services. Indeed the translator is divided into two groups, namely professional translators and beginner translators. But all professionals start from beginners too, don't they? Professional translators usually work under oath and are relatively expensive. For beginners, you should just start by translating documents such as articles, theses, papers, and so on.

This business provides significant results. For example, you impose a translation rate of IDR 50 / word. If on one page there are 500 words, then you have successfully pocketed as much as IDR 25 thousand. Then, if you can complete 10 pages in one day, then your profit in a day is IDR 250 thousand. Interesting right?

Its capital, which is also relatively easy and inexpensive, includes laptops and internet connections. If physical results are needed, then the printing machine or printer is included in the required capital. The internet is the basic capital that needs to exist and can be used to carry out research needed in the translation process, such as searching for definitions of a word and so on. Its work location is flexible. Can be in the office, at the cafe, at home, or anywhere. The marketplace that is widely used to sell these services is freelancer.co.id and sribulancer.

7. Typing

This business is generally the most popular in the area around the campus. Many students need typing services for writing college assignments or thesis. This idea is suitable to be a side business because just by typing, you can bring in money. The rates normally used for these services are usually per page or per word. And to be sure, this business does not cost a large amount of capital as basic capital. You only need a few devices that must be prepared, namely a computer or laptop, printer, HVS paper, scanner, and so on.

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Tips for Running a Typing Business

Strategic location

For example, it is close to campus or near offices because businesses like this are sought after by students and students who need services like this. As technology develops, this typing service business can also be done online. Business owners can promote their business through blogs or marketplaces.


Some promotional media such as leaflets or flyers are a good idea. You can also use the internet to do internet marketing, especially if you open an online typing service business. Around your location, a large and clear banner should also be installed so that people who see it can read well.

8. Property Realtor

Assets that always rise in price are property. Many people who have more funds, invest their money in this field. When these investors want to sell the property they have, they also need some property brokerage services that can sell at prices that are as expected. This condition opens opportunities for you to join as a property broker. Try to observe the environment around the house, is there a new house and apartment construction project? If yes, just offer yourself to become a broker. Don't forget to ask for the commission system and the bonus.

There is no need for cost capital for this business. Only building trust is needed. Never get bored to continue to add your insight into the world of property so that your network and knowledge will continue to grow every day to support this business.

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26 Promising Online Business

Online Property Marketing

Blog Marketing
This is often done by internet marketers today. they create a website that is optimized by applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques so that they get targeted visitors. You can replicate this method because blog marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing property online. It's just that you have to be smart in terms of optimizing in order to be able to compete with other websites in the fight for prospective targeted buyers.

Display Marketing
If you don't want to be too busy optimizing your website to successfully beat a competitor's website, you can apply how to display marketing. This one way online marketing applies the concept of putting your advertising banners on sites where many targeted visitors visit the site. You can install your banner on social bookmarking sites, publishing sites or forums. It's just that you have to spend a budget for ads like this.

Email Marketing
You could say this is a conventional online marketing method because this method is used by internet marketers far ahead of other methods. This strategy is definitely effective because basically people voluntarily enter their e-mail addresses to get any information from you, including property product offerings. However, you should also provide information that is beneficial to them, not just offers.

9. Insurance Agent

Insurance agents generally are often used as a side profession. This is because this business is not binding, does not need capital, but provides sustainable income as long as customers are registered in an insurance program. Of course this is very interesting, plus very proportional income. That is, if you want to have a high income, you also have to work hard and be able to sell insurance products in large quantities too.

For those who want a career here, there are stages of further self-development. Not infrequently a successful side business can continue to a better career, insurance agents are also included as such. Achieving insurance agents usually get the opportunity to develop by being given various types of training and opportunities for comparative studies to various places around the world.

10. Buy Buying Services

The business of buying and selling services is on the rise behind this accompanying rapid technological advancements. This is because the business is based online. Broadly speaking, you only need to buy customer ordered items which will then be sent back to them with additional shipping costs. The capital needed is relatively small with a large turnover of up to millions of rupiah.

Businesses also known as personal shopper or personal shopper are often found on popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but not infrequently also found in chat-based applications such as Line, Whatsapp and BBM. Therefore the marketing system is carried out through social media by uploading photos of products that will be marketed to social media to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

B. Offering Goods

11. Selling Electric Credit

Selling electrical pulses is precisely the right thing to do by an employee as a side business. The reason, office friends, boarding friends, and so on is the right market and tempting. According to the news, a large-scale credit businessman in Jakarta has a turnover of IDR 20 trillion a year. Big business certainly starts small, first, and you can choose an electric pulse as an initial step. Easy, without big costs, and flexible time is the attraction of this business. The capital is relatively small, which ranges from Rp50 thousand to Rp1 million. To get regular customers is also relatively easy, your friends and neighbors.

How do you become an agent of this electric pulse? Each electric pulse provider has different conditions, but in general you can simply register and make a deposit. Then, your balance can be used for transactions of all products. To register, you can use the registration form or send an SMS with the specified format. For more information, some online electrical providers such as palace-reload.com or pulsamurahlengkap.com can be your reference.

Tips for Running Electric Business

Choosing a Trusted Credit Server
Trusted servers or credit providers guarantee that sending credit transactions can run smoothly. The key to buyer's trust is the fast transaction. It can also make you feel comfortable because you don't feel chased by consumers who are upset because the credit doesn't enter. If the transaction continues smoothly, the customer will be satisfied and eventually become a regular customer.

Promotion routine
In the electrical credit business, you must keep on doing promotions even though you really don't need much capital or operational costs. However, in running a business, you must have a sales target. And this can be achieved by means of good promotion. The promotion can be done in a simple way, for example if you are an employee, then you can do a promotion by word of mouth, as well as for example you are a student or student. Don't forget to take advantage of the social media that you have to carry out small promotions.

Price Survey
Even though it's only a side business, surveys are still necessary. This survey aims to find out the market price of pulses around you, and can be done by checking prices at the nearest credit merchant. In essence, do not let you sell more expensive than the market price, because of course the pulses sold will become difficult.

Service Focus and Don't Compete Prices
Although it is important to know the price of pulses on the market, the price of pulses is not a sensitive issue anymore. Buyers rarely make buying decisions based on price, but rather good service. So compete in providing services not in actual prices that are relatively the same for one particular region.

Register More Than One Server
Electricity pulse sellers are advised to register on more than one server which can be used as a backup when the main server has a problem. For example, when the main server responds slowly, the delay or delayed transaction, the server is maintenance, network down, empty stock and various other problems. With the existence of a backup server, the sales of pulses can still run smoothly.

Avoid Debt Services
The value of profit from selling pulses to someone is not much. But as much as possible do not ever allow your customers to owe or 'credit' pulses. Because if one person is allowed to owe, then other customers will ask for the same thing and can cause great losses. In fact, this is the kind of event that most often causes people to end up out of business.

Don't Take Profits Too Big
This business belongs to the business group with fast capital turnover. Tempting, right? But it is worth watching out for, not to be lulled by the desire to seek big profits quickly. Because this business also involves intense competition, so you should give competitive prices so that your credit kiosks are not left behind by consumers because the prices are too expensive.

12. Buy and Sell Used Motors

Another interesting side business is buying and selling used motorcycles. Dealers in the regency-class cities now can at least release 50-100 new vehicles per week. Can you imagine the rapid growth of business in this field. You can take part in finding fortune in this business by buying used motorbikes. The market term is a broker. If you have started to understand the cycle and market competition, there's nothing wrong with starting to open the motor display at home.

If you start this business as a broker, technically you don't need capital. Your job is just to build trust. The first step, you can help sell other people's motorbikes and get a commission. If you are sure you have a clear market, then you can start by buying a used motorbike under Rp. 10 million, then resell it by taking the price difference. Used motorbike buying and selling are helped by popular advertising sites like olx.co.id.

13. Selling cheap clothes

If you want to run a side business that can be managed simply, it should be a product that is durable or cannot expire. One example is clothing. What's more, clothing is one of the basic needs. The capital used is actually small, depending on the stock you want to take. For example, with a capital of Rp1 million, you can buy a number of new clothes from a wholesale store such as dewagrosir.com. You can also make some of these sites to compare prices: deltagrosir.com, tanahabangpgmta.com, and bursatanahabang.com. Some products with low prices and much sought after include daster, mukena, Muslim fashion, and woven sarongs, and others.

14. Selling Hobby Based Products

Many successful businesses start from hobbies. For example, it is a hobby of fishing. This hobby is irrational, or in other words not worth it. The reason is, the price of fishing rods and equipment can be up to millions, while what is obtained is satisfaction. You can actually process it into an advantage of knowledge about your fishing hobby.

The trick is to sell fishing equipment with a dropship system or you can also buy some stock products first if you have enough capital. The price of fishing rods ranges from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 2.5 million. If you have mediocre funds, then you can 'sell' your skills in fishing to anglers who are still beginners. If you feel you have enough funds, you can buy stock of fishing equipment on the site dpfishingmart.com. For a cheaper price or a wholesale purchase, please check with tokopancingmurah.com and sohorgroup.com.

The choice of products is also very diverse according to your passion. For you music lovers can sell a variety of musical instruments such as guitars, harmonicas, violins, and all kinds of accessories. Moreover, craftsmen of hobby support tools have many factories in Indonesia, so you can sell local products and improve the quality of domestic products.

C. Presenting meals

15. Morning Food (Breakfast)

For those of you who include employees with an entry schedule day or afternoon, selling food for breakfast is an interesting idea. At present many employees who have trouble providing their own breakfast especially those who still live alone. For this business a specific room is not needed. You can use the front yard of your house to sell these foods. The menu is simple and does not take long to process. Chicken porridge, nasi uduk, yellow rice, and fried foods, plus coffee as a complement are simple menus that have high selling value.

The capital is also relatively small to start this business, which is around IDR 4 million per month. Of this number, around 80% will be used to buy raw materials such as eggs, rice, chicken meat, tofu, tempeh, and vegetables. The rest is to buy cooking oil, gas and transportation. How much profit is earned? Based on information from several online media, with that much capital you have the opportunity to get a net income of Rp2 million per month. Pretty much, right?

16. Open a Coffee Shop at Night

Coffee shop is an embodiment of the simplest idea of ​​a cafe. Why at night? If indeed the budget and energy are limited, it is best to open it at night, since most people have working hours from morning to evening. That way, night time is the right time because you can monitor the side business. In addition, the right time for 'coffee' is usually at night. This business is very suitable if the business location is located around the campus or industrial area.

For this business you can start with a capital of Rp10 million, including to buy a number of equipment such as glasses, spoons, chairs, tables, and others. This number also includes to rent a place if the house cannot be used as a place to sell. Income from this business can also be added by selling fried foods, cigarettes, instant noodles or other drinks.

17. Selling various cakes

For those of you who like or have a hobby of cooking cakes, then the following idea is the perfect idea. Because, you can make money from activities that you enjoy doing. After a day of work, later in the afternoon after returning from work, you can channel your hobby to make the cake, which can be sold the next day at the office or to the neighbors around the residence. Certainly fun if every afternoon you can do hobbies and earn income too.

The cakes that are sold can be in the form of wet cakes such as steamed brownies, bika ambon, dadar gulung, banana cake, chocolate sponge, lapis legit, klepon, apem, onde-onde, and cucur cake. Dried cookies are just as good, for example walnut cream cheese, chocolate mint sandwiches, pineapple nastar, snow princess, lemon cookies, and chocolate peanut butter. For a variety of recipes, the bacaresepdulu.com site can be used as a reference.

Don't need big capital to sell these various cakes. The capital needed is only around Rp. 10 million for the first month, with details of Rp. 9 million for raw materials (Rp. 300 thousand x 30 days), Rp. 300 thousand for gas costs, and Rp. 250 thousand for electricity and water costs. The place of business is your own kitchen, of course.

D. Online Transactions

18. Create a Blog

Being a blogger is a fun combination between hobbies and work. The key to success of a website is traffic or a large number of visitors. Indeed, to bring visitors in large numbers is not an easy job. Many people think instant by buying traffic to traffic service providers. This is very wrong. Visitors who come from this service are not humans but fake traffic that does not provide any advantage for website owners.

To start this blog business, choose a theme that matches your passion or things you really like such as electronic items, food, music, and so on. Then fill your blog with the content that can be articles, reviews, comments, or whatever.

If your blog content is quality, then slowly but surely there will be many readers who visit. Blog traffic will go up by itself, backlinks from other websites are also easy to get. If your blog traffic is good, then the blog can then be monetized to get money. The method also varies, starting from opening ad space for local advertisers to joining a professional advertising network like Google Adsense. Interestingly, only the maximum capital of Rp1 million is needed to open this business.

19. Open an Online Store

In the current internet era, people have started to get used to online transactions. The opportunity to open an online store is even more interesting to try. Some of the most sold products in online stores are clothing, herbal medicines, regional handicrafts, bags, t-shirts, or other digital goods such as ebooks, software, music, and so on. Plus, this online store business can be done by selling items yourself or other people who want to sell to us.

You don't need to worry about capital because the capital that needs to be prepared is also relatively small. What you need to buy is only a template that costs around Rp. 300 thousand. If you can make and design yourself, then this business can be practically almost without capital.

For those who are still unfamiliar with buying and selling online and also still confused to choose what products to sell, start with a dropship system. This system will provide convenience in selling because you do not need to buy stock for sale. Simply forward the information to the buyer / customer, and the supplier will send the item to order. Or in other words, you are a third party between the buyer and the owner of the goods. One strategy, start joining the local dropshipper community at supplier.id.

20. Online MLM business

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is the latest marketing method that is expected to save marketing costs. Many businesses are run with MLM models, and along with technological developments, this MLM model can be run online. Because it is run online, this business does not take time and energy for activities such as meetings, prospective member follow-up, and purchase of goods, because all the processes can be done online. However, be careful of MLM abruptly. Not all MLM businesses have a good system.

21. Photos on the Internet

Digital technology that exists today is very supportive of someone who wants to open a side business. If you have a photography hobby, then you can make money from taking photos of yourself. The trick is to sell these photos online. There will definitely be people who are willing to pay for the photos you produce if the picture is good and has character.

Some sites selling digital photos that serve this transaction are istockphoto.com (15% commission per photo) and shutterstock.com (20-30% commission per photo). In addition, the site fotolia.com and stockfresh.com can also be used to peddle your photos. For global scale transactions usually use PayPal as a transaction mode. So don't forget to have a credit card before creating this account.

Grow the Soul of Entrepreneurs

According to research from Dr. David McCelland, a psychologist from Harvard University, in his book entitled The Achieving Society shows that a country can achieve prosperity and prosperity if at least 2% of the population becomes entrepreneurs. This indicates that Indonesia needs at least 5 million of its 230 million population to become entrepreneurs.

But the fact is not so beautiful. According to the data delivered, the total number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is currently only around 450,000 entrepreneurs or as much as 0.2% of the total population of Indonesia. In comparison, America has more than 12% entrepreneurs, Singapore 8%, Japan and China more than 7%.

The entrepreneurship spirit or entrepreneurial spirit really needs to be grown in young people. Because they are the spearhead in prospering the country. If more and more Indonesian youth have entrepreneurial spirit, the greater the opportunity to work because of the large number of jobs available. This, of course, goes hand in hand with more and more welfare expectations for the Indonesian population.

The points mentioned above are only a small part of the side business ideas that have developed and are popular in recent years. However, there are still hundreds or even thousands of other side business ideas that have still not been revealed and are waiting for someone to immediately run it. Always thinking creatively will lead you to an idea that has never been there before so the chances of success are even greater.

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