5 Tips on How to Build Personal Branding for Social Media


5 Tips for Building a Personal Branding on Social Media In the era of the digital world today there are many social media that continue to emerge, this social media certainly has a positive role for each of us. One example of the positive impact of using social media is to build a personal branding. Of course we are familiar with this term, according to Wikiepedia Personal Branding is a process where people and their careers apply like a product. Personal branding is often associated with the success of one's career.

"Personal Branding is the way and process we market ourselves to other people or communities that are our target."

The wave of social media has engulfed our lives, which in turn requires everyone to improve ways and approaches to build personal branding. Now other people's judgments about someone's personal are also based on their behavior on social media. No matter what type of career field you pursue or are pioneering, your presence in various social media platforms is very important to spread the message to others about who you are. If you feel that sharing, liking or following something on social media is not very important, then just be prepared to sit down and enjoy thousands and even people out there who have gotten the attention of others around them.

Under this team the team has already prepared 5 tips on how to build your personal branding on social media.

1. Use the Same Name for All Social Media

Your social media describes who you really are, use your original information and photos there. Don't use names that are not your personal information such as using the artist's name and photo. The use of the same name applies to all social media that you have so that anyone who wants to find information about you in various social media is easier to find you. By just doing this step you have done personal branding for your own name.

2. Updating the Social Media Profile Periodically

Make sure you update your social media profile regularly, be it descriptions, biographies, or profile photos. Up-to-date profiles are more likely to be seen by others. By regularly updating social media profiles you also make sure other people that the account that you manage is really your own brand and not managed by another party.

3. Find and post according to your passion

The more you post on social media, the more people will recognize you. But there are a number of things you need to remember, not all social media allow users to post in large amounts in close proximity. Just say Facebook, you can't post status in the adjacent time like Twitter, make sure you post in the media and the right time. Find out what your passion is, what do you want to be known for? traveler, graphic designer, reviewer? post something related to your interests and talents.

4. Join groups and communities

Community is one of the places to draw and share the knowledge that you already have. Joining communities and groups that share your vision will certainly add insight. Make sure you often ask questions in the group so people know what talents you have. Do as much interaction as possible with people who have the same vision and mission as you. Try occasionally to just "say hi" to people, especially those you consider to be role models on social media. Most likely they will see your profile and recommend yourself to others.

5. Select the right media

If you already know what your passion is, it's time to choose the right media to blow up your personal branding. For example you are a photographer, then the media that suits you is Instagram and tumbler. Some other media such as Twitter, blogs and Google+ are also useful for promoting and uploading photos to Instagram. Make sure you use each social media according to each portion.

Now that's five cool tips from the Cermati.com team to maximize your social media in helping your personal branding development. interested in trying it? :)


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