3 Steps to Determine Profitable Business Products for Sale


You want to start a business ... you already know the business you want to work in, but once you start selling it turns out:

No one is interested.

Finally you gradually go out of business.

That's what happens most often to new entrepreneurs.

Love of an "idea" makes us forget whether other people will be interested, need, and want to buy something from us or not.

After reading this guide, you will be 100% sure whether a business product will be able to sell or not.

PS. although it says "products" but this can also be used for services and services.

The process of starting a business is wrong (but often done)

This is what is often done by new people becoming entrepreneurs:

  1. Find an idea
  2. Turn these ideas into products / services / services
  3. Directly start opening a store or creating a website
  4. Sell

80% of people who start this way will fail.

Even though preparing a product and opening a store or making a website costs a lot.

The process that should be passed

Before you start doing business, you must know whether something you offer is valuable to others so they want to exchange it for money.

The instructions, answer this question:

  • Who will you sell to? (Target market)
  • What can you do to get their attention? (Marketing)
  • What can you sell to them? (Product)

After following this guide, you will be able to answer all three.

Let's start.This guide is a continuation of the guide to finding online business ideas from the previous chapter. To be able to understand what is happening in this article, you might need to read the guide first.

1. Determine the target market

In the business world we know this saying:

"If you try to sell to everyone, it means you don't sell to anyone."

Somehow new entrepreneurs don't believe in that saying.

He said, they want to get a lot of buyers at once, so their target market is "everyone".

At first glance, it makes sense ...

... even though in the end the marketing became ineffective and the business failed.

Here's how to determine the target market:

Step 1.1 - brainstorm, explore ideas from your own thoughts

Instead of an explanation, it would be much easier to understand if I gave a direct example.

For example, I want to sell training about "increasing self-confidence".

There are several target markets:

  • Introverted person
  • Shy person
  • People who are not good at socializing

Most people feel that alone is enough, because it seems that it is already all the target market of people who want to increase self-confidence.

But it's still too broad.

Let's dig deeper:

  • Men who want to get a boyfriend
  • People who want success in job interviews
  • People who want to speak fluently in public
  • Those who want to have many friends / connections
  • Parents who want their children to be confident

Makes sense right? These people certainly want to be more confident, because they will get certain benefits if they are confident.

So the best way to brainstorm is to think about what benefits they will get.

Step 1.2 - visit the related websites and community sites

If you want to do business in the field of "increasing self-confidence" like the example above, visit a website that often publishes related articles.

From there you will find the target market.

For example, there is an article titled "how to increase self-confidence when talking to the opposite sex". This means that the target market is people who want to get a boyfriend.

Besides articles, it can also be from the forum site.

As I found in this Kaskus:


2. Find out what their biggest problem is

Now because you already have several target markets, then find out what are the main problems for each person in each of the target markets?

I will continue to use the example to give an explanation.

  • "Want to visit the girl, but don't dare to start talking about it"
  • "I have had more than 10 job interviews in different places, but all of them were rejected"
  • "Every time I speak (speech) in public, I always sweat cold and say it breaks."
  • "I am always jealous when I see other people who have many friends, I want to have new friends but it seems that no one wants to be friends with someone like me"
  • "My child is really shy, working every day in the room, never playing with his friend"

Consider the example above,

These examples are words that are really used by people in each of our target markets.

Problems that damage their lives.

So in finding problems, make sure these problems are truly real and occur. Don't create a case that never existed, you will sound "fake".

3. Give practical solutions

Practical ... be careful not to misinterpret this word.

The meaning is not easy, simple, or instant.

Practical solutions mean solutions that they can directly practice to provide benefits. It's not just something that can be read, watched, or heard ...

Something that can be done immediately.

That's the best online business model.

When you have created a product / service / service that can solve the biggest problems of your target market, then you have made a profitable business.

This is what you have learned here

In this guide, our main goal is to find a profitable business model by making the desired product.

But indirectly, you also know this:

  • To whom you sell your product
  • Where to sell it
  • What you sell
  • Build an anti-loss business

Your task

Before going on to the next chapter, make sure you have done this:

  1. Find at least 5 potential target markets
  2. Find 3 main problems for each target market
  3. Write down practical solutions that you can give them

Now you already know the shadow about the shape of your business and its targets. In the next chapter we will discuss how to attract their attention.


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