31 Online Business Opportunities You Can Start Right Now with Small Capital


what business opportunities can you use just check on this page

While still in school & college, I know many friends who want to become entrepreneurs after completing their education.

But now, finally becoming an office employee.

So I'm surprised ...

... of the many people who aspire to become entrepreneurs, why only a few have business.

Even from a survey I did a few months ago, there were 81% of employees who had aspired to become entrepreneurs.

81 percent!

After further investigation, there are 3 main reasons:

First, do not know what business opportunities are more profitable and more stable / guaranteed than office jobs.

Second, there is no capital or only small capital.

This is the most common. They assume that all businesses need large capital, eventually they decide to work first while raising capital.

From there, one more reason arises.

And this is the most tragic.

Third, already working and family.

Their burden is increasingly heavy because they have to take care of the family. If the work is abandoned, the risk is big. Worse yet, because they are busy working they cannot start a business.

For those of you who experience the 3 problems above, this article is the solution.

The following are 30 business opportunities that can be done online, not time consuming, and can be started with small capital.

And most importantly, the potential is huge.

Which business idea is the best?

Before we start, because below there are more than 30 business ideas, then you might feel lazy to scroll to the end.

Therefore, here are some that I recommend.

  1. Selling online : if you already have an idea of ​​what products you want to sell
  2. Create a blog : if you like writing or don't know what business you want to run

Please click one of them to read more.

Or please scroll down to read all existing business opportunities one by one.

1. Sell products online on their own website

Many people do this, because the process is easy and the income earned is not playful.

Many people who are now selling 100% online.

By selling online, the process can be done anywhere as long as there is internet. Therefore, this business model is also good for those of you who have other activities.

But usually people who are clueless are afraid first.

Even though it's not difficult at all.

If you read this article at 9 am, this afternoon at 3 o'clock your online store is ready to be used to sell. Serious.

You can use the following platforms:

  • Shopify  - starting at $ 14 per month, easier and full features
  • WebPraktis - starting from Rp. 680,000 per year
  • Jarvis Store - free for 20 products!
  • BBM - there are many online stores that can sell only by using this chat application
  • Instagram - because it is image-based social media, it can be used to sell online too
  • WordPress + WooCommerce - around $ 40 per year for domain & hosting

Use Jarvis Store or WebPraktis if you don't want to be complicated. Both of them speak Indonesian, so if anyone is confused can ask directly to the customer service.

There is one more problem ...

... where do you get the product to sell?

If you already have your own product, of course this is not a problem. But what about you who don't have, and don't have a plan to make a product?

Follow these steps:

  1. Determine what products you want to sell
  2. Find the main supplier of the product, or
  3. Invite people who are already selling but not yet online as partners, or
  4. Dropship (discussed below)

Selling products is the easiest way to make money.

The hardest step is to determine the product to sell, after the product is determined then there will be no more problems.

Please read this online sales guide to learn more:

2. Even easier, selling on the online market

Okay ... ok ... even though making a website is easy, it still needs learning.

Especially if you are still a beginner.

"I want to sell right away! Right now!"

This is the solution: Sell on the marketplace (aka the online market).

If you already know what you want to sell and want to sell immediately in the next 5 minutes. This is the most appropriate solution for you.

Especially because the marketplace is already crowded, so you can immediately get buyers.

But there are weaknesses:

You sell on other people's websites, so there are many limitations. In addition, you cannot build your own brand because it depends on the marketplace website.

Then how dong ?

The middle ground ... when just starting to do business, take advantage of the marketplace to get buyers & income. After a while, create your own website and invite prospective buyers in the marketplace to visit your own website.

Here's a big marketplace that you can use:

3. Sell without risk by becoming a dropshipper

Dropshipping means we sell without having stock.

When someone orders your product, you submit the order to a third party (supplier). It is they who directly send the goods to the buyer.

You don't need to store the items.

These suppliers usually send on their behalf, but sometimes there are also those who want to send on behalf of your business.


There are advantages to being a dropshipper like:

  1. It doesn't need a lot of capital to get started
  2. No need for stock (stock means also costs)
  3. Can be done from anywhere

But even so, there are also weaknesses:

  1. Smaller profit margin
  2. Cannot monitor stock on third parties
  3. Quality is not controlled

Seeing the advantages and disadvantages, being a dropshipper is still a very easy and inexpensive way to start doing business online.

You can find dropship products through:

  • This subforum is at Kaskus
  • Cakning.com
  • Search on Google: use the keyword "dropship [product name]". The word dropship can try to be replaced by a distributor, reseller, or supplier
  • Order directly from other sellers

Watch Out…

... even though you order the product on a third party but by becoming a dropshipper the customer's responsibility is in your hands.

Tip: first buy some of its products before starting to sell, so you know the quality yourself.

4. Become a publisher of ads to get semi-passive income

Anyone know why there is a lot of free information on the internet?

Why are people willing to write good articles, then publicly published on blogs?

Because they get income from advertising.

These are the most popular business opportunities among those who like to write and share knowledge.

How it works like this:

We make the website> display the ad code> the ad appears automatically> the visitor clicks on the ad> we get a commission.

Not difficult right?

Just copy-paste the ad, then the ad will appear automatically. Every time someone clicks, we get income.

So this business model has become very popular.

All you have to do is:

  1. Create quality content
  2. Fishing other people to visit your website and read the content

To be able to become a publisher successfully, you MUST have quality content. Google will not accept low quality websites.

Read this guide to learn how to create a blog .

Also read this guide to earn money from blogs .

5. Get commissions from selling affiliate products

This business model is known as affiliate marketing.

The process is like this:

We promote / recommend products belonging to others, then when someone buys them, we will get a commission.

The difference with dropshipping, we only promote ... not sell. The buyer will be directly related to the seller, not you.

Approximately the flow is like this picture.


Same as being a publisher of advertisements, you also need a website as a medium to promote affiliate products.

But there are advantages ...

... commission per click advertising is far less than the commission on product sales.

So with the same number of visitors, you can make more with the affiliate business model.

There are also weaknesses.

Until now there are no Indonesian affiliate products that can be guaranteed to provide a steady income. The product is there, but the quality is lower and the purchasing power of the Indonesian people is smaller.

Therefore, you must create a website in English.

If you are interested in this business model, read the following 2 guidelines:

  1. Promote affiliate products with blogs
  2. CPA Guide and Affiliate Marketing

6. Making and selling information products

Information products are products that contain information.

(... yes iyalah ).

That is, this product is in the form of books, ebooks, videos or audio.

For example a video fitness product that contains a guide to movements in exercise, or an ebook on how to lose weight.

Information products are much easier to make than physical products, so those of you who are not experienced at all can make.

"Does anyone want to buy information that is available free on the internet?"

…there is!

Many people are willing to spend some money to buy products containing information. There are 2 reasons.

  • First, because the content is deeper than just an article on the blog.
  • Second, because the guidelines are more structured. From A to B to C to Z.

Not everyone has time to read and dig up information from many websites on the internet.

That's why information products are becoming popular.

To make the product:

  1. Find your area of ​​expertise. You will not be able to make a quality product without having sufficient knowledge
  2. Find out what the biggest problems people are in the field
  3. Make a solution in the form of ebook, video or audio

It's not difficult right.

You can read this online business study guide that discusses information product manufacturing processes starting from topic selection to creating a sales website.

If you are an expert on a topic, it is not difficult to make a product. The biggest challenge is selling your product.

The problem is this:

No one wants to buy a guide from someone who has no reputation. " Who are you, why do I have to trust information from you? "

That's why most information product sellers have blogs.

Here are some places to sell information products:

Use Flatten or Sellio for Indonesian products.

Both are still relatively new, so maybe the website is still less comfortable to use.

Meanwhile, if you sell abroad, use Gumroad or Clickbank.

Selling on your own website is much better if you already have a reputation and quality products because selling in the market / marketplace means that your product is mixed with other products of low quality.

7. Become a teacher by opening an online course

Don't worry, you don't need to be a real teacher ...

... what matters is that you have something to teach.

At present, both overseas and in Indonesia online courses are very popular. This is because the process is easier and with online courses you can get more students.

In an offline course, the teacher usually repeats the material every time he teaches to a new class. But because it's online, so the course can be recorded and placed on the website.

Why ... is it the same as information products?

It's similar.

So from that the way to start is the same as information products.

But there is a slight difference:

Because of the shape of the course, the guide you provide is divided into several sessions that are given on different days. Once a week, for example.

In addition, in online courses there are usually question and answer sessions.

Use the following platform to start selling online courses:

So far, as far as I know, there is no specific Indonesian platform like the digital products above.

Of the four choices above, the best in my opinion is Teachable. The reason is because the process is very easy and can be used in your own domain.

8. Providing graphic design services

A professional graphic designer can earn more than $ 100,000 per year (around Rp. 1 billion). But those who are professionals certainly have a lot of experience and portfolio.

For those of you who are still beginners, you can sell graphic design services in several marketplaces such as:

  • Sribu - Indonesian logo design
  • 99design - international logo design (etc.)
  • Fiverr - a variety of light jobs, including graphic designs starting at $ 5

As a provider of graphic design services, your employment opportunities are not limited to territory.

You can get clients from overseas.

Oh yeah, most service providers on the websites above are also beginners ... so you don't need to be afraid if you're not too good at design.

9. Don't want design services? Try selling graphic design stock

Some people do basically not like selling services. If you are the type of person like this, selling stock can be an attractive alternative.

Stock is a kind of template that is ready to be customized and ready to use.

For example Photoshop or Illustrator templates, presentation templates, logo templates, or icons.

When someone buys your stock, he can use the design for any purpose.

Here are some places to sell:

In the community on GraphicRiver there are forums that contain Indonesian people, if you want to see their experiences try to enter the forum .

10. Sell royalty-free photos

For example, I am making tutorial content playing guitar, to beautify the content I need a photo of someone who is playing guitar.

The problem is, I can't take pictures myself.

Renting a photographer is also expensive.

The solution is to buy a royalty-free photo license.

Royalty-free photos are photos that we can use for any purpose after one time purchasing a license.

Just like stock graphic design, but photos.

Quality photos from professional photographers like this are needed by website owners and content creators as in the example.

That's why this business opportunity is very interesting for those of you who like photography.

Examples of places that sell royalty-free photos:

This opportunity is only for those of you who have professional photography skills and equipment, because the quality of your photos must be top.

Although it is not often heard, there are also those who buy photos from the iPhone camera .

11. Selling WordPress plugins & templates

There are 74,652,825 (!) WordPress-based sites, and there are 29,000 WordPress plugins that continue to grow every day ( ManageWP, 2014 ).

There are free plugins and themes, some are paid ...

... not everyone is satisfied with free plugins and templates.

Therefore many people sell both of them at quite high prices on the following sites:

Both are under a company called Envato, just like GraphicRiver mentioned above.


In just one week the most popular templates on ThemeForest sold nearly 1,500 copies.

Because the price is $ 58, their income for the week is $ 84,564 or around Rp. 1 billion.

This shows how big your market and opportunities are.

12. Become a freelance article writer

In opportunity number 4 above about publisher ads, I mention that we need quality content. One of them is the article.

Not everyone is able to make quality articles.

By looking at the number of people who make blogs to earn money from advertising, the authors of the article are also sprayed with fortune.

There are 2 levels in the article writing field.

Lower level, those who sell cheap articles ( apologies ) that only chase a certain number of words. This is because they are paid every hundred words.

But there are also those with high pay.

Top-level article writers who write articles for large websites and news portals. They are paid for the quality.

Surely the second is better.

For that, you must know the correct article writing technique .

Here is a place to get an article writing job:

  1. Sribulancer
  2. UpWork (international)
  3. TextBroker  (international)

To be a successful writer of articles, you must have a blog that can be shown as an example of your writing.

13. Become a word wizard, copywriter

Copywriters are people who bewitch readers.

That is, their job is to influence other people to do something we want through writing.

The work of a copywriter is:

  • Write text in ads
  • on the landing page or sales page
  • all texts that aim to seduce others

They are salesmen, in the form of words.

The income of a beginner copywriter is around $ 52,000 to $ 62,000 per year. Many times more than ordinary content writers.

But to become a copywriter, you must learn special copywriting skills.

This is the place to study:

14. Build article creation & content agencies

Based on a survey  from WPCurve :

89% of startup businesses use content marketing.


71% of those who don't do content marketing are justified because they don't have time to create content.

... and 0% answered because they did not know the ROI.


What does it mean?

Marketing content is  recognized as the best online marketing method, those who do not do this method because there is no time or not able.

Then the business opportunity as a creator is still wide open.

Those who do not use content marketing actually want to use content marketing but there is no time and human resources.

You can make their business easier.

15. Translator

Still in the field of writing, Indonesian-English translator and vice versa is one of the most needed jobs.

Even though non-professional translators do not earn high income, this work is very suitable for a side business that does not take up time.


You can sell translator services here:

In Indonesia, many prospective blog owners need to make affordable English language articles. You can find them on the Ads.id forum .

16. Write and publish ebooks (or original books)

Although we discussed the ebook in the information product section, what is meant here is a little different. Apart from selling it yourself, we can also publish ebooks officially.

Anyone ... unconditionally.

As long as you can write a book.

With KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)  from Amazon.

The topic of the book you write can be in any category, fiction or non-fiction.

Simple books usually have 5000 words in length and sell for $ 2.99. For each sale, we will get a royalty of 35% or $ 1.05 for that price.

Check out the following story of Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits  which earns $ 1,315 a month from selling ebooks on the Kindle.


But what if we can't write English books?

Publish at NulisBuku .

With NulisBuku you can submit texts and publish books that will be printed every time there is an order.

So this business model is not risky, with enough capital.

17. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is still a broad term.

The work of a virtual assistant can include or one of:

  • Author
  • Graphic design
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Translation
  • Programming
  • Data input
  • etc.

The difference with what has been mentioned above is the pattern of work.

By becoming a provider of graphic design services, that means you are paid per project. While virtual assistants usually work with 1 person for repetitive work.

VA with a status as a freelancer at UpWork (formerly oDesk) gets paid from $ 10 to more than $ 50 per work hour. Depends also on his specialty.

18. Training or consultation

By having a popular blog, you can sell your services in the form of individual training or consulting.

If you don't have a blog, you might not be aware of this business opportunity.

Below is a screenshot of some of the guidim readers who requested consulting services, even though the age of this website itself has not been too long.

Direct, especially private consultation, is a type of service that is able to get the highest income for each session.

So if you don't have a blog, immediately make it according to your expertise and see the results.

19. Make a website with premium membership

Creating a membership website means that we provide premium content that can only be accessed when someone has paid to become a member.

Generally the payment is in the form of a monthly or annual subscription.

Making it is also not difficult,

A WordPress blog plus plugins is enough to earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from membership.

2 alternative plugins:

There are several ways to present premium content to members.

First, for example like SmartInsights that provides content that is only accessible to paid members with prices starting at $ 59 / month.

Non-members can only open some content.

Secondly, with models like WPSites that open all access to WordPress tutorials for free but by buying a paid membership for $ 37 / month they can do direct questioning.

The third example is the StackThatMoney premium forum .

The site is a community that can only be accessed by members who have paid $ 99 / month. In addition to tutorial content, they can also discuss with others.

Those are 3 examples of successful premium membership websites.

20. Become a provider of web development services

Just like the discussion of graphic design above, by becoming a professional web developer you can also get above-average income.

But we don't always have to start from a big project.

If you want to make a web development business as a side, start from several websites for freelancers such as:

On both websites above there are many job creation websites from small sizes with a budget of under 1 million to large with a budget of more than 100 million.

21. Create and sell software ... or become a software development service provider

Just like business opportunities in number 20, becoming a software developer is also a hot opportunity right now.

Don't want to sell services? There is an alternative ...

You who have programming skills can make your own software then sell it as a product or service.

The SaaS ( Software as a Service ) business model is one of the most developed at this time.

SaaS is generally web-based software where users pay with subscription models.

For example Slack  which is a chat service or communication with the work team.

Slack is the fastest-growing startup at the moment, its valuation in 2015 reached $ 2.8 trillion even though it was only officially launched in 2014.


Uniquely, Slack originated from a side business that was initially not taken too seriously by its founder.

All of this starts from an idea.

22. ... or make a mobile application

No less with the desktop, mobile applications also come hot. Even more than the desktop, so many developers prioritize mobile.

Just as above, you can also create SaaS based mobile applications.

Or ... you can also make games.

The difference is that you who don't have programming skills can also make small mobile games or applications.

You do this by buying a template / source code from an application.

What we change is only the text and the design.

This process is called reskinning .

The market for buying and selling source code for mobile applications is Chupamobile . In this place you can find thousands of applications ready to be edited and ready to publish at an average price of $ 99.

Too expensive?

Although the choices are more limited, there can also be a source code on CodeCanyon with an average price of $ 20.


Only with ~ $ 20 for the source code and $ 25 for the Google Play account, you can already create a game like Flappy Bird (and other games) yourself.

This game can you advertise from AdMob to earn income.

Maybe you still clearly remember the phenomenon of simple games like Flappy Bird. In its heyday, Flappy Bird made $ 10,000 or around Rp 120 million per dayfrom AdMob ads.

23. Simplify their business by selling SEO services

Many people make online shops, many of which make SaaS, one of the factors for the success of online businesses is traffic and one way to get traffic is from search engines.

In order to get traffic from search engines, their website must be optimized.

One of them is SEO techniques.

Because the online business is growing rapidly and business people don't have time to learn SEO, then SEO service providers become very needed.

But looking for a trusted SEO service is not easy.

Most SEO service providers currently only sell backlinks obtained from black hat methods which are actually dangerous. Not good for business.

What SEO services should provide is:

  • Keyword research and competitors
  • Content marketing  (creation to distribution)
  • Website structure optimization
  • Monitor backlinks
  • Trying to revoke a penalty from Google
  • Data analysis from Google Analytics

In the GuideIM there are several SEO guides that you can use to learn:

But I do not recommend that you become a SEO service provider if you don't have the experience of creating a website that is SEO successful.

23. Social media management and marketing services

Same with SEO, because social media is also also the best online marketing media, services like this are very much needed.

Also with SEO, it is very rare for professional social media marketing services.

The work of social media marketers is:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create and share content
  • Interact with fans / followers
  • Increase traffic to websites through social media

... not just an increase in followers.


24. Marketing management with digital advertising

Digital advertising, especially those online, quickly surpasses traditional advertising.

In just 5 years the expenditure of online advertising has surpassed traditional advertising and is projected to soon overtake TV ads.

Comparison of online-advertising

The reason is because online advertising is more effective, inexpensive, and measurable.

But the problem is that online advertising requires a further learning process than traditional advertising. So from that, many SMEs in Indonesia today have not been able to use online advertising.

Although want.

So that this business opportunity arises.

In making online advertisements, we must prepare ad text, images, and / or videos. In addition to maximizing its performance, we also have to carry out various data testing and processing.

So there are 3 functions that you need to prepare:

  • Copwriter
  • Graphic designer
  • Data scientist

Not all businesses are able to provide these functions to their organizations, so you can help them do ad management.

25. Change offline services / jobs to online

Not only services that are synonymous with technologies such as graphic design that can be successful.

Services or services that previously had nothing to do with the internet can now be integrated with the internet.

Here are some examples:

With several platforms above we can sell expertise and services to income.

There is also a business model "offline so online" which currently does not yet exist in Indonesia but is already popular overseas.

Some business models "offline so online" might be your inspiration:

Who would have thought a hair shaving service could be an online business ...

26. Collectors of domain names for sale at high prices

This is not a direct business opportunity, but more towards investment.

In conjunction with an online business, the domain is like a business location in an offline business. Because the location determines achievement, the better the name, the better.

Good domain names can be priced from $ 500 to $ 100,000 or more.

Just look at the picture below.


And when the owners of these domains buy these names, the price is only ~ $ 10. But now the price is hundreds or even thousands of times.

Interesting right?

In August 2014 we got 1 new domain extension, namely .id for Indonesia.

Many are competing to get strategic domain names.

Because there aren't many people who use this domain yet, your chances of getting good names are still wide open.

27. Become a YouTuber

Based on the numbers in this picture :

YouTube earnings-from-video

A video that is viewed on YouTube as many as 23,000 times can earn $ 395.

One of the most successful YouTubers with the most subscribers, Piewdiepie, in 2013 earned an income of $ 4 million in a year. Crazy.

There are 2 types of ads on YouTube:

  • Who gets commission every click
  • Those who get commissions every time they air

From this ad, YouTube took 45% and the rest was given to the video owner.

If you can make videos, this can be an opportunity to earn extraordinary income.

Some types of popular videos on YouTube that are easily made are usually in the form of funny videos, video recording tutorials, or recording tutorials on a computer screen.

The main problem of people trying to make money from YouTube is copyright. So you should not upload videos that can be problematic.

For example other people's work, TV recordings, music, and so on.

28. Sell (design) shirts without the need to print yourself

Teespring designs

Simple t-shirts like this can be sold for more than 150 pieces in one day.

Ease again, the designer does not need to bother printing and sending the shirt. All they need to do is market the design online.

More relaxed than the usual T-shirt, right?

If per shirt they get a profit of $ 5 only, meaning that in a day they get an income of $ 905 or around Rp. 10 million.

You can also do this yourself on Teespring .

Teespring is a crowdfunding site where we can create or upload t-shirt designs, then we do marketing.

When the target is reached, Teespring will print and send the shirt.


Study the T-shirt tutorial with Teespring here  (English).

There are 2 weaknesses:

First, we can only market to Americans. Although Teespring can ship overseas, the cost of the shirt is expensive.

But with online marketing we can actually offer this shirt anywhere.

If you want to sell to Indonesia, try using Tees.co.id this.

The system at Tees is a little different.

The price per shirt in Tees is IDR 120,000, you can sell units but you have to sell above that price to get a profit margin.

Second, you must meet the targets that have been determined in advance.

If not, then the sale is canceled.

For example, we set a target of 25 shirts (the higher, the lower the price per shirt), if not up to 25 buyers, the shirt will not be printed and we will not be paid.

So, don't install the target too high so it's safe.

29. Have an empty room? Rent with AirBnB

AirBnB is a site where we can rent empty rooms or houses to other people (usually backpackers) for several days.

Like a hotel or inn but enough with a room or house.


The picture above is a few examples of people in Surabaya who rent their rooms and homes at a rate of Rp. 130000 to Rp. 275,000 per night.

And their average income in 2 weeks is:


The amount is fairly good especially because we don't need to do any marketing.

30. Selling products with a subscription system

Try to imagine the following case:

Every woman once a month or several months to buy self-beauty products, perfume, skin care, and so on. Men are the same, though less often.

For busy people, monthly shopping like this is a hassle.

What if someone sells a set of products that you need, sent directly to your home without you needing to leave?

This is what BirchBox does .


By subscribing, each month you will be sent different products in that category automatically.

This business model is so popular that many are imitating, here are some of them:

And much more.

When viewed products, not always products that are human needs. There are also those for just "fun" like candy, there are also those who are enthusiastic about something like gamers.

Most of them even receive orders from abroad.

Even though it's actually not difficult, because we only collect products in a category then sell them in one box at a time.

In Indonesia alone there are many products that we can make in this model. For example coffee, snacks, etc.

Most importantly, the product must be "used up" in a matter of weeks or days. So they can subscribe.

31. Selling goods abroad from the front of the computer with Amazon FBA

FBA or  Fullfilment by Amazon is an online business opportunity that is currently being warmed up.

The reason is because the process is very easy.

It can also be done even if you are not American.

Like this step:

  1. Find Alibaba.com products for sale
  2. Send it to Amazon's "warehouse"
  3. Register the product for sale on Amazon
  4. Finished

The rest of the Amazon takes care of it.

Those who will ship the product if someone orders.

Similar to dropshipping that we discussed above. The difference is, this is Amazon ... the largest online store in the world.

We hardly need any promotion.

This can still be made easier again ...

We can order products from suppliers in China through Alibaba.com. So this supplier will send to Amazon.

Your job is only to become a link.

Here are some success stories from people who have tried FBA:

Which business opportunities are of interest to you?

Those are some online business opportunities that you can start now too.

Some of them you can start as a side job, but over time it can also be the main business that produces.

Anything that interests you?

Have other business ideas?

Please leave a comment on the business idea that you want to live or the business you are enjoying.

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  6. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? I'm kinda paranoid about losing everything I've worked hard on. Any tips?


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