26 Promising Online Businesses This Year


According to some studies, a country can be said to be a developed country while the number of its entrepreneurs is enough to sustain the country's economic growth. Ideally, the minimum number of entrepreneurs in one country is 3% of the total population.

But in Indonesia at present, the number of new entrepreneurs reaches only 1.65%. Still lagging from Malaysia, Singapore or other countries that are already above 5%.

Becoming an entrepreneur is actually the dream of many young people in the country, considering their way of thinking is still very idealistic. But in fact, there are still many young people in Indonesia who are afraid of the difficulty of building a business and facing the reality that is the risk of failure from becoming an entrepreneur and eventually giving up and choosing to become a civil servant only

26 Promising Online Business

Their fears are based on a reasonable reason. But without risk, success is merely fictional. Failure is a core part of success itself.

There is a saying that "there is no growth in comfort zone, and there is no comfort in growth zone." Therefore, never be afraid of failure, for indeed success is a worthy price to pay for success and success achieved even in the fall of the journey.

Through this article, we will help you in getting ideas to realize the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur by utilizing internet access.

Being an entrepreneur is not just talking about capital affairs alone.

The description below will give you many business opportunities that are barely capitalized, but need focus and willingness to spend a great deal of time to realize them. What are they? Let's take a look at 26 promising online businesses with the following bright future prospects.

I. Product Sales

1. Sell Buy on Social Media

If you want a business with minimal capital, the online store business model is one of the most reliable. In addition to small capital, this business can be done as a side business, or in other words can be run without leaving your status as an office employee. Online stores can be made easily and cheap.

You can start by marketing the products you want to sell on your personal social media account, such as Facebook for example.

The Facebook account you already have, with the connections of your friends in it, can be used as a trading brochure.

Display a product image that will be sold along with the price and contactable number for the order. In addition to Facebook, social media such as Twitter and Instagram can also be an option to offer products.

What should I sell? Should I have a factory to create my own product? Of course not. You are not a manufacturer or a manufacturer, but are still an online merchant. Do not rush to create your own product.

The practical way you can try is to choose a product that you want to sell (can be in the form of clothes, electronics, accessories, etc.), then after determining the product to be sold, find the supplier who supplies the item. Suppliers who have not been online will be more interested in getting involved. Then specify the system to sell, can with a dropship system or with a stocking system of goods.

Dropship system

This kind of system is well-run by the novice online business, because you as a merchant do not need to have your own product even need to have a stock of products before there is a buyer. So it's more practical, no capital, and no risk.

It only takes diligence and expertise in marketing the product. The workflow is when someone orders the product from your store, then the order is processed to the supplier. This supplier will immediately deliver the item in the name of your store. For small-scale, more are also familiar with this system as a reseller.

Another advantage of running this dropship system is that it does not need capital to start, does not need stock, and can be done from anywhere as long as there is internet access.

But behind it all, there are still some disadvantages of this system that need to be known by the dropshipper candidate before plunging into the business.

The weaknesses, among others, are the lower profit margins as it has passed some of the alias marketers instead of the direct manufacturer. Then another weakness is not meeting directly with the goods we sell makes us unable to do stock checks and quality of goods.

As a beginner, by looking at the advantages and disadvantages, becoming a dropshipper remains a very easy and inexpensive way to start an online business.

The condition is persistent to market the product on a constant basis, that's all. Because you no longer need to worry about selling a place. Social media is a great place to start the dropship business.

In order for product sales to be more targeted, it is best to dropshipper to try first the products that will be sold so that they know the advantages and disadvantages of the product and can deliver the right message to buyers. Make sure you understand the potential disputes that arise in this system, however the responsibility of the buyer is in your hands.

2. Trade in the Marketplace

When you feel that you have enough sales by using social media, it's time to get into sales by taking advantage of the marketplace. The Marketplace is somewhere on the internet, where many people gather to do transaction buying transactions.

Can be used as a place to sell goods or can also be used to find items. In other words, a marketplace commonly referred to as the online marketplace has the same concept as the traditional market, just to access this market, can only use internet connection.

Today, the number of marketplace for domestic and overseas products continues to grow in line with the growing public confidence in the online trading system.

Another advantage by using the marketplace is the number of visitors that are already guaranteed by the provider of the marketplace. You do not have to worry about managing the maintenance or maintenance website, as well as at no cost. On the other hand, public trust is also bigger to the marketplace with a shared account system managed by the marketplace itself.

Although the sales system in the online market is very profitable, you also need to understand its weaknesses as its features may not be in accordance with our wishes.

Then, you also can not build your brand effectively when compared to a self-managed online store. But do not worry, just create this online marketplace as a product introduction medium, and if it's known and stable, you just create your own online store.

Marketplace that is already well-known and well-known by online business people in the home for domestic and foreign transactions include Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Kaskus FJB, OLX, eBay (international), and so on.

3. Business on Your Own Website

To grow and grow online, you can use some of the revenue earned during a sale using social media and a marketplace to create your own online store website. Although you may have spread the wings by putting products in different markets, it is worthless to create your own online store to strengthen branding on your products.

There are many benefits to getting when you decide to build your own website to peddle your products. By having a website built to the maximum, your sales business will be increasingly professional looking so as to foster greater confidence in consumers. Since you always sell using a free marketplace, you will have trouble picking your own product brand.

If you do not have the ability to build your own website, the solution is to work with the person who has the expertise, that is your own friend or pay for website creation services that are still affordable.

If you own the expertise in the field of the website and want to know how to create an online store, you can use multiple platforms like shopify.co.id, webraktis.com, and also sirclo.com.

4. Affiliate Business

For website owners with high visitor traffic, affiliate business models are also worth trying to earn extra income. This business model is known as affiliate marketing that is marketing or promoting other people's products. When there are later buyers who buy the product through you or your advice, you will earn a commission from the purchase.

This affiliate business system has more or less had three stages. First, in the first place you own the website to register to affiliate program providers, this affiliate program provider also has a website that has a product and is sold online. Secondly, if approved, the website owner will get the affiliate code from the program provider, and the code can be installed on the website that will generate the ad.

Third, if a website reader purchases a product from your web reference, then you will get a commission from the affiliate program provider.

The advantage of this program is to provide a much larger commission than just serving ads on your website. However, to drive the web visitors to buy a product is much more difficult than to make visitors access or click on the advertised ads.

Then, the other drawback is the lack of affiliate program providers from a trusted local web. If a website you build using English as an introductory language, the open opportunity is wider, though the constraints will be much harder to persuade the reader to buy the product in English as well.

II. Information and Technology

5. Digital Course

Science is not only obtained through books and instructors, but can also be purchased in various forms such as ebooks, videos, and audio. Generally those that will be very well sold in the market, of course, are interesting, useful, and difficult to obtain. One example is a piano playing video that contains a piano playing tutorial, or an ebook containing exercises to be performed by a beginner pianist.

Courses like this are needed by people who tend to be more busy. The video and ebook is finally a solution and has opened its own business niche.

The key is creative. Because in general, all information on the internet can be accessed by anyone, therefore an information can be valuable when it is processed into a deeply explored science and accompanied by a more structured and complete guide.

How to create an online course? Is it similar to creating a custom article or article? Not much different indeed, but of course it should be more exclusive and informative. Choose your passion or passion and better if you are in the field of expertise, because without adequate knowledge, your product will not be qualified. Do some research on what people really want to know in the field, so you can enter the product information you need. The need solution can be more sold if in the form of video tutorials.

In order to sell products, product owners must be diligent to introduce themselves to a good reputation. If you have not yet had a reputation for selling your own articles, selling in a marketplace may be an option for building product images.

Try to sell products in multiple marketplace like ratakan.com, clickbank.com, guides.co, and also on your own blog / website. When it has begun to be known, it is advisable that product owners start introducing and selling it through a professionally managed private website.

The advantages can be more specific, giving professional impression and are not mixed with other low quality products.

6. Exclusive Website

It is still closely related to having your own website, if the content you provide on the website is exclusive or premium, then you may be able to pay the fee to anyone who accesses it.

It does not mean that every visitor must pay every time to visit, but rather on the membership system. Later on the website, to be able to get topic information in detail, the reader must be a member of the website. This business is called a premium membership system.

g your own website, if the content you provide on the website is exclusive or premium, then you may be able to pay the fee to anyone who accesses it. It does not mean that every visitor must pay every time to visit, but rather on the membership system.

Later on the website, to be able to get topic information in detail, the reader must be a member of the website. This business is called a premium membership system.

Members must pay to become members of the new website can get the complete information as they need. Generally payments are monthly or annual subscriptions. This key business is a website that is really useful for readers and reviewed by those who are really experts in the field.

How to create it? Quite simply, using the popular Wordpress platform plus plugin alone is enough to earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the membership system. Plugins (many wordpress application support software available on the internet) that can be tried include member.wishlistproducts.com (paid), and s2member.com (free).

Membership website mechanisms can follow the examples of successful companies below:

SmartInsights, one of the popular membership sites, provides only accessible content for paying members priced from $ 59 / month, while non-members can only partially share content.

Some of this content is intentionally designed so readers are tempted to want to know more. Hidden information accessible only to this registered member is sold by SmartInsights

The second membership site model is WPSites.com. This site opens all WordPress tutorial access for free. However, if a registered member is priced at $ 37 / month, they can conduct answering questions directly.

The third model is available on premium StackThatMoney forums. This community-based site can only be accessed by paying members for $ 99 / month. The community model is the easiest to share information and knowledge in the form of tutorial content, and discuss it directly.

7. Domain Seller

From the SEO side, domains that match the type of product greatly help simplify the search process in search engines.

One of the fields of business that is born here is a domain name sale and purchase.

Many of these business transactions are in local and international forums such as ads.id or forumsdigitalpoint.com. What is the transaction concept like? The domain collectors who plunge into this business are looking for ideas in the form of a list of domain names as much as possible.

Then choose the potential to have good prospects. After that market the domain name with the auction system. Good domain names can be priced from $ 500 to $ 100,000 even more.

8. Youtuber

Youtube has been 'bursting' since its first launch in 2005, and has become a popular springboard for new celebrity candidates.

Not only are celebrities identical to the entertainment stage alone, Youtube is also a good business area for everyone. You can use it to be one of youtubers.

How did a youtuber earn a living? The main revenue from Youtube video is Google Adsense. The first step you need to do is of course creating the YouTube account itself.

By signing up, you now have your own channel. Upload your own compelling videos, which can be video tutorials, news videos, comedy videos, and more and increase the number of viewers by uploading quality impressions. After that, sign up for Google Adsense to earn money from your channel.

Youtuber is currently the most successful PewDiePie.

A native named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg with Sweden's nationality has recorded a total of 6.65 billion spectators with 32 million subscribers. He gained his fame through the creation of a video that showed himself playing a game and giving him funny comments about the game.

Kjelberg has solved several YouTube records such as jumping subscribers from 12 million in August of 2013 to more than 20 million in January 2014.

By bringing in more viewers, more and more companies want their product ads to appear on uploaded videos.

Ads on YouTube sites are divided into two types, which are ads that give commissions per click, and ads that give commissions each time it goes live. YouTube partners cut 45% of the total resulting, and the rest can be owned by the video owner.

9. Software Developer / Developer

If you are indeed a reliable programmer, why not create your own software and sell it? This business model is growing rapidly today, with the name SaaS (Software as a Service).

The business cycle that starts with software that is generally web based is sold by way of paying subscribers / subscription. For example, Slack is currently a chat or communications service site with a fairly popular workforce in the field with $ 2.8 trillion worth of value companies in 2015. The new website is just released in 2014.

Plus, mobile phone users are increasingly mushrooming. These users can be market targets by developing software or applications used on mobile platforms.

If you want a more relaxed project, you can develop games to play on those devices. Creating it is easy, you just buy a template from an app, then just do a little change in text or design. The process is called reskinning.

10. Wordpress plugin sellers and templates

Until the last year, counted at least 74,652,825 WordPress-based sites. Among them there are 29,000 WordPress plugins that continue to grow every day. It's a very lucrative business opportunity for you programmers.

In fact not everybody who has WordPress is satisfied with free plugins and templates that can be taken from the internet. Therefore, sites that sell WordPress plugins and templates are growing. For paid plugins, you can visit codecanyon.net. Then, the site for paid templates is themeforest.net.

There's an interesting story from themeforest.net, where in just one week the most popular template at ThemeForest sold nearly 1,500 copies.

Consider the price per template only $ 58, then their weekly earnings is $ 84,564 or about Rp1 billion. What a wonderful transaction in this online business.

III. Writing

11. Blogger

Blogging is an activity that starts with the interest of writing or discussing the things we love. But who would have thought of the activity could make the amount of money can be very large.

Bloggers can benefit from the blogs they create by working with advertisers.

Earnings from this advertising publisher can be very interesting. Starting from $ 10 per month to tens of thousands of dollars for bloggers with thousands of traffic per day. One of the advertising publisher system providers is Google with a well-known product that is Google AdSense.

The business scheme, Google as the world's largest advertising provider, offers qualified website owners to display ads from Google clients and pay for any clicks made by blog readers to ads on Google Adsense.

The details of the work principle are as follows:
You create a website> Registration to Google Adsense> Registration is accepted> displaying the ad code> visitor clicks on the ad> you earn a commission.

Website owners only need to focus on their efforts in displaying the best possible website to stay quality and can increase visitors every day. Google ads will automatically appear on your website with the formats and positions you specify based on a variety of bidding options from Google.

How to be successful in Google Adsense? The main thing is to focus on the development of quality websites by updating the website with quality content continuously. Then, pay attention to daily visitor traffic, use histats.com to observe traffic. It is also important to avoid false traffic or any way to increase traffic, invalid click advertising and any other form of cheating as it will cause your account to be banned by Google.

12. Post Writer

Freelance writers or freelance writers are practically quite popular. Of the tens of millions of sites on the internet, they all need articles / articles to make the website fatter and can make it easy to find by search engines. Quality articles about the product or service information offered determine the reputation of the website.

Then, the more interesting is that not everyone is able to create quality articles. This is where business opportunities arise and can be maximized if writing is your specialty.

Select the level of authors that can be drawn according to the level of expertise and experience in the field of article writing. For beginners, according to their names, they are authors who have no names and are usually paid for cheap based on the number of words written. Usually their rate is 15 thousand per 500 Indonesian words or $ 1.5 for English.

Then, advanced writers or writers who already have a lot of experience with high expertise in a field of course get higher payouts. Such authors can put rates of $ 75- $ 100 per article (500-1000 words) that they write and publish for example for large websites and news portals.

Want to try the business of this field? Check out some places to get article writing jobs like sribulancer.com, upwork.com (international), and textbroker.com (international). As part of the promotion, you must have a blog that can be demonstrated as an example of your writing so prospective clients can easily assess your writing style.

13. Copywriter

In this digital age, in everyday life we ​​are constantly surrounded by millions of advertisements from all walks of life. What we see and hear at any time is a creative act of a copywriter.

This copywriting business opportunity continues to grow as more and more online media advertisements. Copywriter is the one who contributes to influencing the mindset of others to do or buy something we want through writing.

The job description of a copywriter is wide enough that includes writing text in ads with language that attracts readers to buy a product or service offered on the advertisement. They also write text on the landing page or sales page with the aim of attracting new customers.

When compared, they are salesmen who invite people to buy a product using promotive words. Copywriter one level is superior above the usual content writer. Where a beginner alone can earn up to tens of millions of dollars a month. If you are a writer, then what you need to do is to add knowledge to writing and you are ready to jump into the business.

14. Translator

Translation is a service that many companies are looking for and seeking. Because today is the age of globalization, more and more companies are working together.

Therefore, documents such as texts, texts, proposals, and so forth should also be presented in two different languages. Most companies do not employ full-time translators because indeed not all documents need to be delivered in two languages.

It can be a golden opportunity for you to master two or more languages. The services offered are actually relatively simple, so beginner translators can still take part.

This job is also suitable to be taken as a side because it can be done in your spare time. Some marketplace that you can use to find people or companies that need this service include fiverr.com, sribulancer.com, and onehourtranslation.com.E-book

15. Publisher

If you do have a favorite in writing, basically you can sell the essays to the public. To become an expert writer with selling articles, you can start training your writing by creating a digital or electronic book, since this does not cost you money for publishing like offline book sales and distributed by publishers and bookstores.

Most used sites to sell ebooks are KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) from Amazon (kdp.amazon.com). Many of the topics you can write either fiction or non-fiction. In KDP, books sold usually have 5000 words and are sold for $ 2.99- $ 3.5. The system offered is a commission, where for every sale, the author of the book will get a royalty of 35% or $ 1.05 for the price. Successful authors in this KDP are Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits, earning $ 1,315 (around Rp15 million) a month from selling this ebook.

For local writers, can try their luck and hone the writing skills on the writebuku.com site. This site is the place to submit a script and publish books that will be printed whenever there is an order for an Indonesian-speaking local writer. The key to success in this field is diligent, patient, and resilient. This business has no risk of losing too much, simply by continuously writing and continuing its ability.

IV. Service

16. Online Counselor

Learning online is a new trend in society both at home and abroad. The advancement of technology with the ease of access to the internet, the increasingly crowded and stuck traffic conditions, and the bustle that often collides with the schedule makes this business niche begin to be seen by online business people who are teaching hobbies. People are also increasingly believing that this kind of course model has many benefits and is certainly very practical.

Unlimited Internet access time and place to make more students in online classes. Relaxed atmosphere with recorded video models makes the course participants more able to maximize their captured capabilities. There is a slight difference with the digital course system like the previous point, the guide you give is divided into several sessions given on different days and of course there is a direct question and answer session. Are you interested and feel talented in this field? Some platforms that should be tried to start selling online courses include udemy.com, guides.co, teachable.com.

17. Website Content Creation Services

There is an interesting survey from WPCurve that shows how important this content and article is if it is professionally managed.

The results of the survey include: Currently, 89% of startup businesses use content marketing. Then, 71% of those who do not have content marketing are justified because they do not have time to create content, which means new businesses can be opened from this area. Well, through this survey, you can calculate how much the revenue and return potentials of this business are.

For those who are creative and willing to read opportunities, content marketing is recognized as the best online marketing method. Some do not do this because they have no time or are unable to make it.

Did not the description of the survey result give a brilliant idea of ​​a fairly prospective business opportunity as a creator? Build your agency immediately in creating website content.

18. Virtual Assistant

Literally, virtual assistants or virtual assistants are more or less the same as an assistant or secretary who helps business owners to run their business.

The scope of work to be done is extensive, including writing, graphic design, research, editing, copywriting, social media management, translation, programming, data input, and perhaps even more in line with the needs of the company.

Almost all of the above fields are done by a virtual assistant. By being a virtual assistant, you can get a job or a project from someone.

This service is widely offered in the marketplace for an hourly fee ranging from $ 10 to over $ 50 per hour of work. It also depends on the specialty. You can try checking this position on the freelance site upwork.com.

19. Consulting Services

In the past, a person who opened a consultation service should be busy advertising or offering services through references, proposals to companies, and so on. It is definitely a hassle, and becomes funny and conservative if it is still run in this digital technology era.

Currently, consulting service owners can change their promotional methods by marketing them through their own blogs. After the blog started to be crowded, usually many of those visitors would like to ask and consult about the topic on the blog.

For example, you write a blog about investing. Then one of your blog visitors contact you via e-mail and would like to consult about gold investment. Consultations can be done with a variety of methods.

From message messaging via e-mail to video call using IM. From there, you can get paid for each consultation session.

Consultation topics can be very varied depending on what your blog / website visitors are asking. This business is suitable for you who want to be free and unlimited time and place, since consultation can be done in online form using video tutorial or ebook. Communication for direct consultation can use Skype, Yahoo Messenger or other media.

20. Web Development Services

Web development is almost as popular as graphic design. Looking at some marketplace, demand for this service is high.

If you have the expertise and interest in this area, you can make web development efforts as a side business. Uncomplicated the process, you can start from several websites for freelancers like upwork.com or projects.co.id

Upwork is a site for global scale freelancers, whereas project.co.id is a site for local communities that offer a lot of websites to make a job based on budget available from small size with budget below 1 million to big with budget over 100 million.

21. SEO Development Services

Google as the most popular search engine today is making SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) business more and more needed.

This service helps online businesses to get high traffic. Good traffic is the key to successful sales in an online business. The work mechanism of SEO services is to optimize the website for easy search in the search engine.

The rapid development of online business and the orientation of business owners to the focus of the products and services that they want to sell make those businessmen abandon this important aspect.

Therefore, SEO service providers are becoming much needed. The mechanisms and expertise needed include keyword research and competitiveness, content marketing, website structure optimization, backlink monitoring, and data analysis from Google Analytics.

22. Marketing Services with Social Media

One of the most powerful modern SEO techniques today is by combining marketing through social media. In this field there is also rarely any professional social media marketing service. A lot of work can be done by a social media marketer. These work include building brand awareness, creating and sharing content, interacting with fans / follower, and increasing visitors to the website via social media.

23. Digital Advertising Services

Products sold through the internet have far greater potential when compared to products sold on a retail basis. So it is not uncommon for retail companies that ultimately target the online system to increase their income either sales or just advertise the product alone.

Because, in just five years spending on online advertising has gone beyond spending on traditional advertising.

The development of this digital advertising projection will soon overtake ads with banners, on television, and elsewhere. Why is this digital ad popular? The reasons are diverse, ranging from its more effective, inexpensive, and measurable systems in line with targeted market targets.

Beginners in the online business can try their luck in this field by setting up ad text, images, and / or videos. Do not forget the data analysis and public acceptance test should be done to get the most outcome.

Google Adwords can be one of the media aids this process. The next stage, ad processing should involve some expertise such as copwriter, graphic designer, and data scientist.

V. Graphic Design

24. Graphics Design Services

You want to know how the potential of this business opportunity? Upscale professional designers can earn more than $ 100 thousand a year (about Rp1 billion). But patience first, for beginners, can dream of earning that big, because it is not unreasonable.

The key to becoming a professional designer is to have many portfolios and always hone the skills. Immediately increase your design skills and portfolio by joining a marketplace like 99designs.com, fiverr.com, sribu.com.

You have a very wide opportunity with the ability to receive projects from home or abroad. Do not be afraid of language communication and your design skills. The essentials of self-confidence, diligent learning and improvement, routinely marketing services, bidding on project auctions, and less importantly start from a cheap price if you are just entering this business to find a regular customer first.

25. Artwork Sales

Not everyone is interested in providing design services. Many people with graphic design capabilities, but still think idealists then do not want to create a work at the request of a person or client. If you include such a thing, then selling artwork or stocking pictures can be an alternative to you. Graphic design stocks can be modified photos, or illustrated images.

Not many people are deeply involved in business in this area. For example sell wallpaper, illustration, painting, sketches, icons, and so on. Well, where is this graphic design stock sale and purchase transaction? Some of the stocks of stock design you can try include:


26. Sales of Photography Results

This business is unique. Because the idea is simple but has a great opportunity. For example, someone is developing a website for selling beauty products.

Then, the person needs an exact image that can be used as a background to make the website more interesting. So to save time, the person is finally looking for images he can buy through the internet. Well, since today is a digital era, where people are developing more and more web sites, then the business of buying and selling this photo automatically automatically dragged up.

This business opportunity is suitable for those who have a hobby or passion in photography. Professional or amateur photographers can make a lot of profits from this business as they can earn passive income by peddling photos they capture with their cameras. Some places are recommended to develop this business ie istockphoto.com, and shutterstock.com.

Start Your Online Business Now

First created by the US Department of Defense in 1969, the internet is only used for military purposes only. But over time, the Internet has expanded its function and can be enjoyed by all. The creation of the internet has brought significant changes in the various aspects of human life, one of which is the business aspect.

Businesses run online have so many advantages. First, the cost is not a barrier to the perpetrator because as previously described, this business only needs a small capital or can even be free.

Secondly, this business does not know the time it means to do anytime anywhere at leisure, although it is not uncommon to make it a major business. Third, the activity can be done without the need for an office, shop, showroom, and others. Fourth, lastly, online business people are bosses for themselves.

Changing a business that was just running offline to online is also rife-ridden right now. A real example of a successful company in this field is GoJek. The business of a taxi that was previously run with a manual system, or in other words looking for the client himself, was then developed using the internet connection. So, they just need to have a mobile device with an internet connection to get clients.

It also makes it easier for customers to access companies which means greater profit.

So, why not start your own online business right away? For those who have run the business before, do not necessarily have to leave the business he has built. You can also grow the business to a higher level by utilizing the internet. So the profits gained will be even more maximal and even multiplied.


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