Assess and Improve Keyword Performance on Your Website


The results of your keyword research are not always accurate with reality. Although research shows good results, but it may be that the performance of the keyword is not satisfactory.

Website keyword performance evaluation must be done regularly to produce optimal impact. Don't worry, it's not difficult.This is the fifth chapter of the keyword research guide series

This performance assessment is specifically for those of you who have got steady traffic from search engines.

If you are a new website owner, this information might only be useful after the next few months. But there's no harm in learning this science now.

Because we will use Google Analytics that has been linked to the Google Webmasters Tool, we recommend connecting the two accounts with your website to get data.Read in detail the guide below because every step should not be skipped.

Google Analytics

Open your website account in Google Analytics then go to the Acquisition menu> Search Engine Optimization> Queries. At the bottom right, change 'show rows' from 1 to 500.

After that export the data in Excel format.


Open the file that you just downloaded with Excel or Spreadsheet, then open the sheet named Dataset 1. Highlight row (row) 1 then activate the filter from the Data menu> Filter.

Keyword Planner

Open the Keyword Planner then from the Excel file, copy all the data in the Queries column and paste it in the Google Keyword Planner according to the method in chapter 2.

Download data from GKP in CSV form.

Avg data copy. This Monthly Visit from CSV and paste it into our first Excel file in the far right empty column.

Impression performance

Add one more column on the far right with the title "Impression Performance". Enter the formula for this column Impression Performance / Impression. Monthly Visit. Copy down, ignore the error (#VALUE!).

This is the performance of your keyword. The closer to number 1 means the better the performance, while the smaller the number means the performance is not good and must be improved.

Sort Queries by Avg. Monthly Searches to determine priorities.

CTR Performance (Click-Through Rate)

For different ranking positions in search engines, the standard CTR numbers also vary. Rank 1 gives a CTR that is higher than position 2, and so on.

Advanced Web Ranking has created a graph that shows the CTR numbers for each position.


This data is obtained through empirical testing. Position 1 is roughly getting CTR of 32% of desktop users and 30% of mobile users.

That is, if your website is ranked first, 32% of people who search will visit your website.

Well, from the Excel file we can see the CTR value for each keyword. Note especially the keywords whose Average Position value is less than 5. Adjust the chart above.

If your CTR value is lower than the graph, it means that your performance is not good.

Improve keyword performance

From Impression Performance, we can determine which keywords have high potential but are not optimized. Whereas from the Performance CTR we can judge whether the use of our title is good.

To improve impression performance, you must improve your SEO and the relevance of your website to those keywords. There are 2 ways, first by improving existing pages so that SEO is better. Second, by creating new content that is relevant to those keywords.

Whereas to improve CTR performance you must change the title (meta title) of the page that appears in the search results. Low CTR can be because you use a title that does not interest prospective visitors.

What is next?

Congratulations! You have completed this keyword research guide. After this you can immediately apply the knowledge you just learned.

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