3 Steps to Making and Selling Your First Digital Product Online


Why sell  products ? Why not service or service?

It depends on it ... but since the rise of online buying and selling, there are those that make products superior to services. Because of that, it is not uncommon for you to see "manufactured services".

This is because digital products do not require production costs to be sold in large quantities.

Once made, you can sell products to many people at once.

Your product can be multiplied to infinity.

In this guide you will get to know the easiest forms of digital products that you can make right now.

Not only that.

I will tell you 1 trick so that your digital products can be sold many times more than other products whose contents are similar.

What you have to prepare:

Before going into product manufacturing, here are things you should have:

  1. Capabilities / skills that will be converted into products
  2. The target market, where they gather, and their biggest problems
  3. The solution that you offer to solve the problem
  4. Sales website and its content

(the link above is the previous chapters in this online business guide series)

Product making is the fifth step. Not the first step as you might have imagined before.

This is because the product requires effort and time (and sometimes money).

If you make a product at the beginning before knowing the rest, you have a 80% chance that your business will fail miserably.

That's why we must have captured the market potential before.

3P in making digital products

  1. Packaging
  2. Pricing
  3. Positioning

These three are what you will specify now.

By determining this, you will know what kind of product you will make ... how much it costs ... and how to increase the price of your product.

What is the purpose of each P?

1. Packaging - the shape of your digital product

First determine the shape of your digital product.

There are many forms of digital products, from the easy to the hard. But because this is your first product, I registered the easiest one.

Here are some of them:

  1. Ebook
  2. Audio
  3. Video
  4. Ebook + video (+ audio)
  5. Online course

Miraculously, these five types of products can be exactly the same! The only difference is the presentation.

But the price can be very different.

From top to bottom, the higher.

Therefore, to get the highest income from the same information ... make an online course.

The online course means that a guide video series (usually 4 to 16 pieces) that is sent to the buyer is not all at once but within a few weeks.

For example the first week of 2 videos for the introductory chapter ...

Second week 4 video for chapter 1 ...


Sometimes it is also accompanied by one or two direct question and answer sessions.

For example, I want to make this SEO guide a course, so the example is like this:

  • Week I - introduction and SEO concept
  • Week II - on page SEO, keyword research, and content creation
  • Week III - off page SEO and backlinks
  • Week IV - conduct a data analysis audit

Because you already have the "main problem of the target market", now make a list of your curriculum. Make the solution you offer in a minimum of 4 sessions.

2. Pricing - provides prices for digital products

To be honest, I can't determine exactly how much the product you have to install.

This is because prices are influenced by many factors:

  1. Country (purchasing power of the people)
  2. Type of presentation of digital products
  3. Fields (health, self-development, business, etc. the price is different)
  4. The topic (the deeper the higher)

For example, I sell ebook how to lose weight, if I sell abroad it might be worth $ 47 (Rp. 470,000) but if in Indonesia it might be around Rp 200,000 maximum.

As explained earlier, the ebook is also cheaper than videos and courses.

Even so ... there is a standard price range that I usually use when selling digital products.

  1. Ebook: $ 5 - $ 50
  2. Audio: $ 50 - $ 200
  3. Video: $ 50 - $ 200
  4. Ebook + video: $ 50 - $ 300
  5. Online course: $ 50 - $ 500
  6. More complete online courses: $ 50 - $ 3000

Even though this is your first product, don't be satisfied with a product that costs $ 5 - $ 20 (IDR 50,000). But don't also make products that are too expensive for the first time.

The best price range is $ 50 - $ 80,

... with Ebook + video forms or online courses.

Again, you don't need to follow my advice. Please adjust it to your taste.

3. Positioning - from ordinary products to valuables

Positioning is art ... changing a product that used to be mediocre becomes a product that must be owned by someone.

You do this by changing the perspective of others to your product.

I will give 1 example ...


Why are Apple products so expensive?

Why is the iPhone more expensive than Android?

Why are Macs more expensive than Windows?

This is where Apple's genius in positioning.

Computers and smartphones are identical with "complicated". An error often occurs that is not known why, is difficult to use, and sometimes gets infected with the virus until it breaks.

So busy adults don't like sophisticated computers and cellphones.

Until when Apple appeared carrying an iPhone and Mac.

Both of these products are very easy to use even by those who are clueless. In addition, it is also rare or never even an error, especially a virus.

Back to the problem of complexity before ...

People who don't want to bother always choose Apple products ... those who are busy with work and who are clueless.

By getting the right position, they become very exclusive and dare to set a high price.

You can too ...

How to make a positioning

First, in selling, use sentences that are different from your competition.

To find the sentence, continue this sentence:

Imagine the buyer said:

  1. "This is the right product for me because of _____"
  2. "No loss I bought this product because of _____"


For ebook guides to lose weight.

  1. "This is the right product for me because I am a career mother who has just given birth so I don't have much time to exercise "
  2. "I did not lose this product because after following the steps in it, I lost 20kg immediately in a month "

Now use the sentence to offer your product.

Second, design.

You will never be able to sell products at high prices with a messy design.

Don't use sales pages like this:


Don't also use product designs like this:


I can't give ABCD an explanation of what the professional and unprofessional design looks like. No one can.

But by looking at it, we usually know if a design looks professional, trustworthy, or suspicious.

Your task

Before ending this series of online business guides, here is your last assignment:

  1. Change the solution to the problem you selected before becoming a product topic
  2. Determine the packaging of your digital products, and arrange the contents.
  3. Determine the price
  4. Continue the two sentence positioning above for your product
  5. Find some good examples of digital product sales pages
  6. Copy the way, create a sales page, and start selling!

Be careful not to imitate products that look suspicious.

Congratulations! You have completed a series of online business start guides. Now you should be able to sell your own digital products.

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