30 tips for a home business that make you successful


Running a home-based business was initially considered to be less 'prestige,' even though if it pursued its potential it was very large.

Some world companies also start from home businesses that are managed seriously. Google itself also starts from a business in a home garage.

In Indonesia, the success story of Kaskus, Bukalapak or Tokopedia which also started from a home business deserves an example.

The ease of carrying out operations that can be carried out from home has gradually made this business a lot of interest.

If you observe from various online business forums such as dozens of online business groups on Facebook, forums such as Ads-id, Kaskus and many more have thousands of members with nominal transactions that are quite fantastic. This is where the home business begins, a business that is run from home, both offline and online.

Like professional business competition, not all home-based business people succeed with the business they pioneered.

Often not focused, the desire to get rich quick, impatient, make beginner home business people often change business models and lead to failure and lazy to get up again.

Here is the main problem with this home business. Are you part of a failed and lazy businessman who starts up? Or maybe a part of a businessman who has been old but doesn't develop too? Check out the description of the secrets of the following 30 home business success tips:

30 Recipes for Your Home Business Success

1. Start and do it only

Before opening a business, there were so many who were thinking of prospective home-based business people. The capital is where, the management is like what and most importantly the product that is for sale or not. Various business feasibility analyzes that were carried out eventually led to canceling due to the fear of a lot of minus analysis results. The main key to opening a home business is "Start and Do Only."

2. Create a Good Work Environment

Corporate culture is an added value for the survival of the company. Start building a corporate culture in your home business.

The work environment is influenced by the behavior of its employees and also supporting work infrastructure such as office equipment, room design, and so on. Start by making your office space as comfortable as possible and of course as a new business, the design of the office space must be affordable in terms of cost.

3. Manage Finance Professionally

Often home-based businesses do not develop even go bankrupt not because the product does not sell but is caused by a cash flow arrangement that is not good. Financial management can be chaotic if there is no clear separation between personal money and funds for business.

Investment and debt taking actions must be clever not until the maturity of short-term debt is precisely to finance long-term investments. Good records of expenses and income make the business cycle controlled.

In managing finances, the most important thing is to record transactions in and out of goods, make records of income, orderly in managing business debt. These financial records are known as the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

These three important reports must be understood by business owners and can be made in a simple form according to the scale of the home business owned. To make it is also not too complicated, and can be learned automatically.

Balance sheet reports show records of all assets and liabilities held. The Profit and Loss Report contains a record of business income and expenditure so that it can show the business profit or loss in the recording period. Cash flow reports record transactions in and out of company funds that are important to monitor so that no negative cash flows occur that can stop the business. Remember, that cash flow is the life of a business.

Without positive cash, the business will stop. Here the importance of the finance department, especially the treasury, oversees and regulates the position of cash flow so that it remains positive.

4. Form a Strong Team

Own business from home has many temptations. The feeling of wanting to be fast, the ups and downs of sales that can cause frustration, the business never grows. Therefore a solid team is needed. Without a strong team, you will only work alone which will only make you desperate to face the dynamics of home business. It's a good idea to form teams with different abilities and complement each other. Don't forget the character of the team members must also be in rhythm to avoid splitting the team just because of the momentary ego of the members.

5. Work in a Place That Makes You Productive

Even though it is a business from home, sometimes business owners feel bored and monotonous if they are constantly in the same place. There are times when you need to improvise either the business location, the business cycle, or even the person who runs the business.

In principle, place people in the most productive position. If the person has started to get bored in his position, immediately do a rotation for refreshment so that business productivity is still achieved properly.

6. Work on your business, not in your business

This wise advice has quite a deep meaning. Working on a business means that you have to focus on finance, marketing plans, vision and strategies, and systems and processes that provide infrastructure for business development to continue to grow and be sustainable.

Do not get as a business owner, instead stuck to business routines such as focusing solely on the product or service delivery. Daily operational routines are better done by your employees, while as owners focus on the future vision.

Having the attitude that you work from home, not at home
Business results are often a manifestation of what the business actor thinks. Working from home does provide convenience and flexibility in work, but keep in mind that many home-based businesses because they are too relaxed, their business seems unprofessional.

Although working from home, but emphasize to all team members that they are not in the house but they must think that they basically work in the office not at home.

7. Produce the Best Products in Your Business

Many beginner business people are confused about what business to open because there are so many businesses that already exist. It feels like all types of businesses have been wrestled, just want to open a business and imitate who.

In starting a home business, the principle of ATM (observe, imitate and modify) is valid. And it is better than opening your own idea but it has never been tested by someone else and finally the business does not work and even loses.

what business to open because there are so many businesses that already exist. It feels like all types of businesses have been wrestled, just want to open a business and imitate who. In starting a home business, the principle of ATM (observe, imitate and modify) is valid.

And it is better than opening your own idea but it has never been tested by someone else and finally the business does not work and even loses.

Not everyone is able to make the right choice on the first try. Be honest with yourself about your work habits and what makes you always excited about work before you decide to start a business from home.

This is called passion. A successful business usually starts from a strong passion for a product you want to sell.

8. Don't Underestimate Branding

Branding, or brand creation is the life of a product that will or has been sold. Branding is the most important thing when building an identity for your company.

A brand is designed and built to deliver messages clearly, build trust and credibility in your business, tie your customers emotionally, motivate buyers, and also secure buyer loyalty.

9. Make a Priority Scale

At the beginning of starting a home business, your time and activities are widely used to introduce and market products. Along with the development of the business, when your product begins to be known to the public, sales tend to increase, problems usually arise when business owners are overwhelmed to receive orders that are getting bigger.

If not anticipated, this can disrupt customer service. To overcome this, home-based business owners must have a plan based on a priority scale.

10. Has Production Reserves

Anticipating an emergency such as a disruption in the production process such as a faulty engine, or power outages is very important.

There are many ways that can be done such as having subcontractors who can supply products during emergencies with quality products that are equivalent to your business products so they can continue to produce. In addition to subcontractors, you can also make a backup by setting up a generator if there is a power outage.

Important Notes on Building a Home Business

Success is often characterized by big business, abundant turnover, many employees with good welfare and of course amazing profits. This is legitimate, but it is too ideal to dream of in the near future from a home business that has just been initiated.

Actually success is not a goal but a stage of the process that must be passed. Every stage of the business from opening an office, recruiting employees, to selling is a success. Success must be achieved every day.

Home-based business owners can learn from each process they go through. By learning from the process, home business owners can continue to make improvements to get success at the next stage.

11. Secure Digital Assets Your Business from Risk of Lost

One important asset of business is digital data. Even though it is only a home-based business class, the business record must be recorded neatly on the computer so that it is easily monitored at all times. Be careful when storing business data.

Don't get accessible to unauthorized people. Family members also need to be removed from this important data if they are not concerned. Don't get lazy or accidentally make lost home business data erased. The point is that home business must be managed separately from daily activities outside the home business.

12. Beware of Making Jobs and Recruiting Employees2

Employees are the most valuable company assets. The process of recruiting employees can start from creating job advertisements.

Many companies open job openings but do not include job descriptions that will be carried out by applicants and this of course will make applicants hesitate to apply for jobs, especially if your business is only a home-based business. Usually home-based businesses only look for employees around the house or just known. But along with the development of a home business, especially if the business is based online, then recruitment of professional personnel needs to be done.

13. Create Good Communication

There is an interesting study from one survey institute which states that more than 50% of business failures start from poor communication. Incorrect communication can occur internally with employees or with external parties such as customers and suppliers.

Incorrectly sending goods, products that are not in accordance with the specifications requested, complaints due to products sold by marketing not in accordance with promotional media, and so on, are tangible manifestations of the poor communication culture that occurs in the company. If you cannot meet in person, communicating via e-mail and telephone, especially, is very important to do regularly.

14. Efficient in Home Business Operations

If you need investment in a home-based business, adjust your investment with debt that is due. Do not let financial mismanagement result in a negative cash flow. For businesses that are still new, try to be efficient in spending operational costs.

Some business activities that can be controlled so that they can be cheaper are coordination meetings and budgets for promotion. Coordination can be done through online communication, can be in the form of an internet messaging or mailing list chat group. While promotion costs are better directed into the form of marketing using agents for cost efficiency.

15. Avoid isolated feelings that have an impact on creativity

Working from home sometimes makes ourselves isolated and easily stressed. If this happens in a row, it can kill our business creativity. To overcome this problem, business owners and their employees should be diligent in joining various community groups.

In addition to avoiding feelings of isolation, joining community groups can increase network marketing for business owners. Slowly but surely, this activity can improve the business and quality of life of employees who work in the home business.

Pay Attention to Business Legality

Opening a home business sometimes sounds quite simple. But actually there are also many aspects outside the business that need to be considered for business owners.

In addition to marketing and business operations, business legal aspects also need to be considered to avoid our efforts being caught up in disputes against the law or breaking the rules.

16. Complete the Required Permit

There are many kinds of business permits. The business management process usually enters one door at the Integrated Licensing Service Center of the Local Government Licensing Service.

Permits are divided based on the effort to be made. General permits such as for example, the building must have an IMB, SIUP, TDP, NPWP and several other specific permits from the relevant agency.

If your home business is engaged in a particular field such as health, you must get a recommendation from the Health Office, livestock business must get recommendations from the local agriculture and livestock service, etc.

17. Understand Taxes for Home Businesses

Although only limited to a home-based business, business owners must begin to understand and be literate about taxes that regulate home-based business based on the type of business that is undertaken. If confused, it is better to consult with the local tax office so that it can facilitate business owners to regulate the tax budget.

Also understand the Tax Law loophole that allows you to save on tax costs but still in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. The wider your knowledge, the more likely you will be to save money. You can learn more about some tax deductions for home businesses.

At present the tax has begun to be managed by the local government which allows business owners to more easily coordinate with local agencies. The tax yield was immediately felt for infrastructure development and local business development.

18. Understand Labor Law and Other Rules Regarding Your Business

The development of a home business business can depend on the management of good employees. Make your employees feel at home working so that they can be productive in developing their business. The employee will feel comfortable at work if the company where he works follows the conditions stipulated in the Labor Law.

In addition, also pay attention to local local regulations in the form of Regional Regulations from related agencies under the authority of the Regional Government. Home businesses that deal with the public, have employees who work from home, or have nonstandard working hours are at a higher risk of legal disputes. In addition, employees also feel uncomfortable at working in an environment like this.

Every rule determined by the government always has an inspection stage from the relevant agency.

Prepare yourself for an examination like this. It could be from the tax office or the local labor office. If your business involves handling food, hazardous materials, then complete the business permit from the relevant agency.

19. Home Design Like an Attractive Office

In general, the house has a living room, bedroom, and family room. Far different from offices that contain more employee work space.

If the business is in the form of processing finished goods, the production space must be a top priority. If more effort is made to deal with online product marketing, then the staff's comfortable work space with online networking smoothly becomes a priority scale.

So just adjust the shape of the room with the type of business that is run.

Funding Your Home Business

Business certainly needs capital. Capital can come from the initial capital deposit from the business owner or if it has developed it could be in the form of additional capital from bank loans. It should be borne in mind that business owners should only owe to the bank if the business is already running and never start a business from scratch with capital from a bank loan.

New businesses are very risky for failure so do not sacrifice bank loans as a guarantee of the continuity of the new business. If it fails, your guarantee can be confiscated and your good name will be damaged in the credit history at Bank Indonesia. Then what is the solution? Here are some alternative places that can be your business funding solution.

20. Credit card

Actually, using a credit card as venture capital is a ridiculous step. Why is that? Because the purpose of issuing credit cards at first is as a payment aid without the need to carry money. The term is currently known as cashless money after the BI campaign on the use of non-cash transactions to facilitate and make transactions comfortable.

Along with the development of the business, credit cards have many variations of products that offer a variety of facilities. One of them is offering loan products without collateral. This product is actually very interesting in terms of the speed of liquid funds, easy and unsecured and without complicated conditions.

Many home-based business owners were tempted by this product. But need to be aware, this product is actually only suitable for emergency funding needs not for business. Look at how expensive the interest is for this product.

Then how are the benefits of this credit card related to business capital? The solution that can be used is with the transaction system 1 month paid off or at least 40 days paid off. Business owners can find suppliers who serve purchases with credit cards or online transactions with credit cards.

From here, business owners can play from the card's print date and due date. Purchases of goods after the print date will be included in the following month. This can be used to adjust the payment distance up to 40 days. Have you ever tried it? For credit card players this is common, for beginners, just try to study your card bill cycle and take advantage of the payment period of 30-40 days without interest.

21. Looking for Corporate Grants

Many state-owned companies currently have built businesses. This business is usually in the form of funding with low interest. Or if possible, home business capital can also be obtained from corporate grants, both government and private companies.

The form can be in the form of CSR funds. It should be noted that large companies usually have their own budget or budget to help build the economy of the community. Distribution of these funds through the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Division.

For technical distribution of funds usually in the form of event competitions or competitions. Most are held for students in the form of start-up businesses. Through the event, opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs to get additional funds are wide open.

22. Establish Collaboration in the Form of Sharing

Profit sharing is currently very popular in the community. This concept usually begins when someone has a business that is already running and needs business development in the form of capital. Want to borrow from a bank, but are constrained by funding guarantees, feasibility analysis, or even fear of expensive interest.

The solution that is usually thought of by business owners like this is to offer cooperation in the form of profit sharing. If you have a friend or relative who has the same interests and wants to make it a business, this method can be chosen. Forms of business cooperation can only provide assistance in the form of capital, or it can help to also get daily business operations.

The thing that needs to be considered is the composition of the results that will be carried out when profit and what if the condition loses. Both parties must agree on the above matters so that no one feels disadvantaged. If possible, the agreement should be made in writing to anticipate if something happens later.

23. Looking for Investors

The concept of business capital from investors is actually similar to the profit sharing above but for large scale. This method also helps us get funds from third parties efficiently because business owners are not exposed to interest charges. The difference with the concept of profit sharing cooperation, investors usually only provide capital in the form of funds without participating directly in operations.

General provisions in the cooperation of this investment model are relatively the same as the above method, things such as sharing the results or other agreements must be made in the form of a written agreement so that both parties do not feel disadvantaged if something happens later.

24. Submitting Business Capital Loans to Banks or Cooperatives

Banks and cooperatives are the last solution that is a choice for home business owners. If your home-based business management is professional, it's best to take capital business this way. Bank or Cooperative is the right place for capital of professional business. Cooperatives are easier in the financing process than banks. The terms and interest are also relatively lighter.

But usually the loan ceiling is given in a small form and a short period of time. You must make a business proposal or profile in a form that complies with bank standards.

Also pay attention to your ability to repay a bank or cooperative loan, usually between 8-10% per year. Keep in mind, business capital solutions through banks and cooperatives should be the last choice because the obligation to pay interest and installments can be an obstacle for businesses that are just starting to run. Make sure your home business has run ideally for at least three years and then apply for a loan from the bank.

In submitting business capital applications to third parties, especially professional institutions such as banks, business owners must design their business profiles as best they can but still use correct and accurate data. Attach a business profile in terms of Financial Benefits, Macroeconomic Benefits (Macro Economy Benefit), and Social Benefits (Social Benefit) received by the community related to the business you are living in.

Home-Based Businesses Must Literate Technology

Even though it is still on a small scale, businesses run from home still have to use technology as part of their operational activities. Technology can simplify the process and improve the competitiveness of home businesses. Some of the following technological devices can be considered the development of a home business going forward.

25. Online Communication

Online communication can be in various forms ranging from BBM, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Facebook, etc. If you are familiar with some of these applications, then the cost of communication can be saved, especially if the home-based business relies on salespeople in the field who need the intensity of communication with high frequency.

Just because your business is home-based doesn't mean you have to be stuck at home. A smartphone can help you run your business from anywhere. Smartphones can also make flexibility and accessibility very supportive. Face-to-face communication or telephone can be done.

26. The Right Production Machine and Software Support

Production machines for business scale that are done from home are of course still in a simple form. This is very common, which is important not to do a home production business manually. If a production machine already exists, investment should be initiated to improve the competitiveness of home businesses.

In addition to production machines, software or software support also greatly supports home business performance. Using project management software can help everyone involved has the same understanding of the project. With the support of software tools, we can set priorities and efficiency in managing projects.

27. Electronic Devices

Try not to record your home business in paper form, because it is prone to damage, loss, etc. Make sure all business records, transactions and communications have been carried out in the form of electronic or digital data. Here, home-based businesses need supporting devices such as computers, scanners and other electronic devices.

Fixed line fax and telephone machines are currently being abandoned and replaced with scanners, e-mail and smartphone applications.

Maybe you've heard the term Cloud-based technology. Currently the work done from both digital production and project houses has led to this technology.

Data and information related to the project are stored on a server from the provider and can be accessed jointly by all parties related to the business. Work monitoring sheets are also available on the server. Some services from Google Drive, Google Sheet have accommodated this need.

Marketing Your Home Business

Whatever business is, marketing is very important. If the business is still small, then marketing can become more important for a home business. The marketing costs borne by the company can reach 70% to 80% of the total production costs.

This huge marketing cost is triggered by large advertising and electronic media costs. In addition, often a product will be easily known and favored by customers if the ad that is aired uses a famous advertising star. Famous artists are usually used.

Though not necessarily the product quality is better than products that do not use famous artists. Effective marketing does not have to be expensive, the important thing is the business owner must have a target, how many rupiahs are spent and how many rupiahs must be obtained. The following is a home business marketing method that you can try:

28. Use a Free Marketing Tool

Marketing is the key to new businesses that don't have a name in the community. There are many ways to market products, ranging from expensive to free. For free marketing at this time, technology has played a role in it. Here are some free marketing techniques you can try:

Currently there are many sites that offer free advertising. It can take the form of classified ads or forums or something else. Beginner business owners can try this method. The more products that are advertised in some free web advertisements, the better your business products will be.

If business products are related to traditional communities, then marketing with spread brochures on the market can be an attractive alternative. Not infrequently beautiful SPG is used to attract prospective buyers.

The Car Free Day program is now popularly known by the public. Some cities every Sunday apply Car Free Day (CFD). Business owners can market their products through this event. CFDs that are visited by many people make many companies look here. Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) also market their products here.

Some crowded places such as celebrations or certain events can also be used as free marketing venues. Usually associated with religious holidays or national holidays. For example the celebration of the August 17 carnival, or tourism activities organized by the local government.

There are also some areas that sometimes hold shocked markets, many business people from SMEs to large companies use this. One of them is in the kaget Sunday Market in Manahan Solo, Central Java or Sunday Morning (Sanmor) UGM Yogyakarta.

Please note that currently around 500 million people have a Facebook account. A very tempting opportunity in terms of the target market that must be targeted.

You can use Facebook to promote your product for free. The most commonly used method is to create a fan page on Facebook. Promote your page in the groups you follow. Make the status of your product often interesting. Upload photos of your products so that Facebook users are more easily recognized.

The ease of Twitter in marketing products is the feature of Twitter, and follow. Follow (follow) various accounts on Twitter. You can look for followers (followers) that are many. Marketing is much easier to spread by ordering chain messages through this Twitter account. Make interesting tweets frequently so many people read and retweet (RT) your tweets.

Marketing will be more effective if done through interactive videos. Make a video about your product and upload your video on Youtube.

Gartis and easy to access by youtube users. The video should be made as attractive as possible with pictures or photos and music that supports the promotion of your product. You don't have to use a famous artist. Family members can also be a star in this video. It will look original and natural.

If you like to write on blogs or websites, promotion in this place is also interesting to do. Blogs are a way that many businesses do to market their products.

Those who do this are usually SMEs or home-based businesses. Post interesting articles about your product and don't forget to close with the invitation to buy the product.

Do not forget to also upload photos or videos that support. Design your blog as attractive as possible. Make articles that contain advertisements from your product frequently.

29. Use Tiered Marketing

Many tiered marketing is known as MLM (multilevel marketing). The method is to recruit marketing agents with a bonus system and success fees. From this agent, product promotions are spread by word of mouth.

The key to success here is the role of agents in marketing the products sold. But behind that, if your product is quality and satisfies customers, then the customer will automatically say this to other people to try your product.

Tiered marketing can also be started from online buying and selling sites that offer reseller systems. Promote your product on several online buying and selling sites that are currently popping up on the internet. Because online, then you need to be vigilant as well as advertise on this site. Don't be fooled.

30. Make the Right Design

The power of advertising lies in frequency appearing in the media and good design. Current advertising has changed its function into a form of persuasion, so that people who see advertisements can be moved to buy or at least know more about the product or service offered.

Make ads as attractive as possible which makes the ad reader immediately remember your product as a result of the strong design embedded in the ad. Effective advertising design stems from clear project goals.

So, set from the very beginning the main purpose of the advertisement that you will make in terms of message, segmentation, and also attract views. Attractive design will make your ad easy for the reader to remember and if one day he needs the product, then what he will do is look for it with an easy to remember design.

"Just start!"

The key description of home-based business success above lies in several important supporting factors to do. To start a business, only one must be used as a guideline, namely "Start Only." After the business starts, then what the business owner needs to do next is to look after customers so that they remain loyal to your product, which they can do effective marketing for open new customer opportunities.

Employees with good skills also have an important role.

The process of getting good employees can be started from the right recruitment and ongoing employee coaching.

Don't forget that one factor that increases the competitiveness of your home business is the optimal use of technology. In addition, employees who run businesses must also be up to date with the latest technology.

In addition, in order to avoid a dispute against the authorities, the business owner should pay attention to and comply with the applicable rules such as provisions on taxes, labor regulations, and so forth. Finally, make product identity very interesting and easy to remember. Good luck.


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